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Key Words for Using Poshmark to Sell Clothes

Sarah started selling on Poshmark in 2016. She finally makes more sales than mistakes, and she wants to share what's she's learned with you.

Listing on Poshmark is easy. Just click the camera icon at the bottom of the app and take pictures or upload them. Then, fill out the form and list your item. I won't bore you with step-by-step instructions, as it's pretty straightforward. It's easier to just do it than to read about it!

I'm a firm believer that one of the most important ways to become good at something is to learn its language.

But I will tell you a few beginner's vocabulary words that you'll need for selling your clothes on Poshmark. These terms confused me when I first downloaded the app, and knowing them right off the bat can help you as a member of the Poshmark community.

  • CLOSET: Your "Closet" includes the items you list. Anyone who uses Poshmark can see your closet. When someone clicks on your closet, they can scroll through your items that are for sale and the items you've already sold. Each picture shows the price and the name you choose to give it.
  • SHARE: You can "share" both your listings and other people's listings that you like. When you share, that's basically like you saying, "Hey, look at this!" and holding up a top or a pair of shoes you like. The people who follow you will see your shares, and the person whose listing you shared will be notified that you shared something from their closet.
  • LIKE: When you "like" a listing, that means you're pretty interested in it and want to keep an eye on it. When the listing changes, Poshmark notifies people who have liked that listing. In other words, if you "like" that Calvin Klein dress you saw for $18 and then the Posher who listed it drops the price to $15, you'll get a notification. People who like your listings will get notifications, too.
  • FOLLOW: When you "follow" someone, you will see their listings and shares on the Poshmark feed page. They are notified that you followed them. You can see who follows you from your Profile page.
  • POSHMARK PARTY: Poshers can host and attend "parties." A Posh Party is basically an opportunity for people who are shopping for a certain type of listing to see a bunch of options in one place. It's also an opportunity for people who have listings that fit the party guidelines to share their listings to that party. When you "go" to a posh party, you open the app and tap "shop." Then, a selection of curated listings is easy to access, admire, and buy. Some examples of parties include, "Kate Spade, Gucci, and Vince Camuto party," "Men's Style Party," or a "Girls' Night Out Party." So how are the parties populated? By other Poshers! Parties are an opportunity for people who have listings that fit into a certain category to share their listings to people who are looking for stuff like that.

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