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The Best Money Making App You Have yet to Try

Enthusiast on all ways to make money online. Have tried hundred of apps and services of the money making variety.


Press Play

The best app to get money from, is called Press Play. This app is somewhat underground, in the sense that it is not as popular as some other apps, such as Swagbucks or the hundreds of other survey sites.

But that's the thing with Press Play, it is not a survey app. It is instead a sweepstakes and casino app. But there is a twist to this.

Press Play has 2 apps: Press Play Sweepstakes, and Press Play Slots. I will be going over these 2 apps and I will outline what makes these apps so special and why they are the best money making apps as of now.

Press Play Sweepstakes


How it Works

The first app I am going to look over, is the Press Play Sweepstakes.

In this app, you are given 5 daily tickets. You can have a maximum of 15 tickets, as you earn the other 10 by using the other app, Press Play Slots. You also are given 1 weekly ticket at the start of every week, and 1 monthly ticket given at the start of the month.

You can play 15 daily tickets a day, with there being 5 raffles to use these daily tickets. Each raffle starts at 10 A.M. and ends at 10 P.M. with there being 3 hour intervals between each raffle (10 A.M. - 1 P.M. - 4 P.M. - 7 P.M. - 10 P.M.).

When you use your 15 tickets, you get closer to earning another weekly ticket and monthly ticket. You can play a maximum of 4 weekly tickets a week and 4 monthly tickets a month.

The way the raffles work is that you have a set of 5 emojis per ticket. The emojis are randomly generated, but you get choose one emoji to be a multiplier of 2, so that if you match the emoji it counts as 2 matches, not just 1. The goal of these raffles is to have a ticket emojis match the emojis of the drawing. It is much the same as a lottery ticket, in that sense.


Earning and Payout

I'm sure that you want to know the payout of these raffles, and to that I will finally tell you.

Below is a table showing the drawing type (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) and the payout for winning the raffle.

Raffle Winnings

Raffle TypePrize







That is some nice cash.

However, do not expect to win often. The chances of matching the emojis perfectly is said to be around a little more than 1,700,000 as per the official Press Play Rules.

Don't let this discourage you though, as even if you do not match the emojis perfectly to win the raffle, the amount of emojis you matched does add to your total.

At the end of each month, you get a set amount of money based on the amount of emojis you matched. The first place prize for matching the most emojis is $1,500.

You do have to be 18 years of age to play this, or at least to withdraw your earnings. This is because you need to provide some form of identification, such as a driver's license. This is to prevent bots and cheating.

Press Play Slots


How it Works

To start off, you are given 1,500 coins to use to spin the slot machine. When you do so, there are a set of matches you can get. These include the Cherry(s) which gives you either 1-3 free spins based on how many you get. The Bar(s) give you a set amount of coins if 3 are matched. The Bonus Crowns allow you to either get 2 daily tickets, or allow you to play the Orbz game. And then there is the artifact, which allows you to progress through the levels.

As far I am concerned, the levels and artifacts do not do much. Each world has a different background, and consists of 3 levels, with 5 artifacts representing one level. When you get 5 artifacts you can earn a large amount of coins.

When you run out of coins, you have to either wait an hour to get some more, or you can watch some ads to earn those coins and to skip the wait. That is my favorite part of this app, that being how there is no predatory in-app purchases at all. It is 100% free.



The way to make money through this game, is by playing the Orbz game.

The Orbz game is one in which you have to rapidly tap bubbles, or Orbz, to pop them and gain points. You have 1 full minute to tap as many bubbles as you can to rack up your points. To help you, there are lighting bubbles that double your points earned by 2, and the bonus bubble, that is worth 200 points. There are also strikes, a yellow and red bubble with an “X” on them, that take away points. Three strikes, and the game comes to an end.

This game is based solely on reaction skills, and it takes some time to get good at it.

You will start off in the Bronze League, where there are opportunities to earn based on where you stand in the leaderboard. I have shown them below in a table.

Earnings (Bronze League)

Place in LeaderboardCash Prize

























Earnings and Payout

The leaderboard restarts everyday at 10 P.M. and ends at 10 P.M. the next day.

How much you will earn is based on your skill at the game. As for me, I usually score 8,000 - 9,000 points, which gives me either $5 or $10 a day.

All you have to do is invest around 5-10 or so minutes into the slots game before you get the chance to play Orbz.

Much the same as Pres Play Sweepstakes, you have to provide identification in order to receive payout.

As a side note, you also have to fill out a W-9 Form if your winnings in both apps exceed that of a $600 threshold.

You can either get a Tango Card, which allows you to get virtually any gift card for any retailer. Or if you have more than $25.00 to payout, then you can opt for a check, one that usually arrives within 10 days of requesting a payout.

Overall Synopsis

These apps are great for earning some money on the side, but like all other side-hustle apps, do not expect to make a living off of this.

I also want to stress that there is reason to be a bit concerned about privacy and the selling of information, as the company gives out millions a year, yet the ad revenue they receive does not seem to be able to suffice for their prizes and employee wages. So although I am not accusing Press Play Inc. of such things, please take caution if you so choose to.

If you want to learn more about Press Play Inc. and its apps, check out their website:

Other than that, thank you for reading my article and have a great day/evening.

© 2020 Danny Grove

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