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Top 10 Future Trends to Invest In

Want to know the next big trends that you could get money from? Wether you plan on stock investments into these hot trends or getting involved in the production of these future trends, I can guarantee these mega trends are not only going to be around for a while, but are going to bring a nice cash flow to those who get involved in some form. Check out the top 10 future trends to invest in below and let me know which trend you might be interested investing into.

Future trends can grow an income, see which future trends are worth investing part of your future in.

Future trends can grow an income, see which future trends are worth investing part of your future in.

10. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a mega trend rising, even though there are some who believe the gas engine will never die, government policies, taxes, and credits are insuring that electric vehicles become more available. With the new electric vehicle company Rivian coming out with an electric truck and full size electric SUV in 2020 there will be more options of electric vehicles for consumers looking to switch to electric. Technologies for the electric vehicle are being improved upon allowing for a longer range and even more sport like utility which is bringing more auto maker's into production. Not only has Ford Invested into Rivian, but we also have the Volkswagen Audi Group coming onto the scene with the Porsche Taycan.

9. Adaptive Housing

Whether it is a yacht, RV, coach, catamaran, travel trailer, tiny house, or combination of a land and sea RV, it is adaptive housing that is becoming one of the next biggest trend. Warren Buffett I believe knows this and is why in early 2019 he invested into the adaptive housing market, buying stocks into RV World. Many people are looking to downsize to have more money to play with and many are wanting the freedom to explore the country while having a bed that is their own. More over, homeownership has been decreasing and is only expected to keep decreasing according to many reports. As adaptive housing lays claim to giving consumers freedom, whether it's freedom from an electric bill, or being able to see anything in the world you want, it's a very enticing idea to consumers.

8. Solar Energy Technology and Other Alternative Energy Technologies

Solar and alternative energy technologies are not only needed as everyday more and more energy is consumed, but they are needed as a more efficient way of accessing and obtaining energy. You don't have to agree with AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez) and other green bill supporters to see that energy technologies are a lasting mega trend, all you have to do is pay attention to not only the supply and demand but the cap and trade policies and bills being in-acted.

7. Battery Technologies and Other Energy Harnessing Technologies

Battery technologies and other energy harnessing technology demands are growing right along with energy demands. Over the past 20 years the demand for energy harnessing technologies has grown from energy providers, cell phone service providers, power tools, and portable radios to adaptive housing, electric vehicles, health monitoring bracelets, just to name a few, and the demand is only expected to keep growing. Thus battery technology has a good possibility of being a forever growing mega trend.

6. Smart Technologies

Smart technologies, even with the knowledge that they can be privacy invasive, have and will be a rising trend for a good while, unless we quickly come to a Terminator 2 predicament. There are already tons of products infused with smart technologies and more are being researched and developed all the time. Not only do we have smart kitchen appliances, smart tools, smart phones, and smart toilets, but we have quantum computing, internet, cloud computing, virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, nano technologies, and neural technologies that will be included in this growing hot trend.

5. Space Technology

Space technologies have and will be a rising trend at least until we have the ability to mine resources from asteroids and other spacial bodies. Experts have said for at least a decade that asteroids and other spacial bodies have an abundance of resources that we could benefit from and as long as people are alive resources are needed. As always resources are a great investment that you can't really go wrong with, and space could be the best place to obtain those resources.

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4. Biological Food Engineering

Biological food engineering will be a big trend on the rise even if it seems people are against it now. According to the latest reports from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) the current large-scale livestock breeding is no longer sustainable globally. Novameat had only begun with their 3D printed beef and steak made of plant protiens a couple years ago. They are already completing research and development on 3D printed chicken breasts and pork. Take into the account other top trends previously mentioned such as the trend of space technologies being researched and developed, the demand for food, and the next trend on my list - health - possibly creating more demand for biological food engineering and development. People may be against it now but the aim of the biological engineer working on this is basically to provide superfoods loaded with health benefits like antioxidants, and once the general population feels it safe, they will be all for it.

3. Health and Health Technologies

Health will always be a viral trend to invest into as long as there are people who enjoy living, which could be very well into the future. Health technologies will also be in this viral trend as can be expected.

2. Water Sanitation, Desalination, Ozonisation, and Reverse Osmosis Technologies

Water sanitation, ozonisation, reverse osmosis, and desalination technologies pretty much tie with the number one top trend to invest into as fresh, clean water ties as a number one commodity/utility/resource. Clean, fresh water will always be on demand, but with the possibility of water demands in space, and the adaptive housing manufacturers looking for ways to improve their products claim to sustainability and make them more enticing to their consumers, the demand for water sanitation, ozonisation, desalination, and reverse osmosis technologies are growing.

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1. Mechanized Farming AKA Vertical Farming Technologies and Methodologies

If you hadn't guessed it by reading about the top trend above, the number one trend is food related. Mechanized farming technologies (also called vertical farming) and methodologies are the hottest growing trend to invest in being as food ties with water as a number one commodity/resource and the demand for food is only growing as the world population grows. Agricultural research has been going on for centuries and will only continue in search of being able to produce the most beneficial and largest quantity with the least amount of energy and resources used.

I hope you enjoyed reading these top 10 trends to invest in. Of course if you think I'm off on one of these top 10 mega trends, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, I'd love to hear your opinion. Plus, I really enjoy your feedback as it helps me to improve my writing so that it is more enjoyable and helpful to you. As always, if you enjoyed this article on the top 10 hottest trends to invest in, please feel free to bookmark it, share it, and follow me for more interesting articles providing legitimate ways to grow your income. Thanks for reading! Much love and best wishes for you and your journey to get more money.

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