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Ten Types of People to Avoid in Fundraiser Group

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Each person would find himself/herself needing help at one point in life. The convenience of forming a wattsup group has made it easier to fundraise from friends and significant others. However, some people are averse to any form of fundraising and you should add them at your own risk. Here are ten other people you should never think of adding at your fundraiser group.

  1. 1. The “Left” Master

This guy believes each person should deal with his own issues and so he is averse to any form of fundraising group whether for somebody known or a stranger. He is better known for “lefting” immediately in almost any group somebody adds him. Interestingly, he will come to you pleading for assistance whenever he is in quagmire, forgetting that he left your medical bill fundraiser group just a week ago.

  1. 2. The stingy

He doesn’t like contributing much despite the fact that he is well off as he knows a fleet of matatus and rental flats. The much he can manage is 200 bob yet the bill you are fighting to settle amounts to over a half a million shillings. Most of the time, he doesn’t contribute altogether but unlike the “left master” above, he stays put in the group.

  1. 3. The “pledge” master

He is known for pledges, most of which are big money but which he never fulfils. When you follow up with him to complete his pledge, he will tell you there is money is waiting from somewhere but which never arrives. His intention is to impress others but doesn’t have the heart of giving. He will even claim that “there is no problem I can send my pledge later even when the deadline is over since it will help somewhere” but which he doesn’t.

  1. 4. The Troublesome

He will ask for more and more details yet you described the purpose of your group early enough. He will also demand for more pictures, medical documents and other proofs to authenticate the situation. He will also ask which number the contribution should be sent to, and when is the deadline so many times yet it also in the description.

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  1. 5. The Spy

She will be checking for updates and then communicating them to other people or other groups in which she is a member. She will be informing everybody how you used to boast but now you are on the verge of bankruptcy to the point of seeking for help from other people. When her audience seeks clarification on what she means, she will check the updates on your wattsup group and forward the relevant messages just to highlight how desperate you have become nowadays.

  1. 6. The “auditor”

This one is an advocate of “transparency” and would occasionally pose questions in the group of how the half a million bill was arrived at. He will also demand to know who the treasurer of the fundraiser is and if you are still the one, why you didn’t choose somebody else. He is very careful to know how each penny is used and when there is a shortfall, he will immediately raise an alarm.

  1. 7. The fence-seater

Although she doesn’t leave the group, she doesn’t do anything either including commenting, encouragement or giving pledge. She is just silent through ought and doesn’t bother to comment or do anything. You will form the group and close it without such a member doing anything.

  1. 8. The marketer

Immediately you add her to the group, she will start sending marketing links and youtube videos to promote her channels. She is unconcerned by your needs or the focus of your group but considers her membership as an opportunity to find audience for her products. You will find that all her posts are related to sales and marketing activities. She can even post a link asking members to join her wattsup group.

  1. 9. The critique

This member is known for critiquing most of the member’s contributions to the group. When somebody comments and he notes a spelling mistake, he will immediately point this out and going to the extent of correcting. However, he gets agitated when somebody else corrects his own mistakes.

  1. 10. The motivator

She will be sending forwarded motivational quotes and bible verses although she won’t contribute anything in the end. She is also among those who send irrelevant messages that do not concern the purpose of the group.

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