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Trump's Election Defense Fund Scam

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While the media is reporting it, except for FOX and Newsmax, his devout core of followers continue to be fooled by this grifter, a man who will probably pardon many of his men in his inner circle for illegal acts they committed in his behalf. Sickening.

What is more sickening is the new scam, labeled the Election Defense Fund, which has received over $170 million dollars from his supporters to fight the 2020 election results.

It began long ago with the planting of the idea that this election results, if Trump loses, was stolen in a conspiracy from the Democrats. Many believe this lie. Then, Trump creates an online donation fund called the Election Defense Fund. The emails and tweets sent to his devout followers encourage them to donate to help combat this election fraud, which has not been proven even one time in court.

Their donations may or may not even go to pay legal fees in Trump's legal efforts since Trump has lost every one of them in court!. Donations that go to this are setup so that 75% goes to Trump's Save America action committee that began after the election. These funds can be used for personal or other reasons. The other 25% goes to the Republican National Committee. The money given to Save America can be claimed by Trump as income, or used to help other candidates.

All this is spelled out in tiny print that obviously few will read on the website, as reported by the New York Times. Of course, his followers, who revere this Ugly American, in every sense of the word, don't care. Like millions blinded by Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini in WW2, they and their Trumpism will follow him and send money to this con man. They will continue to hope, in the last days, a miracle will happen to save Trump and be given another four years (just like Hitler relied on his "wonder weapons" to reverse all his losses).

Trump continues to get donations for this fruitless effort to overturn the election Biden won. Even if they are overturned in Georgia, it will not matter. If even there are some irregularities in some of voting precincts, it is NOT enough to overturn the election disparity in popular vote and when this goes to the Supreme Court, they will like not reverse it.

So in the end, the millions of dollars stolen by Trump using this bullshit scam will end up in his pocket in some form. That format will most likely be another run in 2024 and we will have to deal with this man all over again! But maybe, just maybe, something might happen in the Biden term that prevents him from running again.

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Let's hope so because Trumpism, like Nazism, is dangerous to democracy!

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