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With The Holidays Approaching, Should I Posh?

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Should I Posh for the Holidays?

Money has been tight for a lot of families this year, and now we are entering the holiday season. People are working long hours at full time jobs, taking care of children and their households. The question arises, I need to make more money, but I have little to no time to spare, what can I do?

I say try Poshing. Poshmark has made it really easy to buy or sell on their platform. If you have a phone, printer, and a way to get and send mail, you can do it. You can get boxes for free from the post office to ship out your items. You will need to buy packing tape.

You can start selling items you find in your closet. Go through each closet in your house, if you did not wear it in the past year, put it on Poshmark. All you do is take a few pictures of your item, put a description and price, and you are done. Your item is for sale. If someone purchases your item, Poshmark will send you a mailing label, you print it, nicely package your item and mail it out. As soon as your package is accepted you are paid by Poshmark.

You really can spend a small amount of time each day, adding items to your Poshmark Closet and be able to sell them. You have a much larger customer base than if you had a yard sale. The best thing is you are decluttering your home, making a side income, and items that have been sitting in a closet are going to be used by someone who really wants them.

With the funds being tight, the buying side is great to. Think of a item you want to get for a gift, now check for it on Poshmark. Sometimes you can find really nice, slightly used or new items for awesome discounted prices. Make an offer and see what happens. If you buy it, it will arrive in the mail. No holiday crowds and no extra gas to drive to the stores.

So yes, you should Posh this year! Make sure to share other sellers items and they will share yours.

If you find you love Poshing and want to do it for longer than the holidays, watch for more articles with tips on how to increase your sales and your customer base. Happy Poshing equals Happy Holidays.

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