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Top Ways to Take a Bite Out of Gas Prices

Slashing costs of gasoline


Cutting gasoline costs

After the price of gas per gallon soared to over $5.00 in June 2022, it put a lot of pain and strain on the pocketbooks of consumers as they struggled to make up for the added expenses they had to pay for.

When adding that to soaring inflation, it forced people to look at ways to cut gasoline costs in order to mitigate rising prices.

In this article we'll look at a variety of ways that practically lower the costs of gasoline.

The good news is these don't have to be used only in times of very high gasoline prices but can be used at any time to lower fuel costs.

When the price of gas is lowest

According to a study by GasBuddy, the lowest average price for gas is on Monday. That said, there are at times differences from state to state, so it's worth checking out gas prices near to where you live by downloading apps like GasBuddy, Gas Guru, Gas Prices by MapQuest, and Upside.

On the other hand, times to avoid fueling up is on the weekend, when gas prices are usually the highest.

Bear in mind that this works when you're driving on your normal traveling routes. There is no advantage to going out of your way to buy gas because the extra mileage offsets the savings. This is obvious, but some people don't think of this when focusing on gas price differential.

While this helps on a day-to-day basis when driving locally, it can also generate big savings when traveling distances that cross state lines if you live in the U.S. This applies for travel outside the U.S. as well.

Gas rewards programs

Another way to save on gasoline costs are to join loyalty rewards programs offered by various gas stations and other fuel outlets. Usually, these programs will help customers save over $.05 per gallon. When combined with other measures to lower the cost of gasoline, it can add up to substantial savings.

Most of these programs are legitimate, but the terms of the agreement should be read so it is understood how it works. For example, Shell offers a program that can be directly linked to your bank account. While it offers convenience, at the time of this writing it also has some limitations associated with it.

GasBuddy offers a savings program when acquiring gas that uses a payment card that can save as much as $.25 per gallon at a wide variety of service stations.

You can get a credit card that offers rewards, which allows you to earn points while paying your bill at a later time. As with all of these offers, by sure to read and understand the terms of the offer before using it.

Many of the name-brand gas stations offer these reward programs in some form.

Other gas rewards programs include those offered by warehouse clubs like Sam's, Costco and BJ's.

A way to find the best gas credit cards is to search for websites that offer comparisons between the variety of gas cards offered by different companies.

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Cash is still king

Another way many consumers no longer think of to cut the cost of gasoline is to find stations near their homes that provide a discount if you pay in cash.

Since you're looking for something that doesn't go off the path of your regular daily travels, you should be able to find a gas station that offers a cash discount by advertising it on their price boards.

One reason this is a great way to save money on filling up your tank with gas is paying in cash can lower costs by as much as $0.10 per gallon at some fuel outlets.

If you have a gas station like this and fill the tank on Mondays or early in the week, you could save more than you would by paying with a card of some sort.

Acquiring discounted gas cards

There are a number of websites that offer discounted gas gift cards to consumers, including CardCash, Gift Card Granny, and Gift Card Place.

This is a simple and easy way to get a discount for gas; you don't have to mess with terms of use or any complexities that may have been missed. Just pay for the card and start buying gas at lower prices.

Buy regular gas if your car allows for it

This may seem obvious to most readers, but it's surprising how many people will buy premium gas when the spec for their vehicle allows for regular gas.

If you search around, you will find that the price of regular gas can be as much as $.50 per gallon more than regular gas. It doesn't take a math genius to see that, when combined with other tactics, this will dramatically reduce the cost of gas usage.

It's easy to find out if your car can use regular gas. Just go to your manual and read the specs it gives. If the manual has been lost, just call up a dealer or go online and search for your particular make and model to see what gasoline can be safely used in the vehicle.

On the other hand, if the manual recommends premium gas, that is what should be used in the vehicle. This is for those that use premium when they don't have to. Just this one adaptation will save a lot of money over time.

Know your local routes and traffic lights

In a town I used to live in, I traveled a certain route all the time in city driving, and I learned the pace of the lights as they turned green. Once I recognized the pattern, I figured out how fast to go in order to reduce the number of stops and starts I had to engage in.

Assuming you've used map apps to find the shortest route, combining that with traveling at a pace that allows for minimal stops and starts is a great way to reduce gasoline costs. It's not as visible to measure because it isn't measured in money as the othe tactics are, nonetheless, it's a proven way to cut fuel costs for your vehicle.


There are a lot of dubious ways offered to reduce the cost of gasoline, but the ones mentioned in this article are proven and measurable, which means you can see the direct and specific savings you're getting by participating in them.

It will probably be more than most people would want to do, but for those that want to just down how much money you're saving when using these various strategies to reduce gas costs, it can be an encouragement and reminder to keep on being faithful in using them.

Finally, when drivers develop these habits, they can reduce the price of gasoline no matter what the price of gas is at any given time.

I would start with buying on Monday or early in the week, depending on the practices of gas stations in your state, then tack on some of the other strategies to further reduce gasoline costs. You'll be surprised at how much can be save each month when compared to not using these cost-cutting measures to boost savings on gas purchases.

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