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The Best Broadcasting App To Make Money On

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Making Money Online

So you’re looking for a legitimate app to make money on without having to worry about its potential or whether you‘ll get paid?
You’re looking for something comfortable to use at home that doesn’t even require any skills but your communication, presence and some consistency?

You want to earn from 200 to 500 dollars a month and even more (1000/4000/10,000$)? Believe it or not, the app I’m about to talk about here has all the potential for almost anyone! (Note: Girls can earn more than guys on it).

What Is It?

It’s Called “Tangome Live” and I’m so excited to tell you all about it in this article today, the best part is that this info will never get outdated as long as the app continues running!

It has already proven itself because it’s been running for more than 12 years! The App has over 300 million downloads and it’s full of generous and kind gifters. Have you heard of Liveme?

If yes, then you must be already familiar with the concept of earning money on Tango. It’s the same as in Liveme App, except that Tango seems to be so underrated, although it’s a million times better than Liveme when we take many things into consideration and comparison!

Download it using the link posted down below and register yourself, then continue reading because it’s about to get hot!

Click on “Tango Live” in orange to download it!

  • Tango Live
    The top live-streaming platform for content creators to share their talents and monetize their supporters. View, engage and support your favorite Broadcasters.

How can I make money on it?

To go straight to the point, all you have to do is simply broadcast yourself. You download the app first using the link attached above, register your account, then hit an orange button with a video icon in it to start broadcasting.
Users inside the app will want to come check and see what you’re doing, they’ll start writing you comments to which you can reply and make them feel engaged and validated.

Lots of these users feel generous most of the time which enables them to support you using a system of gifting inside the broadcast. They purchase coins to pick any gift to send you and you receive the gift in something known as “diamonds”. These diamonds are then redeemed to instant real cash which can be directly withdrawn to popular online payment methods such as: Payoneer, Tipalti, Skrill and Paxum.

To learn more about this opportunity and the calculation of coins to diamonds to cash, simply check out this embedded video below!

How Do I get paid?

When you reach the minimum threshold of 25$ only, you’ll be able to connect your payment account directly within the app. This can be found where your earned diamonds are shown and you can simply click on it.

After you connect your payment account (whether through Payoneer, Paxum, Tipalti or Skrill), you can simply withdraw your earned money and expect to get it deposited to your account within about 3 to 6 business days after withdrawal.

Note that your payment account in any mentioned online payment method above should be totally verified to accept payments.
A verified account means that you have to do the KYC process to verify your identity using your legal and valid government issued document (ID card, Passport, driving license etc..).

Some of these payment methods, such as Payoneer require address verification through utility bills such as electricity, water, gas or and home based internet bills.

All of the above mentioned payment methods allow bank withdrawals!

Start here: Register your Payoneer account

  • Payoneer
    Need a simpler way to get paid from companies abroad? Get $25 when you sign up for Payoneer using my referral link!

What’s The Catch?

Nothing at all! It‘s just our world is starting to adopt more online ways for communication and along the way, working online (whether independently or through hiring) has significantly flourished in the past years.

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Tango allows you to be your own boss and enjoy your time at the same time. You earn by doing things you already do on other social media platforms. So why do it for free when you can get paid to do it?

It should be noted that around 30 to 40% goes to maintenance, server fees, employees and the overall function and structure of the tango company. For example: When your gifter pays 1000$ for a gift by purchasing coins, you receive about 650$ worth of diamonds.

What should I do on it?

You can chat, dance, draw, sing, play the piano, play, sew, cook or do anything while you stream.
It is advised to play some energetic music along the way to make your stream sound active and welcoming to good vibes.

Additionally, I advise you to buy yourself a good ring light to put on your face or so to make your broadcasting quality look better.

Here are a few Ring-light products that I personally recommend

Learn More About The Diamonds Gifting System

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

1. You have to have your own bank account. If not, try to seek someone you trust who’s got one and have them create everything in their name to receive payments for you.

2. Underage people are not allowed in the app, however there’s no KYC to do.

3. You can create multiple accounts for yourself.

4. There is a nice and a generous referral system in the app, promising a 10% return.

5. Everyone is welcome (all nationalities) there’s no discrimination but unfortunately for the people who are both citizens and residents of countries which have been sanctioned by the USA.
Why? Because Tango is an American company that is registered in the USA.

6. You don’t have to be popular or famous to make money on it. In fact, the App has a lovely appetite for helping newcomers!

7. You are in control of everything.

8. There is no hidden costs or fees or investment to make to start broadcasting. It is completely free.

9. There is no levels.

10. The support team and CEO of the App are incredibly helpful, smart and willing to take users suggestions into consideration. They are just a team of great people seeing success for everyone as a vision!

11. The App is available for IOS, Android and PC users. Broadcasting on a desktop is also allowed.

Last Words…

Do it now because time is now and I promise you that you’ll be forever thankful. It is a great opportunity open for everyone and if you think you’re stuck, then this App is here to prove you otherwise!

If you are looking for personalized help before you register yourself, I am a professional official partner with the App. Feel free to write a comment in the Youtube’s Video’s comment section by clicking on the embedded Youtube video above and I’ll get back to you.

Or simply message me directly here on Instagram

  • Login • Instagram
    Broadcast_money is the official Instagram page for Tango’s official partner. Only DM before registering yourself on Tango to get customized support!

Looking for a nice desktop setup for broadcasting?

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