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Walmart Doesn't Give Anything Away For Free

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Every so often I get an e-mail on my Yahoo account telling me that my "$500 Walmart Gift Card" needs confirmation. When will these bozos ever give up? Conventional wisdom holds that Walmart never gives anything away for free. When you consider that Walmart overworks its employees and underpays them with whatever the minimum wage is, anyone can see that they are not going to give away a $500.00 gift card for free.

There was only one time that I can remember that Walmart was giving away free stuff. It was back in the 1990s when they had gotten into trouble with the law, and some law-enforcement agency punished them by compelling them give away free merchandise on this one day that they had designated for that same purpose. I overheard some women talking about it, but I never came across that situation with Walmart again.

Walmart is not a generous company. Therefore, you would think that these scammers would have decided to use the name of some other company that was customer-friendly like Office Depot or Home Depot to conduct their shady operations. However, perhaps they selected Walmart as their bogus brand name inasmuch as they likely figured that this corporate store chain is too cheap to launch an investigation into these people's illicit activities.

When I was a kid, several adults used to tell me that P. T. Barnum's famous adage was rumored to have been that there was a sucker born every minute. Well, whether or not his alleged words are truthful, it does not justify the activities of scam artists throughout the Internet and off the Internet. What these people are doing is clearly wrong, and they should be prosecuted for it to the fullest extent of the law. Even P. T. Barnum would want these people to rot in prison if he were still alive today.

1. The Walmart Gift Card Scam Has Been In Existence For A Long Time

The Walmart gift card scam has become an international problem. You would think that the United Nations would do something about it, but I guess that they believe that it is something way too below them for them to care. They're obviously too busy trying to pass laws in nations throughout the world against 17-year-old girls getting legally married that they don't have time to wage any kind of war against widescale consumer fraud.

The fraudulent offer for a Walmart $500.00 gift card appears to be the most popular one on the Internet. YouTuber Team DeAngelo describes what it all involves, in his YouTube video below.

Scammers Are Looking To Get Your Personal Data With The Deceitful Offer Of A Walmart Gift Card

I can remember receiving these kinds of e-mails as far back as at least ten years ago. There was another video that I saw on YouTube that showed this one older woman who got scammed out of money after she was offered a Walmart gift card that was supposed to have a substantial amount of money on it. It is though I immediately delete any e-mail I get that even mentions the word "Walmart" in it, unless, of course, it's a legitimate e-mail from Walmart notifying me of some kind of sale they are having in the near future.

Now, I am not going to bash Walmart. They may not be the greatest place to work at, but they have a terrific grocery store layout. I even bought my cell phone at one of their stores and got an amazing deal on it back in 2015.

I'm not particularly fond of the way Walmart handles their telephone system at each store of theirs. I've been put on hold indefinitely on numerous occasions after calling in to one of their stores to ask a question about their products. I did hear that their stores down in Costa Rica offered excellent customer service to everyone who shops in them. The last time that I vacationed in Costa Rica, Walmart had not started building their stores there yet. I wish that their stores had been in existence there when I was down there, because it would have been an interesting experience for me to shop there.

Walmart obviously has nothing to do with these scam artists who are using their name in vein to rip off thousands and thousands of unsuspecting victims. Nonetheless, each and every one of us has to be on our guard whenever we receive an e-mail or even a telephone call that mentions their name, because we could be dealing with a fraudster who is eager to rip us off every way he or she can.

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You would think that Walmart would be investigating these scams to protect their corporate reputation, but I have gotten no word to that effect. Until then, we all have to educate ourselves about consumer fraud.

Trust me. These scammers can promise you a $500.00 gift card from Walmart until they are blue in the face. However, you will never see that gift card; and if you do, it will likely have no money on it after you have paid these lowlifes a substantial amount of money for them to send it to you.


2. Walmart Scams Come In Many Forms

The free Walmart $500.00 gift card offer is likely the oldest trick in the book among these flimflam artists. However, they have been branching out and diversifying insofar as they are actually getting real Walmart gift cards involved at other people's expense. You can watch a news clip below regarding a woman who purchased a Walmart gift card only to find out that someone had already used nearly half of the money on it before her grandson got a chance to use it.

A Consumer Purchased A Real Walmart Gift Card And Still Got Scammed

What is particularly interesting about the story above is that Walmart was not willing to replace the consumer's gift card until after the local news agency contacted them and asked them to do the right thing. My response to this incident is that Walmart needs to be more active than they are in putting a stop to these scams that either use their name in vein or rip off their customers.


3. My Final Thoughts Regarding This Topic

Walmart has been in business longer than some of us have been alive. It has taken years for it to build up its reputation as the go-to stores to get great bargains and even find merchandise that may be difficult to acquire elsewhere. However, its name is in danger of being tarnished because of all the fraudulent activities that have occurred within its orbit.

Walmart is not the culprit here. Fraudsters are using their name in vein to lure victims into their traps. However, Walmart does have the resources and the ability to launch investigations into these same scams and make the people who run them face the music and feel the full wrath of the law. It would be in their best interest to do so. Consumer fraud is no joke.

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Ladies and gentlemen? Scams are everywhere. Read my article above and you will find that Walmart gift card offers is the biggest one there is.

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