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Why You Should Consider Freelancing

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About freelancing

Freelancing are self employed Job having Independent Contractors that get paid by different companies at different times. Freelancing is a self-employed work where you get jobs that suites your own time, workload and industry without having to go to work.

Freelancing involves turning you skills into money and engaging personally with clients. It requires you to work independently on clients project and submit the task assigned to you within some period of time as agreed.

With freelancing, one could earn passive income but depends on the type you do. As a freelancer, you get to use your skill to make income.

As more people are leaving their jobs or becoming jobless, freelancing is the next alternative most people run to. Most people have adapted the stay at home style and prefer freelancing to 9-5 hours job.

It is also embraced particularly by stay at home mums who have their children to care for and with the ever increasing job opportunities in the freelance world, it is a plus to them.

It is estimated that there are about 1.40 billion people freelancing around the Globe with over 59 million freelancers in the United State, and Africa holds 10% of the World's population in freelancing; and the number keeps increasing by the day. (source:

Who is freelancing meant for?

Anyone can freelance. It is a job that has no barrier in terms of age or location.

Looking at the statistics from USA alone, taking from the year 2020 to 2021, about 50% of the Gen Z are into freelancing. 23-38 years of age are engaged in the freelance sector and about 35% of the people aged 39-56 are in the freelance sector. That is to say that most people are now working in the freelance sector and are happy doing it, with more joining in everyday.

In the years before the virus breakdown, many people will virtually vote for 9-5 jobs and stick to it, but during the corona virus era, many people were relieved of their jobs making most to result in freelancing. 60% of such people made more money than they did with their full time job and when surveyed, about 55% of such people said they weren't returning to their full time jobs again. Freedom right?


Some of the benefits of freelancing are as such:


You are the Boss of yourself

There is nothing like being the Boss of yourself. Running your business the way that seems best to you. Sounds great right?!

There are many of those who wants to achieve something great in life or feel useful, having impact in their work place and their communities but they just have to follow instructions. Now being the Boss isn't just about not being answerable to a third party, but there are great advantages involved with being the Boss of yourself.

  • Firstly, being the Boss gives you a great mindset.
  • It helps you to set up goals and achieve them subsequently.
  • It gives you the chance to focus on other things.
  • Being the Boss makes you follow your instincts for your business.
  • And most importantly, it helps you maintain a good work-life balance.

With freelancing, you can become the Boss of yourself and this just doesn't limit to a particular niche in freelancing but all, ranging from web development down to typing. Also, if one were to choose a passive income kind of niche like writing, it is a yes-yes for you. Earning while doing other things.

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There is time flexibility


One time I woke up so sleepy and I had to struggle to turn off the buzzing alarm beside my bed; well, it was time to prepare for work.

Freelancing allows you to set you working hours as it suites you: part-time or full- time or once in a week or hourly; whatever time you want, it's up to you to decide. And while the rest of your neighborhood is rushing to sign in by 9am, and huddle from commutes and traffic, you are opted out of that.

It gives you the space to concentrate on other things and also focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Just incase you want to do your regular work while freelancing, it still suite you. This way you can go to your regular work and still freelance. With the time flexibility, you get to achieve so many things at a goal

Therefore, you have the control over time.

You work on the niche you love


Wow! I think this is the sweetest part of it. No one wants to do the things they have no love for and forcing you to do it because you have to, kills the zeal. Am I speaking your mind?

Let's say that I love to write. I can specifically look for jobs on writing and even pick subcategories under writing such as content writing, article writing, ghost writing, narrative writing, you name it. Or even still, I could write career based like: Law writing or Journalism.

Now, some of the factors included in working on the niche you love are these:

  • You put all your skill in it and produce a perfect output.
  • You are more dedicated to the job or project.
  • You are encouraged to do more.
  • You are comfortable working for your value and skill.
  • You always want to please your Clients.

With freelancing, you get to do the job you love and do it even perfectly. Also, there are many jobs with such niche you love that you get to work on.

More money and income stream


There is the rent to settle, the children school fees to pay, the water bill was submitted last week, the electricity bill just came in and also, you have to do groceries next tomorrow. There is just so much to pay for but little income for it all.

Freelancing brings in money that can settle such expenses especially if one is working on a big project or if you are working on multiple projects. While submitting projects and earning trust, you are building yourself to more jobs which helps you to have more income rolling in.

Every one in five freelancers which is like 25% actually make a $100,000 in a year and this includes both skilled and unskilled freelancers across different niche and professions having Graphic Designers and Software Developers earning the most income.

You can work from anywhere


Mobility is great for the development of oneself. Offices are barriers and restrictions. Freelancing allows you to work at, and from anywhere possible, even at the comfort of your home. You could choose to work in your study, that quiet place that allows you to concentrate or you could choose to work from your work place after your regular work hours. Anywhere is fine. You have control of your work schedule and plan yourself better.

Ever been planning of that family picnic outside home? That's the good thing about freelancing. You can be with your loved ones and still be working.

In conclusion

This is not to say that you should quit your full time job, but freelancing is the future. Digital platforms have made it easy to reach and do business with companies in all industries. Business are developing at lightening speed with freelancing.

Looking critically at it, by 2027, nearly 60% of the work force would have experience as Independent Contractors in the freelance industry according to Upwork, and USA Economy Studies.

In this generation, more people are looking to leave their 9-5 job and dive into the freelancing career and its not only a good time to be a freelancer but a great time to be a well paid freelancer.

© 2022 Deborah Osadjere

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