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Uses For Vaseline Jelly (Petroleum Jelly)

From Beauty to Household Uses: Vaseline is so diverse!

Simple and easy to do! Mix Vaseline and with some sugar and scrub all over for a DIY exfoliator.

Simple and easy to do! Mix Vaseline and with some sugar and scrub all over for a DIY exfoliator.

Jar of Vaseline

Jar of Vaseline

Vaseline Has More Uses Than You Think!

A typical jar of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) will say to use the product on cuts or scrapes, but this conventional product should have a large instruction manual that comes with it. Petroleum jelly has a wide variety of uses around the house and it surprisingly works as a beauty aid too! This article contains a vast number of ways to use petroleum jelly ranging from making it a mascara, soothing a backache, and even fixing a squeaky hinge.

Read on and you're sure to save tons of money on products that you usually buy because Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) has so many practical functions that can be substituted for other more expensive (and often less effective) items!

Vaseline Uses

Uses For Vaseline

  • Many people believe that coating your eyelashes with Vaseline will make them grow longer. A good way of doing this would be at night right before you go to bed.
  • Vaseline makes for soft ankles and feet if you apply it and sleep with socks on.
  • Put Vaseline on your elbows too!
  • And on your cuticles, let it sink in an hour before you try to remove them, it will make this task extremely easy.
  • Vaseline is a great dupe for chap stick. In fact it’s often much better than chap stick, since it contains only one ingredient and lacks the chemicals that are loaded into a lip balm.
  • Have a matte lipstick that would look better shiny? Line your lips with a lip liner then mix some of your lipstick with a dab of Vaseline on the back of your hand. Apply it on with a lip brush to avoid runny lipstick.

Get healthy, natural looking lashes!

Coat your lashes with Vaseline just like you would mascara, except it will look more natural!

Coat your lashes with Vaseline just like you would mascara, except it will look more natural!

  • Another creative way to use Vaseline on the lips (especially if you have young kids) is to mix it with Kool-Aid powder or any colored powder, and make a flavored gloss.
  • Same with chocolate lip gloss. Mix a chocolate chip with a dab of Vaseline in the microwave and apply it to your lips it will dry slightly and become the perfect chocolaty lip balm.
  • Want a scent to last hours longer? Then apply some Vaseline to the points where you spray your perfume, then spray your perfume on top of the Vaseline.
  • Petroleum jelly does not clog pores, so you can use it as a moisturizer.
  • Have a bad habit of biting your fingernails? This dries the skin around your nails. Apply a bit of Vaseline and your hands will be visibly smoother in one day.

Make your perfume last longer with petroleum jelly!

Make your perfume last longer by using petroleum jelly on the areas you apply your perfume. The stickiness of the Vaseline prevents the aromatic oils from your fragrance from evaporating so quickly.

Make your perfume last longer by using petroleum jelly on the areas you apply your perfume. The stickiness of the Vaseline prevents the aromatic oils from your fragrance from evaporating so quickly.

  • A great exfoliator is always appreciated but you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Just mix in some with a bit of sugar or sea salt and scrub away!
  • Getting blisters from your shoes? Smear on a little bit of petroleum jelly on the parts of the shoe that rub against your foot, goodbye blisters!
  • Mix some Vaseline in with a bit of loose eye shadow powder. Make a pasty substance and apply it to your lips for the custom lipstick color of your choice.
  • Have a bad backache? Heat the petroleum jelly in the microwave until it gets comfortably warm. Have someone massage it into your back for a nice warming effect.
  • Have a high fever? Put the Vaseline in the freezer for 5 minutes, then smooth it on your forehead. Now you have pain relief AND a moisturized face.
  • Razor burn? Apply some cold petroleum jelly (leave it in the freezer for 5 minutes) to your legs directly after shaving for a nice healthy glow as well as a soothing moisturizer.
  • Dull skin? Apply some Vaseline to the top of your cheek bones, under your brow bones, and on your cupid’s bow. This will brighten up the whole face and give it a dewy glow.

Keep new tattoos protected while your skin heals

Apply it on a new tattoo before getting in the shower.

Apply it on a new tattoo before getting in the shower.

Loosen stuck nail polish caps with Vaseline

Loosen stuck nail polish caps with Vaseline

  • Need to get a stuck ring off your finger? Apply petroleum jelly with a q-tip around the ring area and start gently moving it back in forth, it should start to gently glide off.
  • Got poison ivy? Apply the Vaseline on your rash! It’s not as good as using a cortisone cream, but it sure works better than scratching!
  • If you just got a new tattoo, put some petroleum jelly on it if you get in the shower to prevent the ink from getting blotchy. Wipe it off after you get out of the shower so it doesn't draw out the ink from the skin.
  • If you have nail polish bottles that just won’t open, rub some Vaseline on them next time and they won’t get stuck.
  • Mix some petroleum jelly with sea salt or sugar, rub it on your lips (gently) for an extremely smooth exfoliation.
  • Are you a frequent flier? Even if you are not, always apply some Vaseline to parts of your body that are exposed to the air in the airplane, such as: hands, neck, face (especially right above your jaw).
  • Use petroleum jelly as mascara! Apply it with your fingers on your eyelashes and nobody will EVER know you are wearing anything because it goes on clear and still gives your lashes volume.
  • If you have a squeaky hinge, dab some petroleum jelly on it and it should stop.

Petroleum jelly on squeaky door hinges

Get in between the casing that holds the door hinge together to eliminate the creaking.

Get in between the casing that holds the door hinge together to eliminate the creaking.

  • Hide split ends, or just give your hair some much deserved shine! Apply it to your roots or sparingly to the top layer of your hair.
  • Here’s a weird one: If you have squirrels that eat your birdseed from the bird feeder, apply some Vaseline to the pole that holds it up or to the perches that the birds sit on, the squirrels will slide right off.
  • If you have pets that have cracked paw pads, rub a little petroleum jelly on their pads. Beware though: an animal will walk with the Vaseline on their feet making it likely that it will get all over your house.
  • Dry nose? Apply some right around the chapped area.
  • Have allergies? Apply some petroleum jelly around your nostrils, and use a q-tip to apply some on the interior a few millimeters in; this will prevent a lot more pollen and other allergens from entering your body. Think of it as an extra layer of defense besides the hairs and mucus in your nose.
  • Add some Vaseline to your purse or shoes to restore shine again. (Note: your purse will be a bit sticky, and if you apply it on your shoes and go in dusty areas such as city streets, it won’t look so great because dust will stick like a magnet. So keep this tip for indoor venues only.)
  • A generic use that is even listed on the bottle of most petroleum jelly creams, is to use it in cuts or scrapes. It’s pretty simple, it’s not a disinfectant, so it won’t sting, but it will prevent dirt and other things that can cause an infection from entering the cut.
  • Vaseline also keeps moisture locked into the skin so the wounds can heal better like that.
Apply Vaseline before foundation as a primer to smooth the look of pores

Apply Vaseline before foundation as a primer to smooth the look of pores

  • Apply Vaseline before foundation. If you use a thin layer, it will reduce the look of large pores and prevent the foundation from looking too heavy
  • Loosen a stiff bike chain by applying Vaseline on the chain and riding the bike so that the whole chain can basically coat itself.
  • Put petroleum jelly on parts of your car that need to be well lubricated.
  • Use Vaseline sparingly as a car wax. If you use a clean and good quality cloth, you car now gets rust protection as well as a nice shiny finish.
  • Petroleum jelly is waterproof so you can use it to seal minor leaks in pipes. If you have some water that is running out of a pipe and want a temporary fix, dab a hefty amount of Vaseline to cover it up, then bind the pipe (if you can) with duct tape.
  • Use it as flypaper! Heat some up then pour a little into the lids of some jars. Place the lids in places where you see flies or other small bugs, they will get stuck in it.
  • Use it for sex. Spread it on the doorknob to keep the kids out. (I'm kidding on this one!)

You can even use petroleum jelly as a candle wax remover!

Get rid of candle wax with Vaseline

Get rid of candle wax with Vaseline

  • Use Vaseline to remove candle wax. Apply it around the edges of the wax and let it sink in for a few seconds. Wipe away with a paper towel or cloth. Make sure to clean the sticky residue from the petroleum jelly, otherwise it will collect dust and you’ll end up with a nice dusty spot on your furniture while the rest is clean.
  • Use it if you have a damaged plant. Place the Vaseline on the area where a large section was cut off or damaged.
  • Mix it in with a matte lipstick to make it moisturizing
  • Mix some with aloe vera gel to create a quick healing lip balm
  • If your sunscreen dries you out you can mix some Vaseline in it to help lock in moisture. Do not use Vaseline as sunscreen alone because it does not contain SPF against UVA and UVB rays.

Share your own great uses for petroleum jelly in the comments below!

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Craig O from Las Vegas on March 08, 2017:

I had no idea this article would be so long, I thought maybe a few items, had no idea there were so many uses for vaseline

sigmun on June 20, 2015:

I used vaseline on my old leather chair, my old rshes, my bruises, my abrasions. , I have an old leather chair, old, dry skin (I'm 75). I had an accident and went to the hospital. Guess what was used? Vaseline. It got better. Now I've got to polish my furniture. Guess what I'll use?

Karai on June 14, 2015:

woww sooo cool makes my lips really somoth another tip is take some warm water and rub on your lips than put on some petroleum jelly than wet again may not work but tell me if it does

MarloByDesign from United States on April 20, 2015:

Great tips on using Vaselise as an exfoliator. Rated 'Useful' and 'Voted Up". Thank you!

Lachlan Molineux on May 09, 2014:

Recent news, Fresh Vegan Lip Balm is packed with all natural ingredients! That is perfect to keep your lips from drying & cracking. It coats your lips to make them feel moist & supple. The flavoring we use is 100% Vegan and made from natural oils & plant extracts.

Lachlan Molineux on March 31, 2014:

Keenly desire to make you very nice-looking! It is very simple way. Using these natural products and make you very nice-looking. Take these products and alter your life style.

josh on March 27, 2014:

1. Do NOT put it in your nose, especially not often as it can cause lipid pneumonia.

2. Most tattoo places recommend something else.

3. Vasoline does not hydrate your skin. It covers your pores and repells liquid keeping your own skin moisture in. Like wrapping your hands in saranwrap, it adds nothing and you'd be better off with a nice hand moisturizer.

4. Don't put it over razor burn or any cuts as it can trap in bacteria

mochirajackson from Liverpool, United Kingdom on February 27, 2014:

Wow, I didn't know Vaseline had so many uses. I use it for my chapped lips but I hadn't realised it could be used for so much more. I was reluctant to use it as a moisturiser as I thought it would be too greasy and heavy but, after reading your hub, I may give it a try. Thanks.

Missy Mac from Illinois on February 23, 2014:

This article immediately caught my eye. I totally agree! Vaseline is a versatile product. I have chaffing legs and vaseline fixes this issue. Thanks for the additional information.

jimmar from Michigan on February 09, 2014:

Interesting. Never thought of these non-cosmetic uses.

Lachlan Molineux on February 02, 2014:

Accepted skin care products! These ingredients are loaded with important anti-aging skin vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E. These natural products change your life style.

sparklingcrystal from Manila on January 26, 2014:

What a great article! I didn't know that I can use this as a moisturizer! I've been using it for my lips and it works perfectly well! Thanks for sharing this tips!

mamahod on December 28, 2013:

I enjoyed discovering the various uses for Petroleum jelly from this site. Another way you can use it is if you have a problem with ants. Try rubbing the area, they enter in from ,with a cotton ball dipped in the petroleum jelly. If they remain a problem, mix a paste of petroleum jelly and medicated foot powder and spread it in the problem area. No more ants. I use this versatile product to clean my acoustic guitar. It helps remove fingerprints and keeps the scratches moistened so it doesn't dry out. Wipe it down lightly with the jelly and use a clean, soft towel to buff it out.

Deya Writes (author) on December 10, 2013:

Wow, sounds awesome! Certainly can't hurt to try it. I love petroleum jelly

greg on December 10, 2013:

Okay folks here's one for all of us. As we age, we will develop what are called cholesteroids; which are little white bumps that appear usually around the eyes, under the eyes, next to the and in the creases in the crows feet area. These little bumps are composed of dead white blood cells that are stuck under the skin and up until recently the only way to have these removed was to go to a Dermatologist and have them extracted. You cannot squeeze them out, you cannot force them out like a blackhead. they are there and they're stuck. Well, a dermatologist friend of mine told me that if you apply petroleum jelly under your eyes for a week or two (sometimes longer if you have difficult cholesteroids) that the skin will soften and believe it or not the cholesteroids will move to the surface where you can simply and gently pop them off; sometimes it will roll off writing your fingertips it's amazing it's true. I'm not making it up. I've done it to myself. I had my left eye almost completely covered with these little buggers and within a month there gone my skin looks like I'm 16 years old again and I'm 63 trust me it's true and let's face it it's petroleum jelly; it can't hurt you in any way shape or form it has no stinging power it has no burning power; it simply softens the skin beyond belief. Try it really really works so happy holidays; Merry Christmas; happy Kwanzaa... whatever it may be BUT this could be the secret to getting rid of those little buggers under your eyes that drive us all crazy. exit stage left....bye-bye.

lindajot from Willamette Valley - Oregon on November 09, 2013:

We keep vaseline on hand to help get the wood stove fire going. Coat a couple of cotton balls with vaseline and place under and between the paper and logs. They keep burning for a while to help get things going.

Lots of useful info here!

Deya Writes (author) on September 15, 2013:

Danny, Rising Dragon is a really famous tattoo parlor in New York (featured on CBS in NY). Here's an excerpt from a care sheet they hand out to their customers after they get a tattoo: "Gently rub light amounts of AQUAPHOR or Vitamins A&D ointment 3X a day , These are both petroleum-based products"

Vaseline is also a petroleum based product so it's fine to use, and they don't say anything against it on their website. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Danny on September 13, 2013:

Do not use on tattoos as it pushes the ink out...

Laura Ross on February 10, 2013:

So many great uses for Vaseline here! I use it on my lips before I go to bed so they are moist when I wake up in the morning. I also use it on my feet and elbows as mentioned. I'll have to try using it as a mascara and make up remover now. Voted up and useful!

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on January 26, 2013:

This is awesome and it only costs a couple of dollars! Great list :).

Deya Writes (author) on January 19, 2013:

That's a good idea, sugarwynds. My father does this all the time to auto parts and anything else that starts to creak or squeak when it should not. Thanks for the comment! :)

sugarwynds on January 19, 2013:

Before you screw in a lightbulb, lightly coat the screw threads with vasoline. When the bulb burns out, it will unscrew easily- no broken bulbs with base in the lamp. You can buy little jars specifically for this purpose but it costs a lot - and it's just colored vasoline.

poppop on January 19, 2013:

used it for rash. works great.

Deya Writes (author) on December 13, 2012:

Oh, definitely! It'll keep you moisturized and it will glisten and reflect off light to give a dewy look. Good idea, Rebecca. :)

Rebecca on December 13, 2012:

Thanks... If you are going to a night party. You can apply it on your cheek bones (over your blush) and your collar bones; it gives a very sexy look... :)

Debra Allen from West By God on December 10, 2012:

That is a long list and I learned something about it not blocking pores. I have rosacea and it's difficult to find something that doesn't clog my pores. Thanks for this and I will share it up for you. Voted up!

Deya Writes (author) on September 16, 2012:

@Soumya. Unless it specifically says the product has SPF, it would highly recommend not thinking petroleum jelly is sunscreen.

soumya on September 15, 2012:

while going out in sun. we can use vaseline as sunscreen lotion

patricia on September 09, 2012:

This was so helpful since this is the subject my grandaughter was working on for a high school project

usha on August 04, 2012:

I really liked so thank

Lyka Maldita on July 10, 2012:

I've learned that vaseline makes my eyelashes grow naturally.. i will try this when i got home tonight.. i am really excited to do this, because i have short and thin eye lashes right now.. I hope it will works

Lyka on July 10, 2012:

I really loved # 40... :p

Deya Writes (author) on May 21, 2012:

Thanks Bridget, I didn't think of that. But it helps to heal the bruise faster because it keeps moisture locked into the skin. The more moist a cut, scrape, scab, bruise etc. is, the faster it can heal. I'll add it to the list :)

Bridget on May 21, 2012:

Something you didn't list and I don't know why it works. But if you apply Vaseline to a bruise, it will fade faster.

girlygirlgirl on April 19, 2012:

Im going to surprise my younger sister with the koolaid!

Naomi on April 12, 2012:

You shouldn't use Vaseline on a tattoo because it draws out the ink and makes tattoos blotchy, except when you take a shower to prevent your tattoo becoming wet because vaseline is waterproof.

... on June 19, 2011:

I always use this stuff! I feel like it makes my hands soft. Great article!

daisyjae from Canada on May 24, 2011:

I will have to bookmark this one, there is so much info and i'll never remember it all! I use vaseline as an eye makeup remover. Rated up & useful!

Deya Writes (author) on May 22, 2011:

Cool! I'm sure they'll get a kick out of using Vaseline for that. Good luck! :)

poetvix from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. on May 21, 2011:

This is too cool. I had no idea it was such a versatile product. I'm going to share your idea for using it with powdered Kool-Aid with my class as a craft project for the girls. Thank you for I know they are going to get such a kick out of this!

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