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Why You Should Buy Bitcoin

I am a new investor in stocks, precious metals and Cryptocurrencies. I'm boots on the ground learning and helping others

Bitcoin is a great way to preserve wealth

Bitcoin is a great way to preserve wealth

Why should you buy Bitcoin

I used to ask this very question. Why should I buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency? "It's a gimmick that can be replicated and in the end it will be worth zero". That's when Bitcoin was $700. Now it's $40,000! That's before I started reading up on Bitcoin. One big step was when Paypal added Bitcoin. Now it's institutionalized. Numerous fortune 500 companies have heavy investment in Bitcoin and other Crypto coins like Ethereum. It's here to stay. And the kids love it. If you are wondering, you don't need $40,000 to buy bitcoin. You can buy $10 worth and keep on adding to your position over time.

Where do you buy Bitcoin

Where to buy Bitcoin was always an obstacle for me. I don't have a wallet. I don't know anyone else who is buying it. So where to go. That led me to do some research and I decided on coinbase (click my link and we both get $10). Coinbase was better than I expected. They provide a very secure platform. The security is stronger than my bank and paypal. The best part is that they give out free money. I watched a few videos on crypto, after confirming my ID and I came out with about $40 in free crypto. On top of that it is very easy to use. Once I confirmed my bank the transactions were instantaneous.

Coinbase is a great starter platform

Click on my link and we both get $10

Click on my link and we both get $10

What do you need to get started

In order to get started with buying cryptocurrency, you are going to need a few things. On Coinbase you will need a drivers license or state ID. You will need a bank account or some other way to transfer money. And you will need to provide your social security number, a smart phone, and an email address. Coinbase is the most reputable of exchanges. They don't even list a lot of crypto coins if they don't feel that they are safe. They only require your identity in order to comply with the US government's know your customer rules. So don't be concerned. There are 35 million other users on the platform.

What's next

I will be writing a series of articles on crypto currency. Bitcoin is the most popular. It's the safest, but I don't own any. I own Etherium and some other coins. Bitcoin is so huge that it just doesn't make as much money as some of the more speculative investments.

After the wallstreetbets hype, I decided to get into the investment game. I have to think about my retirement. I bought some boring stocks. So far the return on investment in the stock market is 3%. I bought some silver. It's return on investment isn't much. And I bought some Crypto currency. As of right now the return on investment for my crypto currency is 14.5%. This is low right now as the markets went down last night due to Chinese new year (according to a guy on the internet).

At one point my return on investment was 29%. This is over a week! And, after I made mistakes that I will help you to learn from in my future articles. They have experts out there, but Im boots on the ground learning with you. They are going to tell you about advanced strategies. I'm going to tell you how to get started. And how to avoid losing money through fees. If you are interested in investing click that link under the referral picture. Get us both $10. And seriously, sign up and get your free money even if you only want to cash out after you complete the free offers. Or you can leave those free coins in your account and hope that one catches fire for you.

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