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The Money Paradigm

Karla Taylor has written for HubPages since 2019 and has been studying mindset and paradigms for many years.

The Blame Game

We're told all our lives that blaming other people for our own misfortunes and mistakes will get us nowhere in life. This is tried, tested and true.

However, it is plausible that your parents are to blame for your current financial situation. Not because they didn't provide you with a trust fund, not because they didn't work hard enough.

Because their parents were to blame for theirs. Partly, at least.


Hard At Work, Short On Pay, No Time To Play

Long before you were born, long before you were thought of, there was a paradigm laid out for you. There were ample opportunities to change and mould this paradigm. It's likely that the paradigm was changed, perhaps even multiple times.

But unless that paradigm was transformed from negative to positive, you're unlikely to be rolling in riches right now.

Some children are brought up with a positive attitude towards money, those children are more likely to grow their income as they grow by age. The most successful people in the world agree on few things, one of these things being that wealth and money is more about the mindset than it is about the work.

You can work for 60 years with just 60 opportunities across your entire adult life to take a short vacation and find that you could only afford to take half of those opportunities furthermore, you only had time for a quarter of them.

More income generates more time, it doesn't take much thinking about.


Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.

— Jim Rohn

Now, It's Down To You

It's worth mentioning that while your current financial situation can be blamed on your paradigms, that changes the minute you become aware that your responsibility is in changing the negative paradigms you've been given.

You can blame your previous paradigms for your previous reality but now you know, it's time to do something about it.

Wash away those old paradigms by proving to yourself that money is available to you and in enormous quantities. You have to believe that, I'd say that every successful person came to believe that at some point. Some after a childhood of wealth, others after coming into wealth and having the mindset shift early on that an increase of income wasn't down to luck, it was down to there being enough of it to go round. It was down to feeling like they deserved the money they came into and being grateful for it.


The Only Competition You Will Ever Face Is With Your Own Ignorance.

— Bob Proctor

The Power Of A Paradigm

Did you ever know anyone who came into money and squandered it? That's because of their paradigms. They never did believe that they could maintain that amount of money, let alone grow it. Perhaps they're used to having no other choice but to spend every penny they have, perhaps they're in the habit of overspending because their previous financial situation was a difficult one and their living expenses always came in at more than they could afford.

Why would being in the habit of overspending spending a measly income cause a person to squander a large quantity of cash? Yes, because there are things they want and thing they need that they were previously unable to afford but moreso, because that's what they're programmed to do.

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They, themselves have installed this programme. It's subconscious behaviour that is powered by paradigms. The paradigms that go back generation after generation in both sides of your family. With these paradigms, you've come to a subconscious conclusion that you're always going to need a little bit more than you earn and you'll stick to that, no matter how much you come to earn.

If you come from a background of poverty and you are now financially stable and actually, rather wealthy then you, my friend, have changed your paradigm. Even if you'd never heard of the word until now.


Why, Exactly, Are We Blaming Your Parents?

Your paradigms might not be down to your parents, they will be down to whoever had influence and responsibility over you during infancy, childhood and beyond. Be it teachers, nurses and doctors, grandparents, family friends.

Their beliefs about money have moulded your beliefs about money even if you march to the beat of your own drum, your attitude towards money is determined by the beliefs of those around you.

Sure, once you gain independence and your mind develops, you create your own philosophies and you see the world at least a little differently to everyone around you. We all do.

That doesn't change the fact that the environment you were in as a child has affected you so far, the fact that you would have different beliefs and values if you born just one year earlier or one year later or the fact that you'd have different beliefs and values if you were brought up by different people. That's just the way it is. Many of your opinions may differ to the ones of those around you but you can't tell me you've never noticed yourself repeat something you've heard somebody else say in a separate conversation because it resonated with you, even though you never did consider that opinion yourself beforehand.

If your caregivers regularly say negative things about money then the financial situation will back that up. A miserable blend of living through being broke at an early age and hearing things that suggest that money is difficult to obtain or maintain will inevitably create a paradigm. Of course, you're seeing and hearing it with your very own eyes and ears.

Your subconscious mind has no way of differentiating the logical truth and the take of the situation as spoken by the adults and authorities around you as a child.

Just because money was tight for your father in his factory job, doesn't mean that you can't get a different job and double his income. You know that logically but you have to use your conscious mind to act on it because your subconscious mind still believes what your parents repeated so many times and will continue to do so until you repeat some antidotes and shoe yourself that money is available to you.

Here Are Some Examples

"Money doesn't grow on trees"


"there isn't a lot of money to go around"

"We can't afford it"


"we aren't the kind of people who have these things"

"Money goes to money"


"I have no chance of becoming wealthy. Money is not available to me"

"Life isn't all about money"


"a desire for money is a greedy character"

Own Your Desires, Know You Deserve It

One of the most common beliefs inflicted by the poor onto their offspring is that rich people are greedy and a desire to be rich is something to be ashamed of. That nobody deserves an obnoxiously beautiful home, daily dinner dates and a flash car when there are others who are suffering.

Bob Proctor says that you can't help the poor while you're poor, he's right! What good are you with no experience in making money? What good are you without the means to travel and give to charitable causes without leaving yourself in a position that would mean you wouldn't be able to donate again?

Money Is Not The Only Answer But It Makes Difference.

— Barack Obama

How To Change Your Paradigms

Your paradigms are a result of repetition. Repetition in seeing nothing in the cupboards and your parents working hard, repetition in hearing that there isn't enough money for you because the footballers and glamour models are taking all of it

The antidote is... Repetition, would you believe? Affirming your wealth before you physically have it works for everyone who has tried it, such a bold claim to make. Look into it if you don't believe me.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for 2 Million Dollars when he first moved to LA, it was void because he had no money and nobody was giving him any at the time. He looked at this cheque every single day while he was trying to make a decent living. Do you know what his first ever big break earned him? Exactly $2,000,000.

Tell yourself often that money is available. No longer slow yourself to say negative things about money and when you catch yourself saying "we can't afford it" then know that you're developing massively because you're using your conscious mind to recognise that thought and that paradigm.

A simple shift in words can have a huge difference in your mindset which will have a huge difference on your reality.

"We'll never be able to afford that" becomes "that is going to be so much fun".

You have to be grateful for what you already have because if you aren't then you're in a frequency of feeling like you want things and you're being deprived of them which generates a low vibration,. Money doesn't live on a low vibration so you can't either.

Be grateful for what you already have and let go of any fear or shame in wanting more.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.

— Steve Jobs

© 2020 Karla Taylor

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