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Turn $10 Into $1,000,000 in a Year Via Crypto.

I have been doing online money making programs since 1998. Most are failures and scams. Crypto is not a scam! There are some scams! BEWARE!

The 3.21% Plan

Using a compound interest calculator you will find that an interest of 3.21% about will yield over one million in profits within a year with just an initial invest of $10. The #1 exchange, Binance, has a min. trade amount of 10 USDT. The coin ~= to one $.

By averaging a 3.21% trade every day or 1.07% 3 times a day on a fast moving crypto you will be at the one million mark in 365 days. Or before if you average. more than the 3.21%

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Checking Progress

Say on day 15 you want to check progress. Enter 15 in the "Years To Grow" box in the calculator and that will show the amount you should be at. If you have an extra $10 y can start another in case the one you are on goes flat.

Where to Start?

If you don't have any crypto you can buy some at an on line exchange like Binance or a Bitcoin ATM if you have one near you. In the example I am going to use you will join the #1 exchange according to most sources: Binance! And you will buy the world's #1 one coin: BTC. Buy a little more than $10 to cover fees.

With the BTC in your account look at

Notice the up and downs. You will trade your BTC for USDT, Tether, the top stable coin that very closely follows the $. You can not buy or sell the $! I usually use the 15 minute time window. The 1 hr. time window shows the last 3 days. Each bar is 1 hr. Trade the BTC for USDT. You can not buy the $! Select a price say 4% or over the price you paid. If the trade goes through then you made the first profit. If the BTC falls in value you just have to wait till it rises or make a few smaller trades to end up with the 3.21% or more for the say. There will be times when BTC is falling and you have to make up profits on days it rises. Check where you should be as explained earlier using a compound calc.

Are You on Track?


1 hr chart

1 hr chart

1 hr chart

Figuring it Out

Say when you bought the price was 18,750. 4% would not allow you to sell yet. I put in 3.25% and the sale price is just below the high point on the chart. Meaning you should meet the requirement for the day. Now you can try another trade. Buy at some low point. Say back to 18,750 and you will receive about 3.25% more BTC, minus a small fee, should the buy go through. Then sale again at some value just below the green price on the left. I go to the 5 min. time frame at times to zero in more on current prices.

I bought $10.05 of BTC to see if they still did it at 10 USDT min. and thy do. Need to cancel and add the 8.58 back in because there is 10 min on Binance. Or wait till something else sells and add it in to the next buy.

5 Minute Chart


Keep Moving!

I will put in a sell at 4% above the 18,750 when the buy happens and see how long it takes to sell.

The $0.006395 in the grey box on the right is what SNGLS is worth. Mouse must have been there when I did the screen shot. That is another one I am trying along with most of the yellow stared ones. A couple will be way ahead I expect then I will move profits over to the most active ones.

Just keep trying different ones if BTC bogs down. I expect BTC to keep going up with some downturns till Sept.-Nov. of 2021 due to the halving events.

BTC Halving Events

Modified to show expected 2021 peak

Modified to show expected 2021 peak

Finale Closure

Study the BTC halving events. If it follows the last 3 events then you are sure to profit! donate: 36ZDCFkXZFxPeoVKxMWcTjmDnezJyAps9Q Thank You

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