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5 Tips For Increasing Cash Flow: How To Create More Income In Any Economy

Create more cash flow!

Create more cash flow!

Ways To Make More Money

Is there more money out there? If you're looking for ways to make more money, whether that's how to make money online or how to work from home, the question about how to make extra money is something we'd all like to know the answer to. In fact, how to make more money FAST would be even better, wouldn't you agree?

Keep in mind, you can't save your way to real wealth. If you're only thinking with how to save more money, you may not have considered the effects on inflation and the bigger picture in the global economy. Consider the price of a movie ticket when you were a kid versus now. What about the price of gas? What a dollar got you 30 years is quite different than today.

And while saving and responsible spending is smart and necessary, it may not be the best or safest way to ensure your financial future.

If you look at what people lost in their 401k back in 2008, you'll understand what I mean. Personally, the 401k I had was cut in half. Ouch! It was in this bubble bursting moment that I became aware that I cannot "save" my way to a "comfortable" retirement. And as I thought about it even more, I started getting angry about who ever sold me on the "comfortable" retirement idea.

Screw that! When I'm in my mid 60's I don't want to be comfortable. I want to be in luxury. I'm going to bust my ass in the workforce for nearly 50 years so I can be comfortable? What the hell? Pass! Let's have some abundance here. And considering what happened to the countless number of Americans on the comfortable track that suddenly weren't so comfortable anymore because their house and savings just depreciated 50%, I'm not into that happening to me or my family. No thank you.

My desire to get rich is not about greed. My desire to get rich is to eliminate the possibility of me and my family ever having to worry about food, clothing, shelter AND having the luxury to go anywhere we want and LIVE on this planet, not just get by comfortable.

Create Your Way To Wealth

This guy only wanted a million.  Inflation effects us all!

This guy only wanted a million. Inflation effects us all!

Understanding Money First

If you want more money in your life, you have to understand a few things about it first. Here's two that are most important.

Number One: "There is no shortage of money!" -Grant Cardone from Sell or Be Sold. Money is not limited. If we start to run out, the Federal Reserve will just go print more. So you don't have to worry about there not being enough! Money exists on this planet in great abundance.

Look at this quote from CNN Money: "The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, the broadest index of U.S. stocks, lost 891.93 points, or just over 7%, Monday. This represents a paper loss for the day of approximately $1.0 trillion." This was from an article dated August 9, 2011.

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS lost in the stock market. That's more that Dr. Evil would ask for!!!! Where did it go? I mean if you find this 1 trillion, is it with all those socks we loose in the dryer? Is some Leprechaun running over a rainbow with it? Where did it go? Can you even remember what happened on August 9th, 2011 without having to Google it? What was the suicide rate like on August 10th 2011?

Here's the point and Grant tells it to us perfectly in Sell Or Be Sold. "Look at how much money is in the marketplace... Get over the idea that there's a scarcity of money because there isn't! There's plenty of money to go around. If you start looking for prosperity and abundance, you'll see that it exists all around you!"

Number Two: "Your prosperity and success will benefit others and no one lacks abundance because you've opted for it." -Wayne Dyer from The Power of Intention.

Read this as many times as you need to for it to really sink in. With so much money out there, if you decide to have abundance in your life, no one, and I mean no one, will lack or suffer because you chose to have this in your life. There is no finite number.

Look at that trillion dollars again. The deficit in California, where I live is 16 billion. So if that money lost in the stock market went to California, not only could it have paid off the deficit but there would have been enough left over to give every citizen in the state 26,000 bucks!

How's that for a stimulus package. And all from one bad day in the market!

Don't limit your thinking by allowing yourself to believe there's only one pie at the table.

So let's look at what you can do today to opt for abundance and prosperity in your life.

Are you burning money?

Are you burning money?

Cut Expenditures

What??? I thought we were talking about abundance and creating more income! I am. Bear with me here...

Allow me to insert an adjective here. Cut "stupid" expenditures. Meaning what? I recently read a Hub called Live Cheaper Every Day - Small Easy Steps To Saving Money. In this Hub are some great tips to reduce wasting money. I actually think wasting money every now and then is a great way to enjoy life. However when you're wasting stupid money, you may be shooting yourself in the opportunity foot.

Look at coffee as one example. What do we spend daily on coffee? What if you got your coffee at home instead of the coffee house? How often do you eat out? Do you track these expenditures? What can you cut out that is unnecessary? Once you get a handle on where you're spending on things you don't need, you can then figure out what to do with the extra income to make it grow.

Let me just get one thing straight here, though. I will not cut out coffee. That will result in bodily harm for someone. What I will do though is reduce what I spend on coffee. Maybe get an espresso maker for home instead of dropping 10 bucks a day for 2 cappuccinos.

What would you do with an extra 2600 bucks a year? Save Starbucks for the weekend treat instead of the daily habit. Get it?

Are you paying for cable channels you'll NEVER watch? I'm not anymore!

If your financial faucet has a leak, plug it. Follow?

Look, you're creating your own economy here. You need to think big picture. Speaking of California and wasteful spending, we... actually they, I didn't vote for this... just approved an increase in state tax that was sold as a bill of goods to protect education, meanwhile, we're going to spend several billion on a high-speed rail system. Why are we spending billions on public transportation in a state where everyone drives AND when our education system is ranked at the bottom in the United States?

Point? Get your priorities straight!!!!!


Start A Home Based Business

Part time work from home has been often filed into the "scam" category. It's unfortunate because there are a good amount of people in this country who actually earn a living part time from home with a home based business.

One of the reasons many home based businesses fail is because the person doesn't really work at it and/or they don't really know what to do. Here's a few considerations to start thinking with as you begin to plot a home based business for yourself.

What are you passionate about? Is there something you love to do? For example, I'm very passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. I have recently started promoting "The 90 Day Challenge" for a company called ViSalus. They have a protein powder that tastes great and it's good for you. I can easily promote this to my friends and family and make some money on the side. The key though is I'm passionate it.

So for you, find something you are passionate about. Something you can easily support and monetize that sucker!

Why? You literally need to recession proof yourself. If something happens to you, your job, the economy as a whole, will have an alternate source of income? We always talk about not putting all our eggs in one basket yet only have one source of income. You need multiple sources of income to create prosperity for yourself and your family.

Speaking of which...

Don't just sit there, write something!

Don't just sit there, write something!

My Book

Write Something (like a book or blog)

In 2002, I stopped smoking. One of the things I did to keep my hands busy was I kept a journal. After 3 months of writing in my journal about the woes of not smoking and how I was handling it, I realized I may have something here... like a book!

Eventually, I put it all together and VOILA! We have a book self-published on Amazon and Kindle! I promote it, and every time I help another person kick the habit using my book, not only do I increase my personal cash flow, but I literally save someone's life.

Another great way to generate revenue from writing is to start a blog. Which brings us right back to, what are you passionate about?

Just finding things you already love and the supporting products you can get behind. From there become an affiliate for them. Write a blog, generate traffic for them, when people buy stuff because you sent them there, you get paid.

As an example, I have a HUGE affinity for old-timey strength training. Consequently, I'm a kettlebell lifter I have a blog about my journey as a kettlebell guy and promote kettlebell and fitness products. This is another stream of income for me.

For those of you thinking, it's not that simple, let me tell that, yes, it is that simple. It may not be easy but it is that simple.

Consider for a moment how many hours a day you watch television. What if you invested just half of that time into developing a high traffic blog for a topic you're passionate about with affiliate links?

Truly, what is a better use of your brainwaves? Flatlined on the couch in front of the boob tube or engaged in front of the keyboard?

Bottom line, your bank account will be better off when you do one of those and not so when you opt for the other.

Get a job!

Get a job!

Take A Second Job

If writing and creating really isn't your forte and you can't make since of a home based business... because really, it isn't for everyone, let's face it. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Right?

This however doesn't change the fact that creating prosperity will take work and you owe it to your family to have multiple income streams. So take a second job part time.

Do you have a skill set? Do you have a talent? What can you do?

I hit Craigslist this morning and looked in the part time job section and there is a ton of part time work out there.

I saw postings for translators, sales, retail, reception, you name it. Recession? HA! It only exists if you let it. While others recess and contract, you expand into it and come out well ahead of the pack when all is said and done.

Get paid to save

Get paid to save

  • Grant Cardone: Tips for Creating Wealth
    You will probably not win the lottery, create the next Google or be entitled to a significant inheritance. Most of us can not just go out into the marketplace and double our income overnight or find a million dollars.

Save To Invest

Let me just say this now. I am not a money guru, I have no real clue as to how to "invest" or work the stock market. What I do know is this, there are company's out there such as Coca~Cola and Apple and Disney and 3M that are NOT going anywhere. These are also companies with products that I use and support. As a result, I will be happy to buy into them as an "investor" and quite literally own a piece of these companies and consequently share in their profits.

My stock portfolio is minimal and conservative as all get up, but what I do with it is quite simple and easy.

I find publicly traded companies that I support, use and can get behind. If they pay dividends, I will buy stock in that company. I am looking at big companies that prosper in any economy and have a regular dividend yield.


Because a basic savings account offers .01% or less and a 12 month CD isn't any better. Coca~Cola paid .25 cents a share on their last dividend. Do the math. What would you rather have gotten?

So save your money. Yes! Then put it somewhere where it will pay you in return and not just sit there doing basically nothing.

Go Forth And Prosper

So there you have folks. Four tips and a little motivation for you to go forth and create prosperity for yourself and your family. And really, we've barely scratched the surface.

What did you read here that you liked? What in here are you already doing? What in here are you not doing that you could and what's holding you back from taking action? Let's use the comments section to really dig into how we can create our own personal economy and not have to be dependent on what's happening in the elusive "economy" that so many people use as an excuse or a crutch for not taking complete responsibility for their financial situation.

In 1806, a man named William opened up a soap and candle company in New York City. Do you know William's last name?

When you find that answer, know that anything is possible and you too can create your prosperity...

© 2012 David R Bradley


Robert G. on July 12, 2013:

Followed this advice and wrote a book on personal financial management. I published it on CreateSpace for free.

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