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Simple Carry-With-You List in Case of an Auto Accident

A car accident

A car accident

You might not find it unreasonable, but most of the car insurance policies would require you to give them the necessary information for them to cover the damages that had happened in a car accident.

The problem is, it is very irrational to remember what you have to take note of just after the accident. Your body might still be hurting from an injury or you might have just finished an argument with the one you had an accident with.

The point is, you won’t be able to remember things that happened clearly any other day, it will always be better to secure the necessary information when it is still very fresh in your memory.

Making Sure by Listing

The best way to make sure that you can provide accurate information is to list everything that you remember as soon as you have calmed down. The problem is, you won’t probably get every information you need right if you do not have a list of things you need. The best solution for this problem is to always keep a list of the things you need to remember when you have accidents like this.

Make a list and keep it in your car. Do not ever leave your car without filling up the list. Or if your car is wrecked because of the accident, keep the same list saved in your cell phone.

The written version is always better, but just in case it cannot be done at the moment, then the cell phone note isn’t a bad option.

What’s On the List?

The things that should be included in your list are the following:

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  • Date, Time, and Location of the Accident.
  • Name, Address, Contact Number, and Driver’s Licence Number of the other vehicle or vehicles involved.
  • Name Address, Contact Number of the vehicle’s owner (if different from the driver).
  • Police Department Responding, Name of the Police Officer, Police Case Number, Tickets Issued, and Contact Number of the Police Station Responding.
  • Name, Address, Contact Number, Injuries of each passenger in your vehicle, and the other vehicle or vehicles.
  • Name, Address, and Contact Number of Witnesses (if any)
  • Necessary information about the vehicle or vehicles involved like license plate number, the model of the vehicle, year made, and vehicle identification number.
  • Insurance company and agent’s name and phone number and the insurance policy number.

These are a lot of things listed, not all might be needed but mostly everything on this list will be helpful. If you cannot retrieve the other information you can always ask for a copy from the police station since they would most likely know about these things for they also need it.

Just be sure to inform them that it is for your insurance so that they will not get suspicious that you are up to something.

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