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WesternUnion Moneywise Prepaid Card - Western Union Mastercard


Western Union MoneyWise Prepaid Visa Card

Western Union Prepaid Visa Card is Finally here and this Prepaid Visa card does it all. They say it is free to sign up and start enjoying all of the benefits of their new MoneyWise card. The neat thing about the MoneyWise Prepaid Debit card is that you can have some one send money from any of the thousands of Western Union Locations and put the money directly onto your Prepaid Debit Card. That is something you can not do with a ACCOUNT NOW Prepaid Debit Card or a Russell Simmons RUSH CARD prepaid debit card. You can use the Western Union MoneyWise card anywhere visa is accepted and you never have to worry about over spending because you are only allowed to use what's on your prepaid visa card, so there never is any overspending. It's a very simple card to use, you do not need a bank account and do not have to worry about a credit check because its not required. Pretty Simple, huh? Most people just know Western Union for sending money to friends and loved ones when there is emergencies, but Western Union has gotten smart and have lots of other great services to offer like, Prepaid Gift Cards, Prepaid Phone cards and Prepaid Wireless payments plus the Prepaid Western Union Visa card like the one here. Here you can find out about all these prepaid services and much more.

The Benefits of having a Western Union Prepaid Visa Card

1. You have a choice of over 43,000 Western Union locations to add cash to you Card and you can find locations in food stores, drug stores, Gas stations and lots of other convenient locations.

2. You can use your new MoneyWise Visa Debit card anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted and you can use on line and get cash at ATMs You do not need a bank account and there is no credit check required, you get to activate your card online for free, you get no fees on transactions, no monthly maintenance fees and you can buy stuff online or anywhere MasterCard is accepted including ATMs.

3. Its safe, even safer than carrying cash and if you lose your card or its stolen, Western Union will replace the funds. Your Western Union Prepaid card is protected by MasterCard's Zero Liability Policy.

4. Less fees than most cards, You do not have to worry about monthly fees, no cost to buy things and you can load your MoneyWise card for free via direct deposit and its free to sign up.

5. When you need money fast you can Receive a Western Union Money Transfer transaction onto your Western Union Prepaid Debit Card.

6. You can manage your account online or over the phone and Western Union also offers SMS text and email alerts to track your balance so you will know how much funds are available.

7. The Rewards that you can earn from Western Union are some of the Best you can get with a prepaid card like free phone time with some qualifying transactions, you earn rewards every time you have a transaction with your card plus rewards when you add cash to your prepaid debit card. You save time with no form to fill out when sending money or receiving money.

Western Union Visa Card

Western Union Visa

Western Union Visa

Western Union Prepaid Visa

Western Union Prepaid Visa



Wester Union Prepaid Debit

Wester Union Prepaid Debit

Yes get a prepaid Western Union Card

Yes get a prepaid Western Union Card

How do I Load My MoneyWise Prepaid Debit Card

One of the fantastic things about a MoneyWise Debit card is you can receive Western Union money transfers directly onto your card. To enable this feature you simply call the number on the back of your prepaid Visa or MC to enable this feature for you. To receive future loads or money transfers the number to call is (1-888-215-6772). The will require some personal information about yourself so that the bank will be able to tell who you are. Once your card is enabled or activated you will be able to load money onto your account in 3 different ways.

1. You will be able to receive future Western Union money transfers. Just have your sender send you a Western Union Money in Minutes or next day transfer. What you do is obtain the MTCN from your sender and then just call the toll free number that is on the back of your prepaid debit card. They will then ask you for your card account information and the MTCN number.

2. You can also load your on Cash on to your MoneyWise Prepaid Debit Card. Just find a Western Union agent or location near you and fill out the Grey Prepaid Services form. Just indicate the load amount and pay the Western Union reload Fee.

3. The other and cheapest way to do it is through direct deposit. Just fill out the direct deposit request for that you will find on there website and provide to your employer to have all or part of your paycheck deposited directly to your Prepaid Debit Card Account.

Western Union Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

Another one of Western Unions Prepaid Debit Card Services is that you can buy one of their gift cards for a family or friend for any occasion. You can buy a $100 dollar card for your friend or loved one or family member for the cost of $5. Its not a bad dill considering that you also get a Card with a personal voice message that you can add to the gift. You get the prepaid VISA cart plus you can choose from a selection of many for all types of occasions. They have several types of Birthday Cards, Seasonal Cards, thank you and congratulation cards, and Special Occasion cards.

Process of getting a $100 gift card is simple

1. Select and customize your Printed Greeting Card

Add your personal message that they will print inside the greeting card

2. Choose the Visa Amount you want to load up to $100

You can add from $5 dollars to $100 dollars and they will put the prepaid visa gift card with your greeting Card. Then they can you the card on anything they want using VISA where ever it is accepted.

3. Record your personalized message you want to put on the card

After your pay for the card, call the number 1-866-953-6490 to record a free personal message which your recipient and you will hear when they activate their Visa Gift Card

4. Put the information for mailing you also get free shipping of the Greeting and Gift Card but there are other options if you need the Prepaid Visa Gift cars a lot sooner.

Or if you want it a lot faster, you can choose these FedEx options:
FedEx 2 Day ($9.99)
FedEx Standard Overnight ($12.99)

*Note the card has a $2.50 a month charge if you do not use the card for 12 consecutive months and is issued by Meta Bank a member of FDIC. So you Will want to tell your family or friends to use it or they could lose some of the money you give them.

How To Use Your Credit Card or Debit Card

Western Union Rewards Program - Gold Cash

One of the Benefits of having a Western Union Prepaid Gold Card is their Rewards program, it is easy use, easy to earn and easy to redeem. You get to earn points on all qualifying transactions For every $2 dollars you spend you earn a point and the more points you earn and save on your Gold Card. The great thing is all rewards earned can be loaded right onto your Gold Card and used instantly.


  • $5 Service Fee Reduction
  • $5 Phone Time on Gold Card
  • $5 On Gold Card Prepaid Debit Card


  • $12 Service Fee Reduction
  • $12 Phone Time on Gold Card
  • $12 On Gold Card Prepaid Debit Card


  • $30 Service Fee Reduction
  • $30 Phone Time on Gold Card
  • $30 On Gold Card Prepaid Debit Card


  • $100 Service Fee Reduction
  • $100 Phone Time on Gold Card
  • $100 On Gold Card Prepaid Debit Card

 If you want to take advantage of this program you must update your prepaid card to a Gold Master Card. The prepaid card is free and you get all the benefits as described in the rewards program. You also earn money each time you add cash a a Western Union  location. You can get the card with out a credit check or bank account.

Things to Note if you Get a Western Union Prepaid Debit Card

1. If your card gets lost or stolen you need to contact Western Union Asap they have a toll free number you can them at 1-888-215-6772. Calling them quickly will keep any charges down as low as possible. You should not be liable for the unauthorized use of your Western Union Money Wise card provided that you call them as soon as you know the card is lost or has been stolen. Plus the sooner you notify Western Union the faster they can send you a new card.

2. When you use your card at the pump, or reservations for a hotel, at a restaurant or renting a car the company charging you is going to put a preauthorization on the card to make sure you have enough money to cover the cost. For example I put gas swiping my card at the pump and my card was debit $100 dollars even though I just put $20.If I only had $40 dollars on my card that transaction would have been denied. The difference of $80 dollars was held for several days and in some cases I hear it can be to 30 days. SO you might just want to walk up to the cashier and tell how much you want. If you are going on a vacation or business trip you might want to have to extra cash on your car for the things you do not have control of, like preauthorization charges. If you make hotel reservations ask how much they are going to hold back so you do not have any surprises. Also you might have trouble renting a car with some companies and others will require a $300 or more deposit when renting with a prepaid debit card.

3. The best way to check your balance on your card is online, that way you can avoid the fees at ATM machine. You can also call customer service and Western Union will not charge you any feels like most companies. Just be aware that when you have a prepaid debit card you have to watch the way you spend your money or you will have less of it to spend.

Western Union Prepaid Phone Service

The Western Union Prepaid Phone service is another prepaid service like the Prepaid Debit Visa Card the you might consider getting. You can prepay for phone services and use Western Union to pay your wireless phone bill, prepaid home phone bill or you can purchase a long distance card. Its easy to use, the service is fast and convenient. Payments are usually made in minutes of your payment. The provider that you use will directly credit your account. Western Union has many participating Agents and lots of places for you to choose from. The rates are great on rechargeable long distance calls made also.

You can Recharge your long distance card online or over the phone. The companies you can choose from for your wireless payments are SprintPCS, Cingular’s GoPhone, MetroPCS, TracFone and lots more. Payments also accepted for prepaid home phone providers such as as 1-800-Reconex, NOW Communications, Cavalier Telephone, CAT Communications and lots more.

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Money Management : Getting a Western Union Prepaid Visa With No Credit Check

Money Wise Prepaid Debit Card Fees

Type FeeNotes

Activation Fee



Signature Purchase Transaction Fee


(when sufficient funds are available)

Monthly Maintenance Fee



PIN Purchase Transaction Fee


Payroll Direct Deposit


Automated Phone Customer Service


Live Customer Service Fee


Online Electronic Statement


ATM Balance Inquiry/Decline Fee


Bill Payment Online Fee


Bank to Card Transfer Fee


ATM Withdrawal Fee


(plus applicable ATM operator fees)

Inactivity Fee


(monthly charge beginning in month 13 of inactivity)

Paper Statement Fee


(per requested statement)

Agent Location Cash Load Fee


Re-issue Lost/Stolen Card Fee



Western Union Prepaid Debit Gold and Silver card

Western Union Prepaid Debit Gold and Silver card

Western Union Moneywise Limits

Western Union Limits 



Initial Card Load Limit 



ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit  


(per 24 hours) 

Maximum Load Amount  


(per 24 hours)

Maximum Card Balance



Maximum Number of Loads per month


(including both POS Money Loads and Money Transfer Loads)

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