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The World's Seven Precious Stones

7 precious gemstone names

The decoration is undoubtedly in every human's DNA. To the gems lover, I find it necessary to be an entitlement to recognize "precious stones" with absolute ease. It for sure can be beneficial.

Besides, gemstones are naturally fancy; you could find yourself wanting to own every one of them. It's not your fault: they are truly treasured, and they have been for thousands of years. If you find yourself potty about gemstones, you deserve to know the world's top seven precious stones.

When we talk of precious stones, most of the ones you already know pop up in your mind. But, in this article, we will be concentrating on only the world's seven recognized precious stones. Let's get to it.

List of the Seven Precious Stones

Talking of "precious stone," we refer to highly desired stones. Their brilliance is on point and mainly rare to get. A most suiting word to use would be "cardinal gems," an ancient term that was used to mean gemstones that are particularly precious than others.

The ratified list of the seven precious stones is as follows:

  1. Diamond
  2. Pearl
  3. Ruby
  4. Sapphire
  5. Emerald
  6. Oriental Catseye
  7. Alexandrite

Identifying a precious stone out of many

A group of precious stones

A group of precious stones

Is diamond a precious stone?

  • Diamond: Diamond is a mineral that comprises total carbon. It is the rarest among gems and the most expensive of them all. Diamonds are also the hardest naturally transpiring gemstones ever known.

These precious stones come in overly 12 based colors, ranging from yellow, red, pink, purple, orange, violet, blue, gray, brown, white, black, and green.

What color is the cheapest diamond? I'm glad you asked. Yellow, green, and cool brown are the cheapest and most affordable diamonds. Red diamond is the rarest and most pricey among the class of diamonds.

The red diamond mines are genuinely in the Argyle Diamond mine in Australia. Seemingly, the actual number of red diamonds ever recorded is 30. They usually weigh less than half a carat, costing $1 million per carat.

Koh-i-Noor Diamond

The Koh-i-Noor, also known as "Mountain of the light," is the largest diamond ever discovered. The gemstone weighs 105.6 carats (21.12 g). It is intriguingly cut and shaped into an oval shape by Benjamin Levie Voorzanger.

Koh-i-Noor belongs to the British crown, and it is believed to have been mined from India in the Kollur mine. Koh-i-Noor is a royal stone since it has been owned by more than one kingdom. Furthermore, until now its price is not known.

  • Pearl: Pearl is the only gemstone and preferably the only precious stone that occurs inside of a living organism, known as "Mollusc." The organic gemstone occurs in striking bluish-grey to white colors.

The stone holds a vital role in Vedic Astrology, and also it appeases the planet moon in the birth chart of the person wearing it. Natural pearl gemstone is miffed to symbolize wisdom one acquires through experience.

A pearl gemstone ring talks a lot about someone since it symbolizes loyalty, generosity, integrity, and purity. It would be the ideal wedding ring for every couple out there. In the first place, pearl stones need to be worn at least every four months to prevent them from becoming dull and yellowed.

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Pearl price gemstone depends on many factors, namely: size, color, and many more. But, generally, it ranges from $300 to $1500

Ruby and sapphire benefits

  • Ruby Gemstone: Ruby gemstone is a corundum family stone that is pinkish to red and commonly blood-red in color. The word ruby originated from Latin “ruber," which means red.

Vedic astrology actively recommends the precious stone since they suggest that it's a sign of health, academic success, fends off bad dark energy, etc. As stated in the gems market, red ruby claims the highest price than any other color of the ruby.

And, geographically it’s Mozambique that produces these types of rubies. The precious stone is also a birth month for July. Contrarily, on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, ruby possesses a hardness of 9.0.

  • Sapphire: Sapphire is a precious gemstone that derives from a mineral known as corundum. The precious stone is regularly blue, but it extends to green, purple, orange, etc.

Sapphire is a birthstone for September and a gemstone of 45th anniversary since its jubilee happens after 65 years. Sapphire’s hue depends on the saturation and tone.

Saturation is the potency of a stone, whereas tone is the brightness or darkness of a sapphire. When a sapphire is of great hue, it is doubtlessly beyond price. Sapphire stone is also a royal stone as it gained a boost with the wedding ring of William and Kate.

The best sapphire stones come from Sri Lanka.

Blue sapphire gem

Sapphire ring

Sapphire ring

What stone is emerald and pearl?

  • Emerald: Emerald is a precious stone from a mineral variety called beryl. The stone usually occurs in green color, but it can sometimes transpire in yellow, blue, etc. The word emerald is an old French word "esmeraud.”

Emerald has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. The stone is referred to as a birthstone of May, and it is believed to be a symbol of truth and love. Emerald was regarded as the stone of the goddess Venus in ancient Greek and Roman.

The Emerald stones are also considered to possess healing powers. Colombia has been the leading provider of Emeralds that is estimated to be around 70% -to 90%.

  • Catseye: While the cat's eye is not a specific type of gemstone, it is referred to as any precious gemstone, when cut and polished into a curved circular or sphere shape, displays a luminous band similarity of an eye of a cat. This definite feature is known as chatoyancy.

An imperfection star ruby or sapphire is the best example of a corundum cat's eye where the star is presumably reduced to a luminous zone.

The stone is worn to specifically reduce the evil effects of the celestial body "Ketu." The cat's eye is also advisable to be worn by people who have debts since it is said that it provides relief by wearing the stone.

Another benefit of wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is that it returns lost wealth. It is a stone all business persons should wear since it can rebuild a falling business or one that downright ran out of service.

Is alexandrite a real gemstone?

  • The Alexandrite: Alexandrite is one of the three main varieties of chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl is a mineral or gemstone that contains an aluminate of beryllium that has a formula of BeAl2O4.

Chrysoberyl derives from a Greek work beryllos that means a "great-white-spar." Alexandrite is sometimes called "emerald" during the daytime and "ruby" at night. It is so because the stone assimilates light in a narrow yellow part of the spectrum, yet conceding huge bands of additional blue to green and red wavelengths to transmit through it.

The stone is said to have been initially discovered from Russia in the Ural Mountains during the early 1830s. However, other alexandrite mines are Sri Lanka, East Africa, and other places.

Alexandrite is more costly than ruby since it has limited worldly deposits, a factor that suits it to be termed rare. It is sometimes more expensive than a diamond. One carat of a high-quality alexandrite can cost as high as $15,000.

Natural alexandrite pic

Alexandrite in broad daylight

Alexandrite in broad daylight

A clear table displaying prices for the 7 precious gemstones

Prices of the World’s 7 Precious Gemstones Chart

Name of stone:SizeBest colorQualityPrice


1 carat



$1 million


1 carat



$100, 000


1 carat





1 carat





1 carat

Deep green



Cat's eye

1 carat

Deep honey




1 carat




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