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The 3 Steps Blueprint to Making Money Online.

Ikechukwu Modungwo is a student of life and geography, researching quite frequently the topics that invincibly move the world and drives man

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A lot of people have asked the question of how to make money on the internet,
and while some of them were able to figure out an answer for themselves through
intense research about the topic, a majority of people from all around the world
are still asking the question, because they have yet to find a way to make money
on the internet.
It is because of this reason that I have decided to reveal the step by step blueprint
I am using to make money every day on the internet.
Take a minute and think about your local marketplace where you go to shop for
your everyday needs. Imagine the noise, the crowd, the array of signs and
The internet is a marketplace.
Let’s say that you know where to get what you want whenever you go shopping,
so naturally you’d visit the store of the particular vendor you usually patronize.
That’s exactly the same way the internet works.
The internet is the market place; the website you visit is the store of the vendor
who you may want to patronize, while the internet users provide the noise, the
crowd and distractions such as advertisements, blog posts, pictures, videos and
articles you may see on the internet.
In a marketplace, money is made through the process of buying and selling. And
since we have already established that the internet is a marketplace, if you want
to make money on the internet, you need to be selling a product or offering a
That’s The Simple Truth.


As I mentioned earlier, a website is like a store in the market place and every
website is targeted at expressing the offers of the vendor to the customers in
order to make a sale. And it is through sales that money is made.
So in order to get started making money every day on the internet, you will first
need to get a website.
Take a minute and imagine renting a store in a shopping plaza. Ask yourself,
“what will I sell?”
The real problem why most people end up not being able to make money on the
internet is either because they do not own a website, or because the website they
do own is not monetized.
Only a handful of people fall into the first category of people who do not have a
website, as nearly 60% of the world population have at least one account on a
social media platform, forum, or blog and these platforms are all websites.
Take for instance your Facebook account.
Everybody on facebook is shopping for something while at the same time offering
something in exchange, some are looking for new friends and chat buddies, others
are looking for updates from their favourite brands, some are trying to become
famous public figures, while others are looking for private relationships and some
people are on facebook busy trying to sell a product or service.
Out of all these category of people, only the people who are trying to sell products
or services on their facebook account will make money from using facebook. This
is because they made the purpose of having the facebook account mainly for
selling products and services. They monetized their facebook account, whereas
those people who did not monetize their accounts will not make any money from
Your facebook account is just like a store, and the Facebook Company is the
shopping plaza where it is located, while the facebook community provide the
noise, the crowd and distractions expected in a marketplace.

I want you to realize that you probably already have a website and if you don’t, it’s
as simple as creating a Facebook account.
Although if you want to have a more personalized website, where you get to
determine the design, theme and structure of the website, you’ll need to have a
hosting provider, a custom domain name and a basic knowledge in web design.
I can also work with you to help you setup any kind of website you may have in
mind if you contact me on my email.


This is the most difficult step to overcome when making money on the internet
because you have to consider especially these questions.
1. What will I sell?
2. To whom will I sell?
3. How do I deliver the product or service to the customer?
There are a lot of categories of products and services on the internet. From
apparels and clothing, cosmetics and beauty products, electronic devices and
digital products, freelancing services, advertising services, communication services
and a lot more that we cannot mention on here.

Task 3:
Take a minute and imagine the best product you can sell.
Choose a product that is already in demand by people and that you have a lot of
experience using, because if you are going to be selling it, you will need to know
all about the benefits of the product in order to be able to convince your
customers to buy it.
Also choose a product that can be easily transported within your choice location.
After you have been able to identify what you want to sell, to whom you plan to
sell it to and how to get it to the buyer, it becomes very simple to start making
sales which in turn translates to money.


Among the categories of products and services to offer on the internet, there is a
category known as “make money online” and this is where I will advise every
beginner who wants to start making money on the internet to start from.
While there are over 100’s of products and services in this category, I will
recommend that you start out with a Bitcoin faucet.
1. A bitcoin faucet is a website that distributes Bitcoin for free to its active
2. A bitcoin faucet is a membership based product; and you are only
responsible for being an active member of the website.
3. You don’t have to worry about what to sell as your membership to the
website is your product and the website itself is your most reliable
customer and there are no major concerns of how to deliver the product to
the customer.
4. An active member is someone who logs into his account daily to collect
Bitcoin for free. You will be paid from $0.05 up to $200 every day
depending on your level of activity.
5. You can also make money with a bitcoin faucet by introducing your
friends, family, social media followers and everyone you can to register an
account with your bitcoin faucet.


There are a lot of bitcoin faucets on the internet. You could carry out a search on
Google and receive a ton of results showing a lot of websites to choose from.
As someone just starting out, you might not know which one out of the many
bitcoin faucet websites to select; so i want to save you some time by introducing
you to the best bitcoin faucet website on the internet called Cointiply.

If you were to ask me “what is the name of the best bitcoin faucet website on the
internet?” my answer would simply be “Cointiply”.
There are a couple of reasons that makes Cointiply the best bitcoin faucet website
on the internet according to my opinion and they are;
1. Cointiply is FREE to join.
2. Cointiply is available WORLDWIDE and is open to all users.
3. There are a variety of activities that users can participate in to get free
bitcoins, like solving captcha puzzles, viewing advertisements, completing
surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games and lastly referring
people to register a Cointiply account.

4. Responsive customer’s service.

5. Low withdrawal threshold and transparent payment system.
6. No withdrawal fees, Cointiply does NOT charge you any fees to withdraw
your money earned. And if you request a payout, you will receive 100% of
your earnings directly to your crypto wallet in 24-72 hours.


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If you follow my recommendation, by step 3 you will have a website and a product
as your bitcoin faucet account will serve as both.

Take a minute and imagine that you have a store filled with products. What will
you do to attract customers to enter into your store?
In reality one of the things a store owner does without fail in order to attract
people to enter into the store, is to always keep the store open at business hours.
If a store is locked, there is no way for a customer to access the products in the
This can be applied to making money on the internet with your website. Because
your website is your store, you have to make sure that you are always open for
business by being online every day.
Another thing store owners do to encourage customers to enter their store is that
they advertise; by making signboards, flyers and posters and making use of all
sorts of advertising medium.
This also can be applied to making money on the internet by making use of social
media platforms especially.
Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google and Twitter, all have
advertising services where they help online businesses promote their products
and services to the multitude of people on the internet for a fee.
Although for someone starting out especially if you are following my
recommendation and using Cointiply; the best bitcoin faucet website, we won’t
advise that you buy advertisement on the internet, because you are yet to start
making any money from the internet.
What we will advise is that you use your social media platform to post about your
products. You can also join groups that are related to your product and share your
posts about your products on the groups.
You can even talk about your products offline with your friends and colleagues,
and basically everyone who you think might benefit from using your products.


To conclude the 3 step blueprint for making money on the internet, let’s
summarize everything we have learnt so far.
1. You need a website. A website is like a store in a shopping plaza.
2. You need a product to sell.
3. You need customers to buy the product you are selling.
4. I recommend starting out with Cointiply; the best bitcoin faucet website.

I know you might be wondering how much you can make on Cointiply, so I will try
my best to give you a breakdown.
Out of the many ways to earn on the Cointiply website, i am only able to use only
3 methods reasonably well. And they are;
1. Solving the captcha puzzle.
2. Viewing PTC ads and
3. Referring people to register on Cointiply.
For every person I invite to register on the Cointiply website, I earn a 25%
commission on whatever amount of money the person will make on the Cointiply
bitcoin faucet.

Averagely I earn between $2 to $3 dollars monthly from my direct activities on the
Cointiply website, solving captcha puzzles and viewing PTC ads.
I then spend a lot of time attracting people to create a Cointiply account and
teaching them to duplicate my success till they themselves are making $2 to $3
every month just from being active on the website.
There are over 7 billion people in the world. Your target should be to build the
number of active people that you have invited to join Cointiply. This won’t happen
overnight and will require a lot of determination to succeed on your part.

First of all you have to be active everyday on Cointiply and secondly, you need to
encourage the people you invited to register on Cointiply to do the same.
Use your withdraw proofs and the experience you have gathered, to convince the
people that you are going to invite.
Imagine how much money you want to make, and know this, that if you have a
Cointiply account, you have in your hands a legitimate tested and trusted making
money online business model
The rest is up to you.

Most people who venture into the world of making money online have the wrong
mindset that they can get rich quick on the internet.
while that may be true if you are willing to commit yourself to making money on
the internet, it is going to take time and require a lot of hardwork, patience and
consistency else you might not succeed in the long term.


Take a minute and imagine that you have 100 active people who make $2 every
month on Cointiply.
Remember that you will earn 25% of whatever they earn.
Potential Earnings Calculator:
25% of $2 =$0.50
$0.50 x 100 active people = $50
If you have 100 active people earning at least $2 monthly on Cointiply, you will
earn $50 in commission plus your direct earnings every month.


© 2022 Ikechukwu Modungwo

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