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How to Remember Which Credit Card to Use When: Pin a Note

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I love technology and being frugal. I am always looking for ways to simplify how to save or make money.

Confusing Credit Card Rewards? Remind Yourself of What Card to Use When!

When weighing the pros and cons for different credit cards, it can be a lot to consider, and in reality it does take some work to get “free” money, points, or miles. After having been on the 5% cashback quarterly calendar, I’ve found a trick to make sure I know what card to use when: Save a pinned note to your phone with the schedules for the different cards and what they cover.

This is a good trick if you have multiple cards that you use for different purchases; it especially helps me when I’m at the grocery store with 2 young kids crying and I'm trying to have a quick, positive conversation with the cashier. My hope is this simple trick can help you make money, miles, or points on whatever you purchase!

Short How-To

To save a note on your phone (I’ll be sharing from iOS on an iPhone 6s):

  1. Open the notes app and create your note. When you’re done, head to the list of notes; it's likely that your new note is on top. You can start with just a quick title and add your content later (like step 3).
  2. Then, swipe RIGHT on your note and you’ll see a thumbtack/pin show up. If you swipe right far enough, when you let go, the pin will go away and your note will now be set apart or frozen to the top.
  3. Research your current cards and their benefits and add them with the appropriate shopping categories that fit you!

Now, whenever you open your notes, it will be at the top. Keep in mind if you use folders in your notes, there are two places you can find it: at the top of the “all notes/iCloud” section or in the appropriate folder where you created it. Folders can be helpful if there are multiple pinned notes you want to have.

Added Feature for Couples

As an added feature for couples who budget together, you can share the note! Then when you update it, it also updates for them. You’ll just have to make sure they pin it and remember to check the note when shopping.

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Photo Tutorial: How to Add a Pinned Note


My Cards and Experience

I am still on the revolving 5% cashback that I started back in college, and now I revolve my quarterly rewards between Discover, American Express, and Chase. Discover and Chase have the 5% cashback quarterly, and American Express is an always set 3%, 2%, 1% that I make sure to factor in. I recently added the Amazon Prime Visa for its 5% cash back for Amazon Prime Members . . . then my wife and I decided to cancel our Prime account

What About Travel Rewards?

With all the credit cards out there to "travel hack" with and help you earn miles or travel for free, it is a bit overwhelming for me. I personally have not done the travel rewards yet that so many people talk about, but I have heard great things and cool stories about them. One friend said his kids travel on points and he travels for free using Southwest’s companion pass system; for a family of 6, it's awesome for them!

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