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Are Garage Sales Worth the Effort?


If your idea of making money is something that helps many people spend less -- you’re unique. If these people are interested to take inspiration from what you’re doing -- you're helping them thrive.

Prices of almost everything these days are rising which results in many people's budgets getting hammered. Having no job, insufficient pay, or not enough savings at these times of heating prices -- looking for resources to make money at home could never be wrong. The garage sale route seems very effective.

Why Are Garage Sales Worth the Effort


People want to buy things at a lower price. When they see stuff offered at half-price, they become curious. While brand new items are a delight to own, many buyers detour towards the direction of the "slightly used" genre. As a matter of fact, even giant online sellers have a huge selection of used items.

This is where not new, handed down, or previously-owned pieces make a big score -- from old clothing, bags and accessories, toys, books, kitchen items, household decorations, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, tables and chairs, and many more. For the thrifty shopper, this is not surprising.


The same goes for the kids' stuff. Garage sales are always a “hit” to kids. This marries up with some motivating factors encouraging them in the area of sustainability. At an early age, they will see the value of viable solutions and in making the most of useful items. Trust me, when your kids will know that their purchase is supporting a charity or other children -- they would love to get involved.

The Value of Buying Secondhand

It’s certainly not easy to conclude that buying secondhand stuff is worth it, but many times there is value in other people’s discards. I’m not talking of total scrap or junk. Let's take it that these are stuff that their owners do not find useful anymore.

Like cookware that a friend has stopped using after it acquired a dent. If she doesn't like it anymore, someone else surely will. Or a pair of boots that you may have grown out of? There will always be a pair of feet that can fit them. Any garage sale scrounger would take a chance on items like those. If I think an old blanket can be transformed into tea towels - I would buy it.


You can also find a pool of books for very cheap — imagine getting a copy for as low as $0.25? What if you find a piece that you really love? You’d be surprised at how much worth of books you can take home. Many book collectors discovered this idea of hitting garage sales to spot a world-category of reading materials. If you're buying to sell, purchasing by cents and selling them for $10 and even upwards, for instance, is a big deal.

When you're at a yard sale and you like something, whether it's a broken chair or a picture frame, buy it. Your love for the item will cultivate the artist in you and create something new out of the old stuff. Even if you think it can’t be repaired, at least it's worth the price and is typically easy to find a way to bring the item back to use.

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How Much Should You Be Selling Your Items?

The big reality in a garage or yard sale is that people are excited to find extremely affordable items. Hearing 50 percent to as high as 90 percent off the original price is a pleasant cymbal to the ears. It's the reason why they tend to leave your yard sale if they find the prices too high for their expectation.

The big consolation here are items that are extremely new-looking. Those that are spotless and sparkling have a higher chance of getting sold at a higher price range. The thing to remember is that even though shoppers think of thrift and sustainability, anything that is candid to their eyes is worth buying - all the time.

One More Great Thing about a Garage Sale

You'll not only find something useful at a price you want to pay but new friends. So there's a big opportunity to learn about things reusable, recyclable, and sustainable. Ever have that feeling of “connection” every time you’re shopping at a local farmer’s market? That’s the same fun you’re getting in a garage or yard sale. With many households today holding sales out of necessity -- bringing people together is the next wonderful thing about garage sales.

If you’re the busy type of person and going to a garage sale is an added task to do, save your time driving around to locate a garage sale. Simply sit in the comfort of your home and click for listings in your area. Sounds easy and fun? I’ve got a tip for you. When planning to visit a garage sale, arrive early to get the best deals!

Planning to Put Up Your First Garage Sale?

Here is a video that talks about the basic steps, what you can do, including arrangement and fun!

If you happen to pass by a garage sale that offers really nice stuff for a few bucks, or even less, wouldn’t you be eager to stop?

By the way, you might have great suggestions and tips about starting a garage or yard sale, please leave them in the comments. That would be great!

When a Garage Sale May Not Be Worth It


Tonette Fornillos (author) from The City of Generals on March 03, 2016:

Hi there peachy. Antiques are great finds and chances are you'll find them at a garage sale. There sure are listings for garage sales in your area. You're such a classy lady, thanks for the thoughts. Hug from the city of generals;) -Tonette

peachy from Home Sweet Home on March 02, 2016:

too bad, there isn't any garage sale here, I would buy 2nd hand goods which are antique

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