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Trump's Chinese Bank Accounts!

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As if the voter needs breaking news, now we really have a smoking gun. I know, the Republicans seem to think that Hunter Biden conferred with with then VP dad back in 2015 or so regarding some business deal. There is no evidence that Joe Biden agreed or even knew about such a thing. The Hunter Biden email simply chats about the possibility of someone getting 10% of a deal, which never happened. Just because Hunter mentions in an email discussion thread about maybe "the big man" getting 10% of a deal is not evidence anything more happened. We don't even know who Hunter is referring to, despite what conjecture indicates.

Trump's Chinese Bank Account

Unlike the Hunter Biden thing, where the only evidence is his laptop and emails, President Trump has a lot of explaining to do about why a POTUS even has a Chinese bank account in a communist nation. Hardcore supporters will have a difficult excuse for it and I am sure Fox will not even mention this.

It appears that while Trump paid only $750 in U.S. taxes recently, at the same time, he paid $188,000 in taxes to the Chinese for business interests etc. Think about that. In 2017, Trump's licensing business reaped over $17 million in profits. More startling is that records show Trump, himself, withdrawing $15 million that same year. In 2016, just after the election, Trump sold a penthouse for almost $16 million to a Chinese business woman with high level connections to the communist leadership, name Xiao Chen.

Funny how Trump claims to be tough on China even as it is very clear he does benefit. Likewise, Ivanka Trump, while staffed at the WH, also got special favors from the Chinese obtaining over seven trademarks (that are hard to get) in a just a week or so after her father was trying to help the Chinese telecom firm, ZTE. Within three days of the Chinese government agreeing to provide $500 million in loans to an Indonesian theme park that the Trump Organization has a deal to license President Donald Trump's name to, the president ordered sanctions be rescinded against a major Chinese telecom company!

That is a quid pro quo. It is quite clear as Americans suffer, Trump and family take advantage of their positions for profit that impacts foreign policy.

Why? He was already POTUS.


perrya (author) on October 23, 2020:

Trump has admitted of having a Chinese bank account and others for his business. While it is not a crime, it looks bad for POTUS and creates suspicion with regards to foreign policy.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 23, 2020:

Cheri Jacobus,

“Mark Zucker is more responsible than anybody in America for giving us Trump”

When trump came out and said he’s funding his own campaign, Cheri knew he was lying. She knew he had a super pac....because they tried to recruit her!

When she went on cnn and brought it up, they blackballed her and scrubbed the footage.

It’s allllll about money, and trump is pals with the elite.

The night he was elected;

“I’ll get your taxes down”

“You just made a lot of money”

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The goal is total thievery. Use America, zero taxes.

Of course he has a Chinese bank account. He said he had accounts all over the world.... but we the people aren’t entitled to know?

Biden released 21 years of tax returns.

You don’t have to wonder who pays him.

But dems hate America, and trumpers don’t. Smh

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on October 23, 2020:

It’s a mystery, isn’t it? All these things he gets away with.

I know les moonves said “he’s terrible for America, but great for CBS”

That could just be it.

Rich get richer under trump. That’s enough for them.

Because, I’m pretty sure all this stuff was known by media.....or could have been.

He doesn’t have to release his tax returns, be subject to questioning under oath during impeachment, or give his dna over in a court case....

He doesn’t give daily press briefings, and he’s allowed to openly hate citizens of the USA.

He and his family are profiting off the presidency, and he doesn’t pay taxes.

Obama was right. If he had a Chinese bank account, Fox and all the rest of that ilk would be calling him Beijing Barry.


Face it, anyone else would have long been removed.

The money must be really strong on him, that’s all I can figure.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on October 22, 2020:

If this news about the bank accounts is true then I must ask the question as to how he is nominated to stand for president?

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