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The Good Barter

I needed to sell my pop up camper ASAP as I had just moved and the twin ordinance didn’t allow RVs in driveways

The good ole Pennysaver


It doesn’t hurt to ask

Before the days of the Internet and Social Media we didn’t have a way to sell our belongings or purchase used belongings besides the use of newspaper media such as the Pennysaver. I grew up with the Pennysaver and I learned that if there was something I needed to buy for my house or a larger purchase to turn toward the Pennysaver and this would be an affordable way for me to purchase what I needed or desired.

I had just left a relationship and bought a new house and I owned a pop up camper that was quite large and cumbersome. Due to the zoning requirements in my area I wasn’t allowed to keep the camper in my driveway so I was frantically trying to figure out a way that I could sell my camper and recoup some of the money that I put into it. I started looking in the Pennysaver to see what prices I could get for my camper and I was going to list my camper in the Pennysaver as that’s how we used to do things back in the day

I noticed that somebody was selling a wood-burning stove and they needed it removed right away they were looking to sell it at a fair price but they wanted it removed as soon as possible as they were doing renovations. All of a sudden a lightbulb went off and I figured out it couldn‘t hurt to ask if this family would want to barter the wood-burning stove for my camper. I knew it was far far fetched to ask a perfect stranger for this type of arrangement but I did ask and they replied that they were looking for a camper for their children and they would really consider making the trade and wanted to know if they could come over and see the camper, which I of course said yes. The family came over that afternoon, there was a mother father and three children and they romped around in the camper and they loved it and they said it was everything they would love to have for their children even if they just pulled up in their backyard and that they would be reallyk happy with this trade. The next step was I had to go to their house and see the wood-burning stove and see if it was something that I would like for my living room. I drove to their house and I saw the wood-burning stove and it was beautiful and it was in perfect condition and it was just what I needed for the back room of my house as there was no heat in the back room and the wood-burning stove would work well to keep the room warm. We agreed to make a trade of the wood-burning stove for the pop-up camper and we got to become friends during the transition. Irk all began with a phone call when I asked the question would you be willing.... It took a couple of days for the transition to take place and they came in they got the camper and I went and had somebody pick up the wood burning stove it was very very heavy and it took a couple of gentleman to move it and eventually I had it put into the back room and it warmed the room and created a cozy ambiance. It worked perfectly and it warmed up the room beautifully and the family that I gave the pop-up camper to got in touch with me and told me how much they loved the camper and that they brought their family camping and everyone was so happy not to be sleeping on the ground anymore but to be sleeping on mattresses in in a camper. It all turned out to be a beautiful story and we got to know each other so that there was the human exchange as well and everyone got what we needed and wanted and no money was involved nor exchanged . Everyone was happy and I really believe in bartering and I think you should try it too as you can you can maybe make a friend or two and It can turn out to be a really fun and meaningful exchange.

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