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Tips to Save Money on Clothing

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If you're wondering how to save money on clothes, you are far from alone. On average, Americans are spending almost two thousand on clothing and accessories every year. If you have children, you're spending even more than that. This complete guide will help you learn everything you need to know about how to save money on clothing.

Shop Thrift Stores to Cut Back on Clothing Expenses

If you need to pick up some trendy clothes, check out your local thrift stores. These are great places to buy more expensive things, like jeans and hoodies, at a deep discount. You can also find plenty of clothing for kids. Your local consignment shop probably has baby clothing for a couple of bucks!

Take Care of Your Clothing

If you take care of every piece of clothing, you won't have to replace it as often. Set aside a few outfits that you aren't fond of for work clothing or painting clothing. You can get these dirty and stained, and keep the rest of your clothes in good repair.

Make sure that you follow the directions on the tag when washing and drying your clothes. If you don't you can ruin your clothing after wearing it one time. It could also shrink delicate items so they don't fit.

Pay With Cash

Before heading to your favorite store, tell yourself that you are not going to spend more than a certain amount. If it's hard to resist spending more money, take the money out of the bank that you are going to spend. Leave your credit and debit cards at home. It's impossible to spend the money if you don't have access to any extra cash! This can instantly help you reduce your clothing costs.

Always Check the Price Tag

Before buying anything, make sure that you check the tag to help you cut back on clothing expenses. This can help you pay close attention to how much money you are spending on clothing so that you can stay within your budget.

Then, carefully consider whether the item is worth it. If you're only going to wear it once, should you spend $100 on it? Ask yourself if you would pay a friend $100 to wear their coat one time. Most of us wouldn't. When you change the way that you think, you'll find it's easier not to buy high ticket items.

Buy Clothing Out of Season

At the end of winter, all of the winter coats, boots, and hoodies will be on sale. The same thing happens at the end of summer. You can buy out of season clothing for a few dollars. It's a great time to stock your closet and your kids!

Browse through the sale section at your favorite stores towards the end of each season. If you don't care bout wearing something from last season, which most people don't, then you can save hundreds of dollars on clothing a year!

Always Keep Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe basics are also called wardrobe essentials. They are the basic items of clothing that you need to make an outfit or that you can pair with anything. For example, a few good pairs of jeans and neutral colored shirts. A pair of tennis shoes, a pair of boots, and a few pairs of heels is another good example. When you already have the basics, you won't feel like you really need to go shopping.

Pick Color Schemes

If you pick color schemes for your clothing, you'll find that most of them always coordinate well with one another. Not only does this make getting ready in the morning easier, but it can also mean that you spend less on clothing. Instead of purchasing new outfits, you can simply pick up some new accessories or cardigan sweaters.


Wear Kid's Clothing and Shoes

If you have small feet or can fit into kid's clothing, check out the selection. Children's clothing items and shoes will cost significantly less than things in the adult department. You can find children's shoes for a fraction of the cost that you would spend in the adult shoe section.

Don't Wash Your Clothing as Often

Washing your clothing after every wear can lead to more wear and tear because the washer and dryer are both so harsh on clothing. If your clothing doesn't smell, consider giving it a few wears before you wash it. You can wear a pair of jeans at least twice before you have to wash them.

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Keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule. For example, leggings will look baggy after more than one wear. Anything made of stretchy material, such as skinny jeans, should be washed after one wear to help it maintain its shape.

Spend More on Shoes

While this might seem a bit counterproductive, it's not. If you buy cheap shoes, you'll find that you have to replace them more often. This will cost you more money in the long run. When buying shoes, remember that you get what you pay for.

Only Buy Clothing That Fits

If you try something on and it doesn't fit perfectly, don't buy it. This counts even if you're trying to lose weight or are dieting. You can easily wind up with a bunch of clothing that doesn't fit, which will lead to you spending more money on clothing.

Used Clothing Apps

Clothing apps like Poshmark are a great place to find used clothing at a discounted price. You can find your favorite brands of clothing, handbags, shoes, and much more! All of these apps also have a kid's clothing section.

Have a Funeral and a Wedding Outfit

You should have one outfit in your closet for a funeral, and one in your closet for a wedding. This will save you from having to rent something to wear or spend full price on something because you had to go shopping at the last minute. In the long run, it can save you a lot of money.

You can find formal wear at an online consignment shop or check out outlet store clothes. Shop discount stores for a pair of black pants that you can wear to either a funeral or a wedding. These two outfits are wardrobe essentials.

Buy Cheap Accessories

Sites like Romwe have earrings for a couple of dollars. You can find plenty of accessories on sites like this! If you're not a fan of earrings that aren't made from real gold, you can still benefit from these sites by purchasing other accessories you wear, such as hats and scarves.

Subscribe to Email Lists

When you visit a website that you love, don't forget to subscribe to email lists! The store will email you to let you know about sales. You'll have access to flash sales online that other people don't. Most new subscribers will get a coupon to help them save money on their first purchase. You can unlock a lot of savings with this simple tip.

Refuse to Pay Retail Price

As soon as you get in the mindset that you should not pay full price for anything, your clothing budget will stretch further. Use coupons and shop the sales rack. Enjoy online shopping to discover more options than you would have if shopping in a brick and mortar store. Online stores always have awesome online clearance sales.


Discount Clothing Stores

Stores that sell clothing at a sale price, such as TJMaxx and Marshall's, are the perfect place to go shopping. You'll never have to pay retail price again. Most of the clothing is from last season, and it's never used so you don't have to worry about clothing being of lesser quality.

You can save even more money by checking out the sale racks when clothes shopping at these stores. They have regular sales and items on clearance just like other stores do.

Host a Clothing Swap

Get together with a few of your best friends to swap clothing! To do this, everything brings things that are in their closet that they no longer like or wear. The people participating in the swap can then go through each other's things and pick what they want to take home with them. Some friend groups choose to trade things with each other to make sure that no one goes home without something new or feels like they got the short end of the stick.

In Conclusion

Buying your clothing out of season and on sale will save you hundreds of dollars a year! Combine that tip with purchasing second hand clothing and buying outfits in a certain color scheme to save money on clothing. With these tips, you can easily make your clothing budget last longer!

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