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Best Cashback Sites to Maximize Amazon Savings

Rachael is a researcher and frugal shopper that enjoys combining these skills to help other consumers save money.

Most Cashback with Least Restrictions

With so many websites now offering cash back to Amazon shoppers, it's often difficult to determine what site offers the most cash back, and has the least restrictive policies. This clear cut guide answers those questions and more, so you can quickly and effectively maximize your savings.

After comparing numerous sets of cashback website data, and monetary withdraw rules and restrictions, the five following websites have emerged to earn the "best" title for their ease of use, and most cash back on Amazon.


TopCashback has one of the most rewarding programs for Amazon shoppers. It is known for offering higher cash back return rates than any competitor site. Exclusive coupons are also available for members, and are instantly applied at checkout to maximize savings.

Earned cash back can be requested any time more than a penny is available in your account. Multiple methods of payment are available including PayPal, prepaid Visa card, and a variety of store gift cards.

Make sure cash back is correctly tracked by clearing your browser cache, enabling cookies, disabling ad blockers and starting with an empty cart... before going to Amazon.

— William Charles, Doctor of Credit


Ebates is a popular cash back website that rewards members for purchasing items from select Amazon departments. To earn cash back, the store must be accessed via the website's cash back portal. Exclusive coupons are also available, and can be used in conjunction with cashback rewards for additional savings.

Cash back payments are issued by check or Paypal deposit every four months to members who have earned at least $5.01 in cash back rewards.

Stack Cashback

What I really love about Ebates is that you can combine it with other cash back and rewards.

— Marc Andre, Huffington Post

Raining Cashback

Raining Cashback


BeFrugal has one of the highest paying cash back rewards programs for Amazon. Similar to other sites, cash back is only credited when you access Amazon with an empty cart via the website's link.

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Accumulated cash back may be requested via PayPal deposit, Visa prepaid card or various store gift cards, any time an account has at least a penny; however, a minimum balance of $25 is required if payment by check or direct deposit is requested.



MyPoints offers instant cash back at checkout, as well as reward points for every dollar spent on Amazon, when eligible departments are accessed via the portal link on their website. MyPoints also has a browser extension to detect Amazon purchases so savings are never missed.

In addition to cash back, points are also awarded for every dollar spent on purchases. Additional point earning opportunities including survey taking, signing up for free trials, and playing games, are also available. They are redeemable for a variety of store gift cards, and available in various denominations.

Earned cash back is immediately applied at checkout, and is reflected by a reduction of your total purchase amount.

  • MyPoints: Daily Rewards Program
    Mypoints enables you to save money by applying cash back to your Amazon purchases. Points redeemable for gift cards may also be earned for completing a variety of tasks such as survey taking, reading emails, and of course... for online shopping!


Extrabux awards cash back when purchasing from select departments. To earn cash back, Amazon must be accessed via a link on the Extrabux website. Cash back is not instantly applied at purchase; instead, it is available for withdraw when a penny or more accumulates in your account. A mailed check can then be requested, or you may elect to have funds directly deposited into a PayPal or Alipay account.

Cashback for Charity

iGive and the Amazon Smile programs give a portion of your purchase amount to charity.

With iGive, additional money can be saved by using exclusive promotional codes and coupons; plus, .8% of every purchase store wide is donated to any charity across the nation. Donation checks are mailed to your charity on a monthly basis.

Amazon Smile donates .5% of every purchase to any charity of choice. There are no fees or costs associated with the program, and 100% of the donation is sent to the charity. The donation is disbursed approximately 45 days following each calendar quarter.

The best thing about these two programs is they compliment each other! Both of them can be used together to earn the most cash for your charity.

Maximizing Cashback

Now that you're familiar with saving with cash back, try saving even more money by stacking offers, and using coupons and promo codes with sale items for maximum savings.

What cashback reward program do you prefer?


© 2014 Rachael Ryhn - Jones

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