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Webull Mobile Trading App Review


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The Best Of Webull

Super Low Cost: Webull is number one in the game as far as cost. Offering zero dollar stock trades and zero dollar commission options trades. There is also no per contract fee, as well.

Advanced Trading Tools: Just because it was made for the mobile generation it doesn’t mean that the Webull App cuts corners when it comes to advanced charting and screening tools.

Crypto Crypto Crypto: Webull also offers up direct access to a massive amount of cryptocurrencies. If you’re interested in Crypto you can get it here.

Educational Support: Webull contains an extensive amount of learning tools. Beginners can read articles, take quizzes and gain knowledge on everything Webull contains. They offer up a huge school-like system. The wealth of knowledge they give you is surprisingly vast and more akin to something you would pay for. It is absolutely free!

Free Stocks: Special offers allow users to gain free fractional shares of tons of top tier companies. Simply making a deposit can earn you thousands of dollars in shares.

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