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Time Investment

Emmanuel Nuga is prolific writer and a tutor who loves to emphasize on the productive use of time during his teaching hours.

Time and money

Time and money

What is Time Investment?

When the word Investment is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is wealth or capital creation. Undoubtedly, it is a common definition the word is termed. But a way out of the box is the term Time Investment.

Considering money investment in perspective, which purpose is to generate revenue. Time Investment is basically exploiting the best use of time on a career, objective, ambition or pursuit at your advantage. Anyway, it all depends on individual choices and aims, or isn't it essential to consider Time an Investment? I mean a phenomenon that deserves emphasis, besides, considering the fact that time plays a significant role in our daily lives, an attribute most implicating and domineering in the course of our daily activities and lives. Therein lies the sarcastic experiences that get people, probably at old age complaining and lamenting over the years wasted in the past when they should have engage in something that is worth pursuing in life.

"There is a lot more to achieve in your lifetime if you begin from now to maximize your time productively"


Your Greatest Phenomenon

Although time is considered to be an illusion, nevertheless it is an important phenomenon that affects the whole of humanity both collectively and individually. I bet you, it will turn out a regret if you don't align yourself with the consciousness of time. Based on philosophical facts, time is confirmed to be the most valuable resource and as such, it should be duly appreciated and purposely exploited to this effect. Life will make no sense if it is not given a measuring tool by which our life is modified and purified, the reason being that nature is governed and influenced by its dictates and those who understand its influences exploit it profitably every passing day. Our successes are dependent on the length of time invested in our values. An athlete who hopes to become a professional footballer must in his or her very best invest more time in training hard to achieve his or her dreams otherwise those dreams of being professional are nothing but an illusion.

We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.

Nelson Mandela

A business man and a clock

A business man and a clock

Your Pursuit and Timing

Do you have a pursuit, a goal or vision and you want to make a life of it? So then you need to consider Time Investment a priority. It is not enough to come up with a goal or idea without setting up a timing scheme aimed at achieving your goal, otherwise, there are huge possibilities that your dream will not see the light of the day, which is the simple reason why many fail in their plans. Here is the "ambition" but no timing or considerable objectives. Take for instance some of the likely agents that are probably considered disruptive to the productive use of time: friends, families, social media or other kinds of activities, all of these are some of the demanding factors among many others you have to learn how to manage not really avoid them in a real sense but manage. Moreover, when the investment of time becomes a priority in your everyday life.

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What Do You Have To Let Go?

More often than not, there comes a point in time when you realize that you have to let go of something for what matters to take prestige when the need for success is no longer an option. So what do you think? Isn't it too early to start complaining of poor performance in your daily engagements? (i.e career, academics, ambition, goals etc) having not invested quality time to get results.

Could This Be The Reason For Your Failures?

Sometimes, when I hear people shifting the blame on others for their failures, I assume a benefit of doubt to those complaints because most times the majority tends to create excuses at the detriment of others when they feel they shouldn't be castigated or underrated for their self-invented failures. Whereas, in a true sense they are responsible for their woes, for having not maximized time. To be precise, college students most times don't really have to shift the blame on their teachers or lecturers for their shortcomings as much as they have a large variety of available materials at the tip of their fingers sufficient to improve their academic performance, beyond the four corners of the classroom. It is just that many are not disciplined enough to be self-determined, meanwhile, the same people would rather waste time on less important activities and yet point accusing fingers at others.

I personally, ever since I understood how productive the use of time could advance my life.I had left misusing time, joining irrelevant gatherings or groups.


Check this Out:Time Investment Makes the Difference

The amount of time invested towards the pursuit of a value is one major factor that defines and differentiate the stands of every racing individual; talk of the successful, the unsuccessful, the expert and inexpert. Is pretty much like exercising a whole lot of patience in savings, until the money becomes substantial enough, that is the longer the time, the increase the value.

Imagine the length of time most successful men of our age had exhausted before getting their success story or making their marks. According to one of them; Elon Musk to be precise, once said "I spent twenty hours working a day." To me is a huge sacrifice, a huge sacrifice any human could rarely deploy and it is worth the result he is getting today in his inventions. investing your time should take a huge percentage of priority amidst other priorities because you can do more than you imagined, if you understand the maximization of time on your inabilities.

The Essence of Being Time Conscious

  1. Time consciousness enhances your productivity.
  2. It creates the room for Discipline.
  3. The productive use of time becomes your primary focus.
  4. You can exploit unseen opportunities around you.
  5. It limits the mismanagement of oneself and lifestyle.
  6. It keeps you on your feet as you will not want to misuse any passing opportunities.
  7. It is a lifeline by which life becomes more meaningful.
  8. It is a disciplinary phenomenon that creates a space between what and who matters or not in your life.

Still, Dabbling Around Like a Church Rat?

You can't get anything done while you keep dabbling around aimlessly otherwise nothing happens. Beyond every reasonable doubt, they are instances in life when you have to let go of the unnecessary for those things that counts and matters to be catered for, which might also include some of your addictive preferences that add no value to your life. This isn't an idea of being hard on yourself contrary to biased opinions. No! instead it is a fair regard to discipline and accountability. However inconvenient as it may seem but yet rewarding. Moreover, nothing good comes easy. While the tough get tougher in tough times. The ideal to be considered is nothing but discipline and consistency in the management of your time.

"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did and your time Investment is unnegotiable".


A Must For Everyone...What is it?

In fact, in life, discipline should be an adaptable phenomenon everyone is supposed to adopt. At least, a candour bit of discipline is necessary if success is considered a must, even as it serves as a moulding tool for growth and progress. However, on the other hand, this may only apply to those who strive to be outstanding in their pursuit of success. While those allergic to small inconveniences remain in their lower state.

Invest Time and Money will come!

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