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What is Receipt Jar?

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Using Receipt Jar

Receipt Jar is an app that allows users to scan receipts from various stores to earn points. Once the user receives enough points, they can be redeemed for eGift cards. They accept receipts from practically any store. The receipt needs to show the name of the store, the date and time when users received the receipt along with the amount of the purchase as well as items purchased.

Receipts Accepted and Earning Points

Receipt Jar accepts receipts from over 11,000 retailers, including grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, pet supplies, liquor stores, convenient stores and more! Receipt Jar accepts online receipts too.

Recepits that are approved earn points based on the amount of the purchase. Below is a breakdown of how many points users can receive.

  • Below $10 = 5 points
  • Between $11 - $50 = 10 points
  • Between $51 - $100 = 15 points
  • Over $100 = 20 points

Drawings and Shakes


More Ways to Earn Points

Receipt Jar offers users different ways to earn points. Each approved receipt earns users one entry into the monthly drawing where winners can receive 2,000 points and more.

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Also, approved receipts go towards filling up the users shake jars. Ince the shake jars are full, users can then use their phones to shake the jars by either shaking their phones or simply click the shake button. Points are accumulated when the shaking is completed with the top prize of 25,000 points.

Receipts Not Accepted

Receipts from services aren't accepted for example: Bus Rides, movie or event receipts, cleaning services, and so forth. Any receipts that are missing the name of store, date and time of purchase, items purchased or total spent are not accepted.

Receipts that are older than 14 days are not accepted. Any blurred receipts, handwritten receipts, return of purchase receipts and receipts that have $0 are not accepted. Duplicate receipts will be rejected.

Receipt Jar also has a monthly limit of receipts that can be scanned. Once the app is downloaded and the users profile set up, users can learn more about receipts that aren't accepted, reasons why their receipts are rejected and how to keep their account in good standing.

Sharing With Friends

Users receive a referral code to share with family and friends. Once the app is downloaded, new users need to enter the referral code in order for users to receive 200 points.

I'm a fairly new user of Receipt Jar but so far my experience has been positive. I have been using Fetch Rewards for quite some time and previously published an article about my experience with this cash rewards app.

If anyone wants to try Receipt Jar and would like to use my referral code, I'd be grateful. My referral code is DONEWFBKR.

Have You Tried Receipt Jar

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