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Why You Should Stop Taking Surveys on Websites?


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Why you should stop taking surveys on websites?

Why you should stop taking surveys on websites?

Why you should stop taking surveys on websites?

Most of these survey websites are legit but they are not promoted honestly

Survey websites are the easiest way to earn money online. It requires no technical skill and the task is only answering normal questions. Because of this simplicity, a lot of content creators are promoting this method of earning money, either on blogs or YouTube videos.

You can earn $50 per day

Sometimes even more, and there are creators promising that you can earn up to $ 200 to $ 500 per day if you put your time on survey websites.

All these figures are exaggerations and what you will earn per day will not be anywhere near $ 200. And most definitely, they cannot replace what you earn from a full-time job.

Survey websites belong to the micro jobs category, and in that category, it is at the bottom. The rate of micro jobs is only $ 2 per hour for a lucky day. Considering that surveys are at the lowest, what you will earn answering questions online will be lesser than $ 2.

It is not an all you can Survey buffet

Surveys are aligned to a user profile, and some will have more surveys than others. The availability of surveys is not guaranteed and they can run out anytime. Because you will be paid per completed survey, signing up to multiple survey websites will be the only option to have more tasks to work on.

Different survey websites host the same surveys programs

There is no assurance of earning money even if you have registered to multiple survey websites. The reason for this, different websites host the same survey programs. Most of the survey websites you are registering are only affiliates of a survey program. This means, if you run out of survey from one website, there is also a chance that would not have any in the other survey website.

It is easy but it will also be boring

Imagine yourself sitting on a couch for hours answering repetitive questions? There is no excitement on that task and you would not be learning a new skill. If you value time, this alone is an indicator that survey websites are more of a loss than a gain.

Your data is theirs

The payment system of most survey websites is through points. As an average, 1,000 points will be equal to a dollar and the minimum payout is $ 5. The average point per task is 50, and to reach the minimum cash out o $ 5 you need to complete 100 surveys.

And if you decided to quit during this process because completing 100 surveys is impossible, then your data is theirs, and you are not paid.

They are earning from your survey information and you are not getting any compensation. In this context, survey websites can be considered as a form of online scam.

Who is earning from survey websites?

Someone is earning a lot of money from survey websites, and it is not the person taking the survey. The money goes to creators promoting affiliate links. Each time a user signs up using the affiliate link, the marketer receives a percentage of points. If you really want to earn with survey websites, become an affiliate marketer.

Why are some established YouTube channels promote survey website?

The keywords “easy”, “money online”, and “survey websites” are highly searched keywords. These keywords receive hundreds of thousands of searches per month on YouTube and Google. Some creators create content around these searches to capture leads to another business they operate.

Some will only talk about the name of the website and tell you how to sign up, but the rest of the video is about something else. They are just using the keyword phrase, survey websites, as clickbait. Oftentimes, these YouTubers talk about affiliate marketing, which is a valuable topic and method to learn. Trade your time taking surveys and learn more about affiliate marketing and other methods to earn money online.

Final thoughts on survey websites?

You should stop taking surveys if you are looking for a real income online. Only think about this option if you are curious or you want to create content about survey websites. The time you invest in answering the questions is not worth it with how much you can earn. Read a book or binge on tutorial videos on YouTube and learn a new skill. These are more helpful to you, rather than spending so much time on a website that is partly a scam.

If you are looking for a full-time income online, there are better options available, like freelancing on Fiverr or applying to an online transcription website. Survey websites do not add any value to your professional portfolio and the pay is very little. Head over to the internet and learn some online side hustles you can start now.

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Maurice Malcolm from FL on December 06, 2020:

This is a very good writing. I am in agreement with you here. I strongly believe taking survey online is a waste of time because the benefits are far too low. I stop doing survey. There are much better things to do online.

Thank for placing this article out there it will surely help someone.

Erl Sua (author) from Philippines on December 06, 2020:

hehe my experience was crazy.

The Philippines went into lockdown, the whole "earn money online" was new to me.

So when I heard about "surveys and micro jobs", I borrowed money to buy a new laptop.

What I have earned so far was only $ 6 in PayPal.

Now I am using the laptop to write blogs. I have earned in blogging though, but at least I am starting a new skill.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 06, 2020:

Oh my...I tried this a long time ago.

My email was constantly full with surveys in my inbox.

I never made enough to get paid and the questions took alot longer than it said it would.

So boring.

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