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Things Not to Buy on Black Friday


You have been saving all year for Black Friday. You have been studying and comparing those Black Friday sales ads looking for the best deals this year. However, did you know that many of the Black Friday sales and "deals" are just a marketing ploy to get consumers to come out and spend more money?

Granted, it goes beyond saying that there are some really good deals on Black Friday that will save you money, but it isn't on the items your think they are. So as you go out to fight the crowds and drama, keep in mind that the mad grab for toys, electronics and more may not be saving you as much money as you think.


Retailers always hype up their "sales" on toys on Black Friday. After all, toys are some of the most popular Christmas gifts as many family focus on creating unforgettable memories for their children. On Black Friday, parents fight for the favorite toys on their kids' Christmas list. Some parents can become competitively brutal trying to snag this year's most popular toys.

However, the Black Friday sales on toys isn't always the best. Consumers will save even more money on toys for the holidays if they wait until the week or few days before Christmas. Many retailers over order many of the toys that are popular year after year as well as the newest trending toys. For some trending toys it can be a gamble to wait closer to Christmas but it may just pay off.

Winter Apparel

As everyone is preparing for the cold winter, retailers are quick to capitalize on it. You may find marketing signs on winter apparel that boost a certain percentage off, but some retailers up the retail price and then discount down to the actual price. For retailers who don't do this the savings are still minimal with a mere 10 - 20% off.

The best time to buy winter apparel is between January and March. At this point retailers will have "end of the season" sales marking down winter apparel up to 80% off. This is a good time to shop in advance for the holidays as you can buy winter apparel at a great deal and save it for the following holiday. If you are buying for children, consider getting a size or two larger if you are shopping for the next winter season.


Brand Name HDTVs

Many people wait until Black Friday to upgrade their TV for the home as they fight for the biggest and the best name brand televisions. Consumers have been known and are willing to camp out the night before just to be the first in line for brand name TVs. Retailers know this and market many sales for Black Friday. However, Black Friday isn't the best time to find a deal on these TVs.

If you are really in the market for a new TV and you want the best brand name, consider waiting until the end of the year because this is when retailers are trying to clear older models to make room for the newer models coming in the next year.

But if you must get a new television set for either yourself or as a gift, consider buying a third-tier brand. These are the brands of television that may have the best deals on Black Friday. When it comes to the second-tier brands, you may or may not find great deals on Black Friday. It is best to do your research and compare retail prices and sales.

First-Tier Brands

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG

Second-Tier Brands

  • Toshiba
  • Sharp
  • Vizio
  • Insignia
  • Hitachi

Third-Tier Brands

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  • Philips
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sanyo
  • JVC
  • Westinghouse

DSLR Cameras

If you are looking to save some money on a state-of-the art, brand name DSLR camera this holiday season, Black Friday may not be the best time to buy one. Although it may seem like a really great deal, remember that the new models premier on the market around February so your camera you just bought in a Black Friday sales is now old news, so to speak. However, if you are okay with that then, by all means, buy away. You can find some really great deals as most retailers who are trying to clear their inventory to make way for the newer models arriving.

Photo credit: Carlo Allegri/REUTERS

Photo credit: Carlo Allegri/REUTERS

Game Consoles Without Bundles

Video game consoles and video games are always a hot ticket item every holiday season. With all of the new game consoles making their debut closer to the holiday season, there are are some things to remember when you are in the market to buy the most up-to-date gaming console.

Do not buy a gaming console on Black Friday unless it is in a bundle package deal. What this means is buying the gaming console with accompanying video games and/or accessories. Chance are you won't be getting that big of a discount by buying the game console by itself.

However, keep in mind that not always will you find a better price with a game console bundle either. It all comes back to supply and demand. If the game console is premiering around the holidays or is popular in general, chance are that retailers won't be passing up the chance to make as much money as possible on this by limiting the money saving deals. Again, it comes down to knowing the market and comparison shopping.

Exercise Equipment

Black Friday is not the time to buy exercise equipment. Although it is commendable that you want to bit fit or help someone else with their fitness, you just won't be saving as much money as you think you are. If you are looking to save the most money of fitness equipment consider waiting until the end of December through January.

Retailers know that many people have fitness goals in their New Year's resolutions. They also know that after the first of the year, many people are working on losing weight and getting fit for the upcoming summer months. As with most products, they will try to clear out their old inventory before the new inventory arrives.

Christmas Decorations

Although Christmas decorations start popping up in retail stores before Halloween has arrived, many retailers try to entice shoppers with small sales on Christmas decorations and supplies. After all, you are more than likely going to need wrapping paper to wrap up the items in your Black Friday haul. Retailers know this and will try to capitalize on it.

The best time to buy Christmas decorations and supplies is the first few days after Christmas. In fact, sometimes you can get an artificial Christmas tree that would normally run about $100 for around $5 - $25. Same with decorations and gift giving supplies. Retailers would rather slash prices to a savings of 90% than pay the cost to return it to the warehouse or storage facility.

But if you can't wait and must have the essential Christmas supplies, still consider waiting until closer to Christmas. Retailers will begin drastically marking down prices to try to avoid overstock after the holidays.

When it comes to truly saving money with Black Friday sales, it is best to invest the time in some comparison shopping. Also determine what are your priority gifts and what it is that your budget will allow. By knowing what product that aren't always wise to purchase on Black Friday it may save you time and even more money when you know the best time to buy certain items. The main objective is to be smart and don't become enamored by the market ploys of retailers.

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annanee from USA on November 10, 2014:

I've never made the connection between Black Friday and Christmas decorations. I will pay attention. Thanks for pointing it out.

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