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Trump Taxes Prove What a Con Man He is

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This should infuriate all Americans, regardless of political persuasion. The simple fact gleaned from Trump's taxes returns that he fought so much in court to NOT expose, shows an effing con man.

Forget about Russia and Putin for a minute.

Trump owes $421 million dollars in the next few years to his lenders. In 2016, he paid only $750 in taxes but made millions. he claimed $26 million in expenses for hiring his daughter, Ivanka, as a consultant and then deducted this as a business expense! He has fought two cases for tax evasion with the IRS and lost. He is still fighting another one for unpaid back taxes. He claimed $70K in business deductions for, get this, haircuts! And, another $95K for Ivanka's hair styling!

In 2016, he bragged to the American public that paying so little taxes makes him a smart man. No, it proves he is con man and that is why IRS is after him.

Trump paid NO taxes in 10 of the past 15 years! The returns show that the money he does make is from the Trump brand name and his brick and mortar businesses actually lose money. All along, since 2015, Trump has claimed that he has paid millions in Federal and State taxes and still, today, claims the same, despite what his tax returns actually show. Trump is a dirtbag, con man, anyone who supports him still, are the same.

Ironic is that Trump claims to be the "Law and Order" president and yet, he, himself, is a tax evader and owes millions in unpaid back taxes. He thinks this proves how smart he is. Yes, criminally smart!

Trump supporters should be irate about this. The man they support made millions and paid just $750 in taxes, and yet, the average American pays WAY more in taxes for far less money earned. Trump earned $434 million in 2018. Trump also earned $73 million from outside the USA, which may explain why he likes Putin. In one licensing deal with Turkey for a Trump Tower, he earned $13 million. This explains why he is soft of Erdogan, Turkey's president. His golf courses reported a loss of $315 million.

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Biden, on the other hand, shows that he paid millions of dollars in taxes in his most recent tax return.

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