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Top 5 Social Media Groups With the Best Discounts for Couponers

Cynthia is a frugal living enthusiast who never pays full price for anything. She shops online and uses coupon codes for her purchases.


Couponing is not just limited to grabbing the Sunday paper, sitting down with a pair of scissors, and clipping until your hands hurt. In this digital age, we now have online coupon codes that are just a copy and paste away from saving you anywhere from 50-80% off regular prices. I have been taking advantage of some great social media groups and pages to save me a lot of money towards not just my holiday shopping but even on my everyday item purchases as well.

I have already successfully finished my holiday shopping several months in advance, without fighting with large crowds at stores. No longer do I get leering glances from shoppers because I am holding up the checkout line doing price matches and using paper coupons. I coupon from the comfort of my couch, while wearing my pajamas if I choose. Now all that is left to do is sit back, relax, and wrap the gifts. I will not need to fight large crowds trying to take advantage of Black Friday sales, as I have access to daily deals that are often better than those you find during the holiday shopping frenzy! Plus they all get delivered to my door.

There are so many great discount groups with the hottest discount codes and deals on social media. I will share with you my top five groups on social media to get you started saving $100's towards your holiday shopping needs, and even just paper plates and paper towels.

Top 5 Social Media Groups With the Best Discounts

  1. Daily Deals, Steals, Glitches and More
  2. Thrifty Online Deals, Steals, Glitches and More
  3. Deals Under $5
  4. Becca's Bargains
  5. Daily Dose of Deals

1. Daily Deals, Steals, Glitches and More

This group lands at number one on my money saving group list. This group is administrated by two ladies who also run a social media marketing business as well. They are the best of friends both living in a different state and connecting as social media influencers they decided to make a go of creating a savings savvy community.

Their group is linked to the business page they run and they partner with many brands to bring a wide range of discount codes and sales to their group members. It specializes in Amazon and eBay deals, but you will see all sorts of the hottest deals on the web posted daily. You can check out all of the daily deals posted in their Facebook group where over 19,800 savings savvy shoppers are taking advantage of deep discounts while shopping online!

2. Thrifty Online Deals, Steals, Glitches and MORE

Thrifty Online Deals, Steals, Glitches and MORE is number 2 on the money-saving social media groups. The admin is super sweet, and not only posts tons of great deals but she also really interacts with her 17,000 members! This group is not only a great spot to find some amazing online discount codes and deals, but also a great place to get social and meet new people!

Thrifty Online Deals, Steals, Glitches and MORE is a great place to find deals on trending clothing! Many trending clothing items are posted daily and often deals at more than 50% the latest trends with codes! I have not been disappointed yet, and all the clothing fits true to size!

3. Deals Under $5

Are you trying to balance a very tight budget, or attempting to live life frugally? Then Deals under $5 is the group for you! This group only posts online items with a price point of five dollars and under. From shampoo, laundry detergent to toys and jewelry the amount of low cost items posted is amazing.

Being savings savvy and shopping with this group can have you well on your way to dealing with living on a limited income. You would be surprised as to how many name brand items often have big price drops. The skies the limit if you set yourself to limiting spending, even on household items.

During the holidays this group always seems to find amazing buys on toys for kids for just 5 bucks or less. This is definitely a group worth bookmarking for gift shopping!

4. Becca's Bargains

This is one of my newest money-saving social media groups that I joined over the past month, Becca's Bargains! Becca is the administrator, and she has a knack for finding some amazing deals that are just sales or no promotional codes required! She is also rather fun, doesn't just boringly post the items and deals, she usually as a little quip to them when she posts as well.

A fairly new and fresh group, so that usually means you have a better chance of snagging a code before they run out as she has fewer members currently than the other groups! In a recent score on Becca's bargains, I saved over 80% off the regular price of an item I had been putting off purchasing because of the price!


5. Daily Dose Of Deals ♡

Daily Dose Of Deals ♡ is another fun and engaging group with tons of deals posted all day long that will save you money, even on everyday items! This is a linked group to the Daily Dose of Deals page on Facebook. Be sure to check them both out as you will find different deals on the page than what is posted in the group!

This group offers a very wide range of hot deals! The administrator is extremely informative and will let you know how to take advantage of a deal if you're a new deal or coupon code hunter. From baby items to furniture and everything in between! Another fun group, that engages it's members you will have a lot of fun here!

Discounts and Coupon Code Groups

These are my favorite social media groups for snagging hot deals! I find everything from items that I would normally be purchasing anyway to specialty buys for holidays and birthdays!

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Most groups welcome new members, but they all have an intro post that they need you to read. It is common courtesy to take a few moments though to read them and familiarize yourself with the group for all the hot deals they share! If your not sure how to use a coupon code or discount all the administrators of these top 5 social media groups for discounts and coupon codes are more than happy to help you. Most of the groups have a questions post too!

Facebook Group Settings

In order to stay up to date with the latest deals posted you have to battle Facebook settings. Group settings will auto filter to 'highlights', when you go to a group change your settings to 'recent posts'.

Follow the group administrators, and like and follow any linked pages too. You can set these to 'see first' when you follow. That way you are always in the know with the most up to date price drops and promotional discount codes.

Deals go very fast depending on the discounts offered, I have seen some deals sell out in 30 minutes. Depending on your need for saving money and finding the right item, checking notification settings and following administrators is ideal. Do you have a favorite deals group on social media?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Cynthia Hoover


Shirley on June 23, 2020:

Hi my name is Shirley I love coupon so please could you send some out thank you

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I love saving money thanks for sharing these groups. I'll be joining them.

Josephine on May 20, 2020:

This is an awesome list! I need to join some of these groups!!

Maysz on May 20, 2020:

This is so nice coupons and I love coupons to get my disccounts when I'm buy stuffs :) I would like to check all of this.

Arris Gawe on May 19, 2020:

Thanks for informing me regarding this groups. I might join them soon to look for the best coupon.

Marta on May 19, 2020:

Wow your post is very helpful and informative. I have never heard of those groups. Will chech them out. Thanks

Agnes on May 18, 2020:

Every cent is precious specially in today's situation. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Dianne G on May 18, 2020:

There are great! I was actually researching for one now. Your post is very helpful! Thank you for sharing these.

Kathy Kenny Ngo on May 17, 2020:

It's good to know that there are groups like that. I didn't even know that such thing existed.

Victoria on May 17, 2020:

Kudos for always getting your Christmas shopping done way ahead of time! I need to try this!

Katlyn Brown on May 17, 2020:

I've never heard of these! I need to check them out.

Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on May 17, 2020:

You are welcome! It is amazing what you will find for cheap in these groups!

littlemisadvencha on May 17, 2020:

woow cool. I've never heard about these groups but would like to check them out for some good deals. Thank you for sharing. I hope i can find good ones..

abdel on April 21, 2019:

Top 5 Social Media Groups With the Best Discounts for Couponers

Cynthia Hoover (author) from Newton, West Virginia on February 26, 2018:

Keen Shopper it is so much fun! I love shopping this way! It really saves me a lot of money too!

Keen Shopper on February 25, 2018:

I’ve heard about discount vouchers but never knew where to look. You’re a clever lady. I’d love to avoid checking out in long lines. Shopping in my pyjamas is going to be a great thrill. Thanks!

Hindisciencefact on February 25, 2018:

This article is very good Fruits ki janakari hindi me

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on February 24, 2018:

Looks interesting, I may check these out.

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