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The Unforeseen Traps in the Love of Money


The unforeseen traps in the Love of Money

We all know money. It is a medium of exchange of goods and services. Most things cannot be done without money in terms of feeding, clothing, shelter and other important expenses. The World today is in pursuit of money: Individuals, businesses, government. But what happens when the money comes?

Most poor people think that rich people have no problem, but really, they do. There are responsibilities and problems their own size (i.e. the bigger the money, the premium the problems)

Money, most times is not easy to get and for greed and lack of contentment, many have gone the negative way, indulging in all sorts of activities just to have money.

A good name is better than riches.

Whether we like it or otherwise, money controls people and it should be people to control money.

There is more to this paper we call money and how it controls our lives; and it has traps which one who loves it could term as normal; we should look at how we should deal with it rather with a sense of humility.

The unforeseen traps in the Love of Money.

It is what everyone is seeking for: Money is something we cannot do without in terms of purchasing necessities but asides that, there is now this power that is attached to money and you are nobody if you don’t have a fat bank balance. This thrive for power and recognition; ego and name has made everyone to forget morals and indulge in desperate seeking of money.

The society has some part to play in why such is following this system. We tend to respect those that has money, houses, cars and other luxurious and material things and disregard the poor or modest living person in the society. So, to avoid such downgrading, everyone wants to possess money.

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It determines our disposition: If you watch the character of some people, money tells how they feel in their life. Once there is money, they are fine, when money is gone, they fall sick. They love their wives or wives loves their husband when there is money and begins to feel resentment towards each other when the money is gone. We should be able to train ourselves that we are the same person when there is money and the same person when there is no money.

That’s to say also; if you don’t have what you like, like what you have

It creates room for disrespect: When a certain sum of money is in one’s possession, they tend to forget their background and upbringing and would talk to their friends, parents, elders anyhow because they feel that money can shut anyone up or money makes people not to talk back at them. It is a wrong mindset. Even with possessing bags full of money, our morals shouldn’t go into the bag also. That will make us know if we are leaders or just desperate people in want of money.

It makes us oblivious of the purpose of living: We did not come into this world with anything, so therefore, we are living with nothing. The purpose of living on this earth is to serve God and once we start to see it this way, we begin to understand that money is a necessity to live on daily basis and not a possession for power and recognition.

Money is not your purpose, but one of the things to fulfil your purpose.

People tend to let their heart be fixed on material things forgetting that we can’t take any of those things when we die. It is important therefore, that we don’t allow our heart to be tied down to material possessions.



Pressure: Money keeps a lot of persons under a lot of pressure. Those who don’t have feels the need to have because their peers and friends have climbed the financial ladder and they themselves have not. Those that have feels they should get more because they don’t want their neighbor to be more than them.

And, there is one thing about money. The more we have it, the more we want to have. A man sets a target to have a two hundred thousand currency and then he will be okay and when he has it, he then sets a five hundred thousand currency and once more he achieves it. Then the more desire sets in. there is now a thrive to become the first Millionaire in his town and then he mingles with people his Class and now it is set in the heart of his peers or Business Associates to become possessors of hundreds of millions and then this competition sets in their heart. That is unnecessary pressure that man subjects himself to.

You see, there is no satisfaction having money. The more we have money, the more we want to have it.

Money is a good thing to have and it is not harm to desire to have it but we must apply contentment to it. In such ways, money will not decide how we live our life but we will live our lives the best morally, sane way ever.

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