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Sunny D Stocks and Shares Investment In China Review

Around the year 2012, I was doing various searches online for making money. I signed up to quite a few email lists and was always bombarded with nonsense. It all changed when I came across Sunny.

To be honest, I never used to read Sunny's emails. They were just always in my inbox and I never opened them. It was after a few months when I was actually sick of receiving emails that I opened it with the intention of replying back to say STOP IT. When I opened an email, I actually read it. I read it again and read it again. My attitude changed. I was actually quite impressed that Sunny wasn't just hard selling me, he actually told a bit about his life in a short, well constructed email. I opened a few of this other emails and read them. I really liked his style.

After contacting him a few times, I was shocked that he actually replied. I contacted him for several months and I was impressed even more that he wasn't getting angry that I was contacting him without buying a product from him. I struck up a good relationship with Sunny D and eventually purchased a product from him about making money online. It was decent, nothing too bad and nothing spectacular. It was okay and Sunny even helped me with support. I made my website, but I didn't make any money as I had to promote it and I didn't do it. I couldn't be bothered so I gave up.

I still kept in touch with Sunny D. I liked the way he always kept in touch and never was known as a scam. I appreciated him and respected him as a person. Time went on and I didn't contact him. Around summer of 2014, he launched a brand new opportunity. I knew he was the real deal as I had dealt with him before. I took a look at the opportunity and was instantly shocked at the opportunity. We just send our money to Sunny D and he invests in a private China market with stocks and shares. I contacted Sunny several times and he always replied. I heard about people investing thousands and wanted to get in.

In July 2014, I invested $11,500 with Sunny D. I sent him the money as a bank transfer. He didn't do a runner, he contacted me back and confirmed it all. I was loving it and it was incredible. I got an update from Sunny D after a few weeks about my investment status and I was making money. He kept me updated regularly. In February 2015, I got an email from Sunny saying I had completed my investment. It was at $231,000. Sunny asked for my bank details and sent me $190,000 direct in to my Wells Fargo bank account, taking his 20% cut of course. As I write this, I am still shocked that I was lucky enough to come across Sunny D. I have known him now for 2 years and trusted him. It was all real and I thanked him so much. He didn't even show off about it, he just said he's happy if I'm happy. He is a brilliant chap and so charming.

There's a one time opportunity called continuous bond loop where you can keep your money in. Unfortunately, you can't do bond loop when you cash out and do a second investment. I have sent Sunny $100,000 and will be cashing out over $1.5 million in 6-12 months. I am so happy that I found Sunny D and so happy that he is offering this opportunity. It will be gone soon, so that's why I'm investing loads now.

Sunny D has made plans next year to meet me at his restaurant in China. He is only a young man and so successful. I wish his restaurant the best of luck and he deserves the best. I don't know any other opportunity in the world like this. I am so lucky to have come across him a few years ago. Imagine if I had unsubscribed. Wow!

Just want to say, any one who has had experience with Sunny D, what has it been like? To know that he has made me all this money, it's mind boggling. Any one else invested?


Linda Bowling on March 28, 2019:

Thank you Xiang. Ibwill be in shock a long time. God bless you and thank you so much for letting us know what happened. We also love Sunny. I longed for the day to meet him. I will never ever forget him or what he did to protect us never will i forget. He is a angel among us. And even though we have to move on, life will never be the same. This could have been wonderful. But evil took over. Im not judmental but i will say this there will be a special place in hell for these evil people. I know that is hard but i know the word of God. You can't do wrong and get away with it. My heart will forever go out for him. I will pray hard for him and hope he can somehow be happy. Life isnt fair. I am so lost for words. We all have to move on and i know we had an angel among us at one time. Take care Xiang and God bless you. And thank you so much. May your life be prosperous.

Xiang on March 28, 2019:

Linda there was a 3 year battle and it is over. Chinese people higher up were protecting him because he got death threats from the corrupt investors for taking it to court. When he mixed with the Japanese they turned it to a pump and dump scheme trade or something a long those lines and traded illegally without sunny knowing and brought in rogue traders or something like that. If you google sunil Rajesh ramdas there’s actually a few press releases which picked it up automatically from state Chinese media articles. His family have moved close by and will run his restaurant for him and are supportive I hear. I will not have any more discussions or contact with locals here as I am going back to Indonesia. I knew sunny but felt it only right to let you lot know. Reason I confirmed full name was because he don’t go by that name anymore so it was okay to say it here. There’s nothing that can be done about it. Chinese are strict when it comes to fraud, they even do death penalty for little amounts of drugs so laws are different. It’s over Linda, it is all over. just google some Chinese stock fraud stuff and you’ll see how strict it is. Like I said I’m going back to Indonesia where I am based for work. I love sunny and that’s all I can say. I wish everyone here success and healthy life. It’s time to move on as a few others have said. Goodbye.

Linda Bowling on March 28, 2019:

Well my first part didnt go through yet. If it doesn't go ill try to remember what i said and retype tomorrow.

Linda Bowling on March 28, 2019:

Sorry for the typos guys. As its hard to see on my phone. But i am in shock. I will forever upset. He has the best heart ever. They already ruined his market just let him go. Hasnt he already been punished enough. Loosing it all. I wish there were something we could do. Go on with our lives.....not hardly.... after we know what happened to him. This is so sick. And im thinking of him not all i have in this. I wish we could do something. This makes me feel so sick. I know im paranoid right now i usually dont talk like this. I just hope it hasnt happened yet and somehow something changes. Oh my gosh. Ill talk later when when i get my mind screwed on straight. See how i feel tomorrow.

Ks on March 28, 2019:

Xiang it's really sad and depressing to know that such an awful thing could happen for a good person like Sunny.

A couple months ago, there was a yahoo answers thread and on that there's a person with an alias named "MD", he said that time itself that he had to do sometime in prison, but never in any of their wildest dreams thought that it would turn out to be life prison sentence. And that Yahoo thread has been taken down as of now.

He did all this for the sake of his investors, I'm sure every investor of his will be more than thankful for what he did. Am happy to hear that he is alive and it's sad that we will never be hearing from him again.

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I agree with you MO, time to move on with our lives.

Am sure everyone agrees, that coming across Sunny was one of the best things that happened in our lives. I wish him good health.

And thank you Xiang, for taking the time to explain us on what happened.

God Speed and Good Luck.

Mo on March 27, 2019:

Thanks xaing on this note I would like to say goodbye to moving on with my life I hope you all do the same as well

Mo on March 27, 2019:

Nani are you a lot more hopefull now.that he will reply back.and things will get back to normal.

J on March 26, 2019:

damn. im gonna invest in bitcoin. gonna be the next big thing and investors say it can be worth a fortune even a million dollars for one. at least ill be in control and can cash out wen i can. not just Bitcoin but other crypto currencies too. look at the history of bitcoin it’s come a long way. definitely worth a shot. crypto currency predictions are meant to be sky high.

Xiang on March 26, 2019:

Just to add, I feel sorry him. He had the right idea and could have made even a billion, but just wasn’t meant to be. Breaks my heart a little. I think my comments have gone through for you lot but I can’t see it from my side yet but I’ll check back a bit later and see if need to post again as I copied it and will paste it all again if got to. Good luck and god bless you all. By the way, China is a beautiful country, please don’t be put off by this. He just happened to get involved with thieves and they stole it all.

Xiang on March 26, 2019:

2 of 2

In China it’s a criminal offence to report on any government authorities which could ruin the regime. Sunny was classed as this level as he was working with them to build what could have been a hundred million dollar stock market trade which would have done wonders in the Shanghai economic world. All he was left with was a badly traded broken market which he fought years for to claim his innocence in other parts of Asia. Overall it was unsuccessful leaving Sunny with a life in prison sentence. Reporters must be careful if they pick up on this story as there’s new laws to add to the even stricter Chinese media laws.

Xiang on March 26, 2019:

Hey guys, there’s strong reports and pretty much confirmed that he got a life prison sentence for stock market fraud. China media policies are not like the western world where it’s free and exposed, it’s more censored. You can just google China media laws to find that out and see that authorities in China can crack down on news they deem harmful and that’s why there’s not much media coverage or news on Sunny. Some private reporters will pick up on this story perhaps and report it under his name of Sunil Rajesh Ramdas. Chinese authorities know he was duped and tricked and therefore don’t wish this story getting big as it could expose state secrets and lead to a government downfall as they helped Sunny and it would be a story that would have damaged them too. So to sum up, Sunny was innocent and fought court battles but the outcome was that he was tricked and bribed but had to take all the blame as the crooks made his stock market trade illegally. It’s big fraud in China and can land a massive sentence. Internet censorship in china tendons strict and that’s why they’re hardly any news but a few stories may come out under his name of Sunil Rajesh Ramdas but they will have to word it carefully. China censorship is massive because of the legal regulations. That’s why the authorities gave him a new identity and will use that name in prison. China is on his side but the law is law and unfortunately Sunny was tricked out of his stock market which corrupt people made illegal and can’t be found. That’s why people were reluctant to talk about him around here. Online media is much more strict in China as it exposes more worldwide but that’s why there will be a few local offline newspaper reports perhaps. I guess this acts as closure and it’s confirmed Sunny isn’t coming back but he sure did do his best.

Linda Bowling on March 23, 2019:

Xiang, thank you so much for the updates. This is really deep as i didn't know all of this. We just thought he was fighting to get back all he lost. And get it all back up again. But it sounds like he wasn't able to get it and loosing in court. But what im saying is this. As of right now we need to just all stick together and pray for him. And let him do what he can. Right now the main thing is for him to protect his life. And give it time. That is all that matters now. Let him get his life straight. When he comes back we can start all over. I am behind him all the way and id rather he protect his life and do what he needs to do. I want him safe. I believe he will get back to us but only when it is safe to do so. I sure do miss him and i so hate this happened. I was under the impression he had all rights. Hopefully after court and all this blows over he can come back and we can all pick up the pieces. I would love to stay with him for life. Please as you hear keep us posted. I am worried for him and want him safe far beyond anything. I appreciate what he is doing and having to suffer for us. Let us know what you hear as you can as you are all we have to know. God bless you and God bless and protect our Sunny.

Zuber on March 23, 2019:

you are right xiang about what you mentioned and right about the prison time that he may got to spend more time in prison. im frm south korea and invested. luckily i cashed out before bond loophole thing in 2015. i didnt get too greedy, good luck to sunny. be careful others as you can get dragged in to it too but i don’t think sunny will do that but you never know.

Xiang on March 23, 2019:

Just had a convo with the local solicitor who knew Sunny. He confirmed his name was Sunil Rajesh Ramdas on all documents he processed for him. He only confirmed his real name to me as I said it myself otherwise he couldn’t for law protection reaaons. He confirmed his identity change but won’t tell me his new ID which is of course understandable. Even if I knew it i wouldn’t and couldn’t say it for his safety. He spent years building up his stocks and shares market and had all the best techniques and systems which he didn’t patent or register it as his own way of trading. This caught the eye of jealous business people overseas and they duped him and took it along with millions.

There’s millions scattered in different countries all over the world and untraceable. I wouldn’t get involved in anything as it’s dangerous and life threatening stuff. People kill for money especially in business. Very sad.

Xiang on March 23, 2019:


I wouldn’t waste your time keep checking stuff, what good is it going to do? When the time comes, if it does, just be humble and appreciate the fact that he didn’t drag investors in to it as you would have probably been summoned to court and it could have ruined your life. I’m just glad my life crossed path with his as he was intelligent and always gave great advice to me during the time I knew him. I certainly cherish those moments. As it stands currently the Chinese officials are protecting him and gave him a whole new makeover apparently. New name, new ID, new place to stay. Word on the street is that he may serve life in prison but I highly doubt that. No one really knows the ins and outs of what is officially happening but these are the rumours which are true as people around here know of the name Sunil Rajesh Ramdas but fear to fully engage in convos. I’ll try get a bit more info but for those thinking he was a scam are definitely wrong. He got scammed himself that’s where it all began. A man can handle only so much in his life, I hope he stays well. I know that he didn’t mesh harm and only had good intentions. When I met him for the first time he was amazing and so kind and funny.

Xiang on March 22, 2019:

I will try my best Linda to keep you updated. That is correct about he can’t be in touch with anyone otherwise it can impact court decisions. Apparently China gave him a new ID and he goes by a different name by law and he’s not traceable at all which is actually a good thing. The reason he closed all his sites and emails was so investor details would not be leaked and no one can get info from his email accounts or anything of his. Currently he does not own the rights to the stock market and I know someone from India who wanted their money back from this opportunity but there’s nothing he can do. As it stands Sunny is just an investor just like you people and he’s trying to get the rights to his shares market again. The law in China differs and it can get confusing. Some money that was investors money was stolen and people in japan took the rights in their own country. So people seeking their money back have no chance unless they personally fly to Japan themselves and get involved with it all as it’s out of Sunny’s hands and territory.

He goes by a different name officially and his workers will not utter anything about his presence or where abouts until sunny is ready.

Linda Bowling on March 22, 2019:

Bless his precious heart. He even went ro prison to save us because he didn't want to give them our info. I do have his personal email address and i sens him an email once a month. But i nevee hear back from him. Its no use to ask for it guys. He cant reply untill all this is over or he will be in trouble. He cant have any dealings with us until its all over. It just makes me feel better. Just cover him with prayer and he will pull through. Thank you so much Xiang for telling us what is going on. And please please keep us posted on what you know.

Nani on March 22, 2019:

Do you think everything will get back to normal eventually am a lot more hopefull now.

Nani on March 22, 2019:

Xiang, thank you so much for the information. Finally me and everyone here have a clue of what's actually going on.

He was supposed to head back to UK, but I see that he's stuck in China now. Since how long has he been in prison for? His directors also cheated him right?

I must admit, Sunny must be going through a lot right now. I feel sorry for him.

I knew he was trying to sue the bad people and trying to get things back to normal with the help of Chinese government, but didn't know it was this severe.

I just wish him a good health as well. I hope things will get back to normal again.

Nani on March 22, 2019:

Mo, yes I got his real name, thanks man.

Xiang on March 22, 2019:


Corrupt people tried to sue sunny for millions and wanted the names in court of all his investors who could have got done too. He refused to hand over details of his investors and his punishment was much more severe, that's why spent time in prison. I hear he's suffering from mental health issues and had to go in a witness protection scheme by the Chinese authorities. He's a citizen of China too and they are looking after him as his business in the last 5 years helped the economy and brought in much taxes. The court proceedings are still ongoing and it can be much worse. As it stands, he's protecting his investors and is taking all the trouble to help people who invested with him. The guy is real, trust me. I'm from Shanghai and I know him. This is the word on the street of what's happened. Let's just pray for his health. I hope he stays healthy. People around where he was based in China know of him but choose to remain silent and these are the whispers of what’s happened. I even asked his restaurant worker and this seems to be the case. He might even spend more time in prison but not sure. So, currently there’s major lawsuits and he lost huge sums of money. People took advantage of him and got too greedy. I’ll try get some more news from this area once I have it if I can. Sunny actually didn’t do anything wrong, he was made to look like a bad person. Not fair because he had mental health problems too and corrupt people took advantage of this.

Xiang on March 21, 2019:

I'm from China the area where sunny was based. His restaurant is registered in his name as Sunil Rajesh Ramdas. Basically, he had a major lawsuit dispute and corrupt people wanted his business. There's rumours that he took one for all his investors and had to spend prison time in China. Apparently, he's now being protected by the Chinese government as there are people who want him killed in several countries. I invested with Sunny in the early stages and cashed out $5,000. I can tell you that he is real and has a good heart. I haven't met anyone on the planet like him, but unfortunately his innocence in trying to help others cost him badly. He was an individual business person who was very successful and this caught the eye of bad people who tried to pass his business practices as fraud. There was major lawsuits apparently and he had to get his manager to run his restaurant permanently while he was doing court lawsuits, spent time in prison and had to be in hiding. Feel sorry for him. He tried so hard to refund all investors before his funds got frozen. He was almost suicidal. What was supposed to be a happy time in his life turned in to a nightmare.

Mo on March 20, 2019:

Nani I just gave you his real name did you get it.bro.

Mo on March 16, 2019:

His full name is sunil Rajesh ramdas.that what he told me.

Linda Bowling on March 11, 2019:

I tried to post before but it wouldn't go through. I also was very close with Sunny. To the point I told him he was my adopted son lol. And I have known him since he was 17. I jumped on board when he offered investments and I did the bond loop and have so much in this. The last thing he said to me was every thing will be alright and please dont worry. He was doing court and could not go online only for his restaurant. That was in August of 2016. I believe in him still and with the markets not doing good with the trade war maybe he just doesnt want to let us down again and working on getting it built up and it is going slow. Then too with court in two different countries it can take a long time. Just keep believing and hanging on. I still believe in him.

Dessie on February 28, 2019:

I have also known Sunny for a long time and he did return my money that I originally invested but I also believe he is no longer with us, and he definitely got in with the wrong people which is very sad as he was a very nice person and I don't think he would have intentionally done the wrong thing to anybody. That is my opinion.

Hasty12 on February 21, 2019:

I received my investment back as well.

Mo on February 21, 2019:

Most people got there refunds back .I and many others asked not because we still belived in him.i still do.

cheetahz on February 21, 2019:

Money is gone Sunny is gone. The last thing he said to me was you stick with him for another 2 years he would make us rich!! I think he a good intentions but got to greedy. Says he lost a bunch but who knows. One thing for sure he didn't come back at least not as Sunny and took the money and run. Has a nice little restaurant in China making lots of money.

Mo on February 21, 2019:

He started giving refunds out to people he was offering it to everyone.did you ask for it.

Day on February 16, 2019:

Ive known him since I was 17.

Im 25 now. I was close to him. We made a lot of investments together.

Even I have not heard of him. Every contact of his is erased and I'm left scouring the web to find him.

Personally, I think he is dead.

Got into it with the wrong people. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Nani on February 12, 2019:

Mo, i replied earlier, but i know y the rply is not posted yet. I am from the UAE.

Mo, you said he gave refund back to people, did you get the refund bk from him?

i didnt get anythng.

i dnt knw if he come bk or not.

Nani on February 07, 2019:

I am from UAE.

Mo on February 01, 2019:

Nani or anyone there.

Mo on January 24, 2019:

Am from the UK how about yourself

Mo on January 24, 2019:

The last time I heard of sunny was auguest 2016 I did the bond loop do we become very close.if we was a scammer why did refund very just like he said he would he something was to go wrong.when have you heard of some one you gives money back to people over the internet lol.

Mo on January 24, 2019:

What you personally think zach

Mo on January 24, 2019:

Yeah maybe zach

Mo on January 23, 2019:

I think he will come back he is a man of his words.he would feel to guilty others wise. Your thoughts.he once told me he doesn.t belive in reviews as long as his invstors belive in him.

Nani on January 17, 2019:

Mustafa, I've invested a decent sum of money. My cash-out was supposed to be a big amount, since I did the bond loop. But sadly, nothing worked out.

When was the last time you heard from Sunny? You have known him for 5 years? That is quite a time I can say.

Which country are you from?

Zack on January 12, 2019:

Hi Mo, I think there are a lot of people counting on him still. Time's just going by but still no whereabouts of him. Do you think, he will come back?

Mo on January 09, 2019:

Are there any investors out there still clinging on to hope.come guys I know am the not the only one anyone still hopefull.there must me some of you out there.

Nani on January 05, 2019:

Mustafa, last time I heard from him was on may 2016, he told he is trying to get things right with the help of china goverment. more than two years now, and still he has not come back, all of his emails, websites everything is taken down. i really think he is gone and we have to stop waiting on him and move on with our lives. I regret getting involved in this.

Mo on January 05, 2019:

Anyone else still waiting like us.

Mustafa on January 04, 2019:

Anyone out there still have hope like me.come guys I know some of you are still hopefull

Mustafa deria on January 03, 2019:

Nani did you invest a lot of money.anyone else still waiting.

Mo on December 30, 2018:

Hi am on of those people who invested with sunny and am still waiting for my cash out.anyone else out thetexstill waiting.

Hogh on December 28, 2018:

I don't think so he will come back. Stop having faith in him, start believing in yourself. It's almost 2019 , time to move on.

Mustafa deria on December 28, 2018:

Hey guys I was waiting for my cash out for years do you guys think he will get back to us we become like best friends me and sunny I hope he does.

Nani on December 27, 2018:

To be honest, i think he is gone. better to stop having faith in him and start believing in yourself.

Mustafa deria on December 13, 2018:

Dessie and James to guys still have faith in him you really think he will come back to us.

Dessie on November 23, 2018:

I totally agree with you James, but Sunny did return my initial investment, so that made me extremely happy and I still am hoping he will get back to us again in the very near future with another money making scheme because like you say he got caught up with all the wrong people. I also still have faith in him.

James Case on November 15, 2018:

Sadly he closed shop and never returned money. He lost a bundle so he says and promised he'd get it all back in about 2 years and return our investments as promised. I believe him to be honest man got in over his head and with the wrong thieves. My only disappointment he closed up his sight and never got back to anyone whos still had faith in him.

mh55 on September 29, 2017:

Hello Does any one know what's happening with sunny d stocks and shares. Last e mail was may 16 saying it would be a year. Its now 18 months sine last contact. Has anyone any news from him.

Thank you

Mo on November 26, 2016:

Has anyone heard from sunny latley he has gone quiet

mh55 on November 07, 2016:

It's a long time now 6 months or more since he contacted any one. Has any one any idea what's happening

Mustafa on October 27, 2016:

Hello has anyone heard from sunny in the last two months plz.

Joseph on July 17, 2016:

Truly he came back explaining about the market crash and he said to refund me my money. We discussed the transfer method and after the discussion I have not heard anything from him again.

I have been messaging him now for the past 1month but no response. don't know whats wrong again for the disappearance

Bud on May 23, 2016:

That's true. He is in a $2 million debt. I knew what has been going on there and I believed it is not his fault. He may try to recoup and it's just a matter of time. I hope he get to recover back the losses as he is now in the process of seeking the Chinese government's help together with his lawyer. Just hope for the best and regards to all of you.

Mark on May 22, 2016:

He has my full respect. This guy came back online to refund investors. feel sorry for him as his stock market in China didn't work out. The fact that he would come back and refund investors shows he's a true honest guy. Feel sorry for him as all he wanted to do was help us investors. Im sticking with him though as I know it'll all work out. Too much pressure on him. Big up 2 him. Respect.

Chee on May 20, 2016:

Sunny D is back but he is in $2 million in debt. Since the markets crashed he has been giving out refunds to investors. I got my refund of £700 back. I emailed him said he is struggling. What a shame could of made a lot of money investing.

Destony on May 07, 2016:

I invested with Sunny and I was due to get my cash out soon after the 21st April, he emailed me a couple of days before and we discussed my cash out in great detail, he told me he was leaving Tokyo the following day to go back to Shanghai, well I haven't heard a word from him since, I have also known him for at least three years and this is not like him at all to just suddenly disappear as in the past we had emailed regularly back and forth, I am also rather worried about his safety because I really believed him to be an honest person, but now I am having doubts as my cash out was supposed to be a fairly large sum of money, and I still can't believe he would intentionally let this happen as he has always done exactly what he has said he would do in the past.

Hasty12 on April 27, 2016:

I have tried to contact sunny d for the last week and have heard nothing back. I was set to cash out last Thursday and right before that date he went silent. Has anyone heard anything from him in the last couple of days? Any response would be very helpful. Thank you.

Sarid on April 25, 2016:

Has anyone contacted Sunny lately? I am supposed to cash out this month, but it's been about 4 days, he's not answering to any of my emails..

Do anyone know his whereabouts?

I hope he is safe in China..

Sarid on April 22, 2016:

Has anyone heard from Sunny recently? My cash out was supposed to be on 21st April, but haven't heard from him since the 20th night... I am worried, i hope he is safe and everything is ok with his health..

Stella on April 22, 2016:

Has anyone been in contact with Sunny recently?

Dave on February 13, 2016:

I commented above too and I cashed out last month. I emailed sunny and it's been 2 days he has not responded. This is definitely unusual as he would always respond quickly. I was enquiring about his Japanese investment market. I hope he is safe as this is unusual, I have known him for three years. always was quick to respond. Last I heard he was rebranding n he was in his new place.

Dave on January 22, 2016:

Being a stockbroker in New York City I am thrilled I got the chance to invest with Sunny D. I am looking to be a long term investor in all his future to come investments. I cashed out $442.893.11 to be exact. I know a few people in the world who do private stock markets but the returns from Sunny's are the best.

JAMIL on January 21, 2016:

get in there mate I just cashed out 89 thousand pounds my cash out was delayed a bit but I am defanitely happy now

Patrick on October 13, 2015:

I purchased an internet product of his a few years ago and that was a load of crap, i didnt have success with it. It was a christmas offer he had for £17. I wish i got in on this stocks one though.too late.

Chris on October 12, 2015:

If your cash out was around the china market crisis up to several months after i hear your cash out is delayed by a few months. thats stressful for sunny. i support him though fully like i have been for three years online and he always pulls through. looks like ill have to wait a few months for my cash out as it was expected for October. he did offer me my money back, great guy.

Mark on September 29, 2015:

very inspiring. i like his emails man.

Sandra on September 13, 2015:

Does anyone still use his internet marketing products? Back in the day about 5 years ago i purchased his autopilot system and i had great success. I worked in a call centre and picked up £230 a week. With sunnys help, i managed to earn a nice part time income online. I was averaging about an extra £100 a week online. Paid for shopping and a good saturday night. I made that for about 2 years but i slowly stopped it as i didnt carry on. I wish i did. The help and supoort that sunny gave was the best always replying to my emails and always has a nice vibe.

Gary on September 11, 2015:

I hear that the china stock crash effected it a bit meaning a delayed cash out for some investors. If investors get their money though i dont understand y n e 1 will complain. Even if my man was just tripling my money in 6 months, id be happy.

Sophie on August 23, 2015:

I invested $7,000 with sunny in early june 2014. I cashed out $102,000 4 days ago in profif after sunny took his 20 per cent fee. I can understand why people would think this is a scam as its online investment. If i did not know sunny for a few years, i would mark it as spam and move on. I am so thankful for this opportunity. Unfortunately, i cant invezt anymore with sunny as the opportunity is now over but i wish i had kept my money in as it waa an option to make more. I wish him success in china. Very inspiring gentleman.

Sarid on June 09, 2015:

Sunny D is a great guy, he always replies back to my emails.. He even takes the time to explain it in detail , if i didn't understand something.. I have invested with him in the private stocks. He always keeps me updated from time to time. Frankly speaking i have never come across such an amazing person like Sunny. He is a great mentor. I always like reading his emails, he keeps it simple and to the point, he doesn't pitches like the way other people do. I am looking forward to work with him next year. I wish him good health, prosperity, success and good luck..:-)

kamala on May 18, 2015:

This is all very real but i hear that you get your money a bit longer than expected. Not 6-12 months more like 12-18 months. You will defo get ur money but just a little longer than sunny advertises.

Josh on May 18, 2015:

I messaged above. I just want to say that i have invested £750 with sunny 4 days ago. He actually does keep in touch he confirmed my investnent and kept me updated. Already ive made nearly 2 grand. This is a smart investment and i know for a fact its real.

dave on May 12, 2015:

I just contacted sunny and asked about his investmenf. He sed with his 5 million, he used a lot on his restaurant and a few cars and luxury stuff, put sum in the bank and put 2 milion bak in.

natasha on May 12, 2015:

I've invested 2 grand with sunny. He updates me and keeps in touch.

Josh on May 12, 2015:

Unfortunatsly my experiences with sunny are just average. I bought his newbie course several year back and i wanted a refund after a week. He sed that he don't offer refunds on this product. Fair enough. I used the product for a bit but evsntually gave up. I bought his business in a box and sunny made me a whole business which was good. Advertixing was hard though and i only made 2 sales. I haven't invested with this sharez one though. I mite try it though as it duz seem like my sort of thing of not doing any work. Sounfs toooo easy.

Paul on May 11, 2015:

I just want to say that I invested £500 with Sunny. Genuinely he's a good person. I said I want to take a loan out of 10 grand to invest and he said no. He not just after money he actually cares.

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