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Things You Should Buy From Dollar Tree

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Your local Dollar Tree has essentials!


The Dollar Tree

I didn't realize just how much I loved the Dollar Tree until Covid19. I mean sure I've shopped there enough times, but it's a great place to pop into when you're in a hurry and just need a few things. And I've found with Covid19, I've been going there a lot more often. Not only did Covid put a damper on places to shop, but it's also massively impacted people's income and budgets. And I'm not anti-China so I have no issues shopping here. I'm really not anti-anything.

The Dollar Tree really should not be overlooked for everyday items. Did you know you can also use MFG coupons here? I mean if you're lucky enough to find brand names, and yes sometimes they have those! Why not get two for a dollar on items you'll use? Take advantage of savings so money can be used for better things! Like vacations!

Although this is probably the most boring read ever, there are household items you really should not pass up at the Dollar Tree.

You'll probably find a lot of other things you DON'T need when you shop there but try to focus on some of the items below. You'll most likely always use them and you just can't beat the price of $1. Sometimes it helps to keep your spending under control here by limiting how many items you'll buy when you go. I usually cap myself off at $10-$20 per trip.

Make sure you check out all the crazy videos on Youtube for inspiration with Dollar Tree items too! People are really making some amazing things and have a lot of good advice on saving money by shopping Dollar Tree.

Another great thing about Dollar Tree, it satisfies the urge to shop when you really don't need to. Spending $5 is pretty guilt-free.

6 per Pack!


Dish Sponges

Thes have to be the best dish sponges I've ever found for a dollar. You get 6 per pack and you can easily make one last a month, although that's kinda gross and you'll probably want to replace it in two weeks or so.

They have a soft side for cleaning delicate things, countertops, etc and an abrasive side for scrubbing. Obviously you can use them throughout your entire house! We use them for the kitchen and bathrooms. When the kitchen one wears out it heads to a bathroom for a week and then is thrown out.

10 per Pack!


SOS Knock off pads

SOS pads are great to have on hand. You may not use them very often but when you need them you may as well buy the cheap ones. These things work great. And you can clean a lot more than pots and pans with them. Clean your stovetop, tire rims, grill grates, sharpen scissors with them. I've even used these to stuff into my house siding when we moved the AC unit. They are great to plug up random holes! lol Even in camping equipment to deter mine.


LED Light Bulbs

I hate to admit that I've spent a lot on light bulbs from Amazon. LED light bulbs brag about lasting for years and years! Well, the ones from Amazon I bought never did! They'd last a few months if that and were easily 4x as much.

The Dollar Tree has LED light bulbs in soft white or bright white and these ones actually last. And since they are so cheap if one breaks in two years, who cares! Buy a few more.

Other Cleaning Items

A few other items worth mentioning to purchase at the Dollar Tree, are brooms and dustpans. Re-usable rubber cleaning gloves. Scrub brushes. Spray window cleaner, foaming, and ammonia-free (in case you have tinted car windows). Electronic cleaning wipes, dusting gloves, airwick products, and bleach.

I've found all of these work great and help me keep my house clean. I tend to make a lot of my household cleaners with bleach and vinegar (never combined), but for tools needed to keep my house clean, the Dollar Tree has just about everything you need.

How cute are these?


Bath Bombs & Small Gift fillers

I love Lush products and home-made soap. I even make my own homemade cold process soap. But I hate making bath bombs, I'm not sure why but making them just isn't fun.

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The Dollar Tree bath bombs are really amazing for $1! They are so cute and make perfect gifts. Everyone loves bath bombs! They have a ton of styles and types to choose from. They even have multi-packs. Get them at Dollar Tree and save yourself money.

Bolero Skincare


Other Beauty Products

When you're on a budget, or if you have teenage and preteen kids you should not pass up this store.

From deodorant to dental floss, and a lot of stuff in between Dollar Tree will fit your budget. Don't forget body wash, mouth wash, and shampoo when you're in a pinch.

They have a pretty impressive nail varnish selection, body sprays, lotions, make up products and brushes. If you need facial wipes, or body wipes you should buy them here.

One of the popular brands at the Dollar Tree is Bolero. Bolero Beverly Hills. They boast of cosmetic and skincare products that don't have additives that your skin just doesn't need. BOLERO OF BEVERLY HILLS is providing hair and body care products; namely, shampoo, hair conditioner, bath gelee, bath oil, moisturizing mist, leg gel, massage oil, moisturizing and firming body milk, toning mist, shaving gel, scrub, skincare oil, firming eye gel, skin cleanser, mask, and tonic skin freshener. And the Dollar Tree has a ton of their products. I'm 41 and used plenty of them, never had any issues. And the packaging makes them look high end, so again, great for gifts! Look up a few of their products for sale on Amazon and they are 3x as much.

Bolero? Yeah, not for this price!

Party Supplies and Gift Bags


Gift Wrap, Bags, and Party Supplies

You can't overlook Dollar Tree when it comes to gift wrap or party supplies. Especially gift bags. The selection is constantly changing and they've really updated their designs.

The same goes for cards, any occasion birthday, sympathy, holidays, they are all 2 for $1.

Gift bows can get really expensive. If you really like to wrap your gifts colorfully and fancy with big bows get your bows here. About 75% cheaper than Target or Walmart.

Flower arrangements

One of my home made dollar tree arrangments with LED candle sticks, also Dollar Tree

One of my home made dollar tree arrangments with LED candle sticks, also Dollar Tree

Another Flower Arrangement


Craft Supplies, artificial Flowers and candles

Artificial flowers can get really expensive, but Dollar Tree has an ever-changing selection when you just want to brighten up your space and not break the bank. The two photos I've posted used all Dollar Tree flowers, I just made the baskets they are in. Since you don't spend much on them, you won't feel bad when you rotate them out or if you make a mistake. These are nice to make as gifts too.

The craft ideas are endless at Dollar Tree.

They have decent LED candles and tealights that are nice for changing out your table arrangements or for dinner parties.

Some of the real candles are questionable in quality, but when you just need a few for a quick occasion they work well.

Make sure you check out the home garden section too. Dollar tree has seed packs 4/$1.00, plenty of pots and useful garden items.

The Dollar Tree craft section has really come a long way so make sure you check out that department when you visit.

Last but not least

You must not skip over the home organization or kitchen area. I've organized my entire pantry with Dollar Tree containers and they have all have been fantastic.

Drawer storage, bathroom, make-up, food, they have everything you'll need.

The kitchen items have been really good too. Dish towels and oven mitts are decent quality. Measuring utensils, dishes and glassware. I know I am starting to sound like a commercial, but there really is no need to overpay for so many items.

Some of the basic food items are ok. Spices, salt and pepper, cake mixes, some snacks. You'll often find a lot of brand name items.

Are there any items to avoid?

Finally, my last comment is about things to avoid buying from Dollar Tree. Just like any retail store this place has things to avoid.

Pop, or the times they try to get you to snag in the check-out line. Most of it is junk or junk food. It's overpriced and not good for you. The same goes for most of the crackers. However, if you're on a road trip and happen to pop into a Dollar Tree on the way, these may be good to avoid vending machines or gas station prices.

Knock off skincare items. I don't buy cheap soap or shampoo, they are usually filled with detergents that will just destroy my skin.

Pet food. I have 3 cats and I love them enough to not buy them the cheap rendering plant food. Some of the pet supplies like bowls and toys are ok.

A lot of the chemical household cleaners I don't buy. They don't seem safe and I make a lot of my own.

Pens. The pens are of very poor quality. I'm very picky about pens so yeah Dollar Tree pens are not for me. Office supplies like glue, and tape seem to work well though.

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Manuela from Portugal on May 28, 2020:

It is great that you have Dollar Tree to shop, unfortunately I don't have that supermarket here. I hope they decide to open it in other countries, it seems to be a very good market.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on May 15, 2020:

Great hub ! I used to live near their headquarters in Virginia and those stores were the largest and best. Gift boxes/bags are an unbeatable price :) What suprised me was using manufactuer coupons. I did' nt know those were accepted :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 14, 2020:

Sounds like good value and lots of convenience to me. Your article is very helpful. Thanks.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on May 14, 2020:

Hey this is really cool. It took me a couple of years to come up with your conclusions. Where were you in 2010? ;-)

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