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Top 4 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

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Why would you want to pay so much for food?

I will never understand why anyone would have no issue paying so much for groceries. I have spent so much time trying to whittle down the weekly cost of my grocery bill that I almost feel bad for the others who are dropping hundreds of dollars a month more than I am. I am a family of 6 so it can get expensive with all these mouths to feed if I don't keep a close eye on things. In this article I will give you my top 4 money saving tips to put to use in your own family. Happy Shopping and Happy Saving!!!

Meal Planning Sheet


Tip #1: Meal Plan

I sit down every weekend and form a meal plan for my family for the entire week. I check out the local store ads to decide who has the best sales for the week and I try to plan our meals around the weekly sales. I do ask my kids and husband for their input and I do consult Pinterest for the occasional recipe if I get stumped and tired of the same old stuff. I use a printable meal planning sheet that I got off of google images on a weekly basis and I staple any recipes to it and keep it on the fridge after my trip to the grocery store. I also try to set a weekly amount for my groceries and challenge myself not to go over that amount (this keeps that extra bag of candy out of the grocery cart as well).

Tip # 2: Shop Store Sales

As I mentioned in Tip 1; I shop store sales. This gives me a leg up on the people who shop at the same store week in and week out and are spending the same amount for stuff weekly. Take this for example a jar of Peanut Butter is usually around $3-$4 depending on the brand but if I wait until Publix Supermarket (a southern store) has it buy one get one free that makes it $1.50-$2. There are some stores that I will not buy meat at because either their prices are always too high or it is of poor quality so I have to plan around that as well.


Tip # 3: Combine Sales and Coupons

I am not an extreme coupon kind of girl (I work full time and have 4 kids; I don't have time) but I do compare what's on sale to printable coupons to try to maximize my savings. There are also some websites that will help you do this more effectively and I will add their links to the bottom of the article. I will give you an example of some ways this has saved me money: Mrs. Edwards Pies are normally $8/each they were BOGO which brought them down to $4/each I also had a coupon for $3 off when I bought 2 pies which made them $2.50 each which is $5.50 savings per pie. That example was right around Thanksgiving so these were pies that I was going to buy for either Thanksgiving or Christmas anyway and it saved me $11 that I was able to use on other things for the Holidays. I also use this technique to help stock up on items that my family go through regularly.


Tip # 4: Stockpile

I use all the previous techniques to create a stockpile for my family to use in order to cut down on weekly costs. I know this sounds like I'm spending more then I need to by over-buying but when you can get items for 75% less then normal even if you buy double what you need you're still saving 25% for that week and 100% on a different week. Depending on how large your stockpile is you may be able to eat off of it for an entire week or more and save yourself an entire week of grocery costs if you had to. I'm not telling you to go to the store and buy 100 bottles of salad dressing just because they're BOGO; think realistically, how many bottles of salad dressing would my family use within the expiration date on the bottle. Expiration date is a large factor in stockpiling. The expiration date needs to be checked periodically and older items moved to the front in order to keep you from throwing things away which is no savings at all. If you have several items in your pantry that are getting ready to expire then you need to use those somewhere in your meal plan to use them and avoid having to throw them away.

My Favorite Coupon Websites