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Social Media Ruins You: Stop Being Distracted

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Social Media Ruins You: Stop Being Distracted, Stop Postponing, Stop Getting Numb

Social Media is one of the most popular things in our day and age, and that’s because of how we enjoy the dopamine rushes of instant validation or the curiosity of knowing how others are living their lives sated.

However, most successful people don’t seem to use it much – and for good reason.

Granted some rich and successful people need to use it to conduct their business (entertainers, actors, and so on…) but when you go up the success ladder enough, you’ll start seeing less and less activity.

The truth is, social media is for the poor, for the unwashed masses, for the little guys and gals.

Social Media, aimless scrolling, and other numbing behaviors are ways to entertain you, to make time go by, and that drains all of your potential up.

You see, rich and successful people don’t waste their time, they know time is life’s most precious commodity – they even go as far as spending their money on time, buying time consistently.

Throughout this article, we’re going to go over how social media ruins you and why you should stop being distracted and postponing your life for instant gratification.


66% of Forbes 500 Has One Thing in Common: Military Experience… Discipline!

Did you know that the owners of the Forbes 500 companies have something in common?

Two-thirds of them were in the military… and a great percentage also is involved in some kind of martial art.

Why does this matter?

Do you know what you learn in the military and martial arts dojos?


A successful person is a disciplined person. A disciplined person knows what he or she wants from life, and actively chases it.

Unless your goal in life is to know as much as you can about other people’s lives, you have no business hanging around on social media for hours at a time (the average time a person spends on social media per day is getting close to two hours, and that’s the average).

Instead, you should cherish every second you have to get you further down the road to achieving your life’s goals.

On the other hand, most people don’t have a goal set out for them – in that case, what are you doing spending time in social media when you don’t even have a life goal?

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Rich People Don’t Live Other Peoples’ Lives: Live Your Own Life!

Don’t waste your time seeing your ex with another guy or girl, checking out how successful someone you used to know is, or checking out how Becky from college is doing.

Rich people don’t live other people’s lives, they live their own.

Social Media gets you two things – the first is you can live others’ lives and the enhanced version of them since they only post the good stuff.

The second thing is that it lets you build an artificial life for yourself, as you highlight what you want other people to see and live life for the “gram”.

Don’t be that kind of person, short term gratification can’t even hold a candle to long-term success.

Strive for success, make people jealous of your life afterward – though with success you’ll stop caring about these menial things.

You made it.


Time is the Most Precious Commodity: Rich People Buy Time, They Don’t Waste It

Chances are nobody needs to tell you but Social Media apps are the ultimate time waster.

Don’t waste your time, only poor people waste their time doing nothing when their lives aren’t financially secure or stable enough.

You need to get your priorities straight – you need financial freedom and the only ways to get it are time and money.

You don’t have the money or else you wouldn’t be chasing financial freedom, so you need to play with time.

Heck, even rich people know time is precious, they buy it all the time.

They part with their hard-earned money to buy time, and they certainly aren’t going to waste it.

Place goals, hit them, place further goals, and that’s how to get success.

You need time to walk between the goalposts, and Social Media drains that time like there’s no tomorrow.

Drop it!


Drop Average Behaviors: Emulate Successful People, Drop Social Media!

If you want to be rich, then drop what poor people are doing and pick up what rich people are doing.

Emulate the behaviors of those who are successful and you’ll be successful – that’s how self-made men and women have been doing it throughout the ages and it is proven to work.

If you want extraordinary outcomes, strive for extraordinary actions.

Browsing Instagram for hours on end is certainly not extraordinary, and if you are doing something that the majority of people are doing, then that behavior isn’t taking you far since the majority of people never get far.


In Conclusion:

In conclusion, social media has its benefits, but you shouldn’t make a routine out of it, and browsing social media walls is almost never a good way to spend time.

Invest the little time you have in yourself and in reaching your goals – even if your goals aren’t financial and are elsewhere, you won’t get there by scrolling through Instagram.

Do the right thing, invest your time, don’t waste it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Rui Carreira

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