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Marissa is the writer of ThePracticalMommy and the blog Mommy Knows What's Best. She is a stay-at-home mom to four and was a teacher.


As a stay-at-home mom having to survive in this economy with one steady income, I am always looking for ways to help my family earn a little extra income so my husband doesn’t have to get another job (he already works three!). Due to the recommendations by fellow hubbers Brett.Tesol and Giselle Maine, I joined the site, which offers the incentive of earning money through Google Adsense.

These are my reflections for my first month at

WebAnswers Review

Stats from WebAnswers

My total stats from

My total stats from

My stats from for one month

My stats from for one month

Signing Up on WebAnswers

Signing up with was super easy. You choose a user name and password, fill in profile information such as ‘experience’ and ‘expertise’, and upload a profile picture. That’s it! You can begin using the site right away.

Before I began answering questions, I read the Overview and FAQs sections for the site. I always like to learn about what is needed to do well on sites like this (just as I did with HubPages’ Learning Center). The Overview basically tells you to write accurate, detailed questions and that you can earn money by answering questions. The FAQs goes into much more detail, explaining the idea of the site, what is permitted, and what is not permitted. In the FAQ section I learned about how users award answers and how those answers can earn money. Basically, it’s up to the person asking the question as to which answer is awarded, and that decision is based on whether or not the person likes your answer and if there is enough detail in your answer that satisfies their curiosity.

Answering Questions on WebAnswers

My next step was to just answer questions. Under the Home tab, I found about 25 different categories to choose from, plus the latest questions listed at the bottom of the page. I began by going through the latest questions, and then I browsed the categories. I tend to check out the ‘Baby and Pregnancy’, ‘Education’ and ‘Other and Miscellaneous’ categories since I find more questions there that intrigue me, but there are other quality categories as well.

When I started using at the end of August 2011, I was only required to answer about 10 questions before I was able to link my Google Adsense account to the site. Now you would be required to answer 50 questions before you are able to link an Adsense account. On my first day, I answered the 10 questions I found the most interesting and was able to link my account that day.

A Sampling of My Questions

  • Should children be allowed to attend school if they are not properly vaccinated?
  • Which is better: Amazon Kindle or the Nook?
  • Would you eat foods with carmine or cochineal listed in the ingredients?
  • What are some inexpensive items to put into a bridal shower wishing well?

Asking Questions on WebAnswers

Asking questions on is just as easy as answering them. Under the Ask tab, you write a question, add some details, and choose a category to which it would belong. Simple as that. Once other users start to answer the question, you will get a notification so that you can monitor the answers coming in and add a clarification if the answers coming aren’t what you are looking for. If you do receive an answer that you like, you can choose to reward the answer, allowing the person who answered to earn money for their answer from the ads that appear on that page.

Using WebAnswers

Making Money Online from Home

As of September 2011: So far, I have earned about $5.00 from the site. I have 16 awarded answers so far, which I assume accounts for most of the money. I also have about 50 questions, which I believe since the site is still in Beta it is allowing users to earn money from any clicks that occur on the pages with questions.

I’d say $5.00 is pretty good, considering I have earned only a bit more than that from clicks on my HubPages account in several months. Others have claimed to have more success, but they may also have more activity.

Update: It's vital to be on the site daily to earn money. I found that by answering or asking a few questions a day, I earn more than by visiting the site once on a weekly basis. I suggest answering about 5-10 questions a day, or more if you have the time.

What I Have Learned So Far on WebAnswers

There are a few things I have learned from using and from reading other’s accounts of their usage of the site.

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  • For one, there are many people joining WebAnswers for one day, just to get a quick answer to a question. They usually have no interest in awarding any answers. I can tell who these users are since they do not spend time answering any questions before they ask a question. If I find their question to be interesting, I answer it anyway since it adds to my user status (the levels from New User to Brain that indicate your level of activity on the site).
  • Many users do not understand the concept of proper grammar and spelling, especially when it comes to questions. I feel like this may hinder the page from getting views, but on the other hand, if so many on WebAnswers cannot spell, so may many others using Google be the same way.
  • There is often competition for the questions. There are many bright users on the site who really know what they’re writing. I find that after I submit what I think is a great answer, there is someone who responds right after me to top what I said. It’s definitely a great strategy, one that I have learned to use as well.
  • Some users take questions or answers too personally. You have to remember that the users are people too, not just bots sending out pre-written answers, but some of them get carried away and too emotionally attached. I find that to be unprofessional, but c’est la vie.
  • WebAnswers can be addicting. It is just as addicting as HubPages, if not more since it takes little time to participate. I often find myself scouring the new questions every hour or so, hoping to find a great one to answer.

Will I Stay or Will I Go?

I’ll be using as long as I find it interesting and able to help as extra income. Since I was a teacher and love to pass on information, I’ll probably be there for a while, using it as a different platform from which to teach others what I know.


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Marissa (author) from United States on September 08, 2015:

Hmm.. I was just on the site a few days ago. Maybe they have a glitch in the system!

GlendaGoodWitch from California on September 07, 2015:

Is it closed down? I have tried the URL.

Marissa (author) from United States on August 01, 2013:

easylearningweb, as far as I know, you can only track with Adsense.

Amelia Griggs from U.S. on July 25, 2013:

Hey Practical mommy or any members, is Google AdSense the only place to go to track earnings in Webanswers? Like HubPages I would expect there to be a place on the webanswers website to track earnings but I have not found anything like that as of yet. I followed your advice (posted about 22 months ago) that said In Adsense, go to the My Ads tab at the top, go to URL Channels on the left side, click on the button New URL Channel, and enter . Is this correct, and how else are you able to track your earnings?

Marissa (author) from United States on July 25, 2013:

Karen Hellier , glad you enjoyed the hub! These past few weeks I haven't been as active since I'm spending time with my baby and working much more on my blog, but when I am active and just answer a few questions a day, I do make just about the same amount of money or sometimes more. Glad you're loving it!

Karen Hellier from Georgia on July 18, 2013:


I enjoyed this hub. Just wondering if you are still on Webanswers and if yes, how are you doing with it? I just joined the last week of june and hit my 50 questions 8 days later. I am amazed at how well I am doing on it in less than a month. Are you earning more mo0ney there than you were in the beginning? I am loving it!

Marissa (author) from United States on April 10, 2013:

easylearningweb, thanks for reading! Have fun if you decide to join! :)

Amelia Griggs from U.S. on April 08, 2013:

Awesome tips and review of webanswers, PracticalMommy! Gonna bookmark this one and definitely look into webanswers. I was just reading about but I like how webanswers better. Thanks!

Marissa (author) from United States on March 27, 2013:

gags3480, has it been 48 hours yet? Other than emailing customer support, I would have no idea of what the next step would be. They might just be backed up with requests. Give it a few more days, and if you get no reply, try emailing once more. Good luck! :)

GAGANPREET SINGH BHATIA from Kanpur, India on March 27, 2013:

After reading this hub even I applied for webanswers. They said I will get the a/c confirmation mail within 48 hours. But, I haven't got any mail yet. I mailed to customer support but no reply.