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Ten Types of Staff at a Local Bank

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Bank Teller with a Customer

Bank Teller with a Customer

Most banks are known for having seven to 10 tellers but only two are fully functional. There is also a worker who keeps on appearing and disappearing to God knows where. There is also another one who behaves like the general or operational manager but you will be surprised to find that he is at a very junior position. Here are ten types of staff you will most likely encounter at your local bank.

  1. 1. The Talkative

This one is usually placed at the accounts opening row and is usually talking to other workers on various issues ranging from the latest politics, corona virus updates, corruption or the state of the economy. He is the engine of that section as he keeps day going. He doesn’t even mind whether some of his rhetoric, views or jokes sounds offensive to customers who are seeking services.

  1. 2. Jerk of all Trade

This one is mysterious as she keeps on appearing and disappearing. At one point, you will see her at the reception area dealing with customer issues after which she moves to assist teller number 2 who has gone for a long call. The same chap will also be seen making sure that people don’t jump queue and those who do so are immediately forced to go back. You will as well see her at the entrance point where she will be screening customers entering the premise.

  1. 3. The Learner/Slow Worker

Probably an internee, or a fresh graduate, the slow-paced worker is the cause of the backlog and long queue witnessed at the card issuance section. She is not yet used how the system operates and so takes ages to deal with just one person before moving to another. It takes the intervention of the experienced worker to salvage the situation when the murmurs of customers who have become impatient due to this long waiting become too loud.

  1. 4. The Rude Fellow

She is a security guard and even the company in which she works for is clearly labeled on her pullover but her behavior makes you think that she is one of the partners of the bank. If your card was swallowed by the ATM machine and you approach her for assistance, she will tell you “that is none of my concern” leaving you with no option but to approach the manager. She will not even bother when you tell her that you need assistance with withdrawing money until you promise her “tea”

  1. 5. Always on the phone
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Despite her being at the reception and her work description entails hearing customer’s issues, she is always on the phone chatting and laughing with people endlessly while signaling customers to wait as she talks. Her phone keeps on ringing throughout and most of the time; she is serving customers while on phone.

  1. 6. The experienced guy

Unlike the learner above, this one is a veteran and so an experienced chap. He knows how to do her work to the effect that the long queue will get down in minutes as soon as he replaces the inexperienced, slow paced internee. When he gets down at his card issuance desk, you will think he uses charm with the way he handles each customer.

  1. 7. The Food Conscious

She is always munching some kind of food while doing her work. Every day, she will not forget to carry a container with some sugar, tea bags and scones. Before even lunch break, she will take out her lunch box and start emptying the contents slowly by slowly as she serves customers. She is just wired to work best when biting something.

  1. 8. The distressed chap

There is also this guy who doesn’t seem to be motivated in his work each and every day. Apart from being stone faced, he always appears sad and gets easily provoked by your ignorance. He will not hesitate to tell you off or react when you cross his path.

  1. 9. The intruding type

She will ask you why your ID appears tattered or why the person in the photo doesn’t resemble you fully when you present it for withdrawal. She will also proceed to ask you whether you are married or not and with how many children. She will even go further to ask you about whether you have paid KRA. This is despite the fact that these should not be part of her concerns.

  1. 10. The mischievous fellows

These are bank fellows who use trickery to get password for your account. When you check your account after a few weeks, you find that the amount is less by ksh 20000 and you wonder what happened. A further inquiry reveals that the mischievous fellow who operates as a teller is the one who hacked your account and is now withdrawing money on your behalf.

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