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Top 10 No Skill Gigs that Will Make You $50 A Day On Fiverr


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Earn cash with Fiverr.


Fiverr's top ten for guaranteed money making potential.

Fiverr's a huge freelance industry, and to earn money and get ahead- these are the best 10 gigs that require 0 skill and little time.

1. Voice Acting

As a voice actor on Fiverr, you could earn heaps of cash all from your smooth sounding voice. All you need is a mic, and you're all set to earn cash right off the bat.

2. Blog Commenting

Believe it or not, you could earn 5 dollars for just posting 5 comments on someone's blog. Yes, this is not a joke.

3. Flyer Distribution

Yes people one Fiverr will pay you up to 25 dollars to give out flyers to people. Great deal. I'll say.

4. Email Marketing

All you have to do is send out a few emails, and you could earn as much as 20 bucks.

5. Text Marketing

By sending out Whatsapp's to all your contacts marketing a products or business, Fiverr is willing to pay you up to 20 bucks.

6. Human Billboard

Some people would do anything for money. You could earn hundreds of dollars advertising on the streets for your product.

7. Proofreading

Easy as 123. You read over essays and articles for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation and could earn a decent sum.

8. Tutoring

Tutor kids in the most basic forms of English and Maths online with Fiverr and earn a constant income flow.

9. Liking

Believe this or don't, people will pay you on Fiverr to follow their posts and leave a like.

10. Rhyming

Even on Fiverr, you could earn up to 30 dollars a day writing raps or poems.

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