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Second Home Best Locations

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Second Home


Second Home Investment Criteria

Why Do People Buy Second Home

People buy second home looking at different factors.

  • Investment
  • Vacation Home
  • Second Income
  • Retirement Home
  • Education for Kids
  • Long Term Residence
  • Safety and Security.

When we look at different destinations for best second home on the above criteria, I have following recommendations.

  • Dubai
  • Qatar
  • Turkiye
  • Malaysia
  • Philippine

Why are People Flocking to these destinations

  • Connectivity - They are very well connected with world, having best Air Connectivity.
  • Top Tourist Destinations
  • Happening Places
  • Very Low Crime Rate
  • Friendly Culture
  • No discrimination

These locations are very friendly culture and everyone is welcome. These are global trade hub and logistic center from where world is connected.

Government welcomes and protects foreigners.

Laws and Jurisdictions are very clear and good.

These are few reasons why I chose them as best second home destinations.

Second Home

Second Home Best Criteria

Second Home Best Criteria

Best Second Home Destination

Best Second Home Destination

Destination for Rich and Powerful

Dubai The Paradise of Rich

Dubai has developed very good Laws which protects investments. Speedy judicial process to address any issues. Dubai has build its infrastructure for the Foreign Ownership.

Dubai has world's top class healthcare system. It is one of most Luxurious place. Annual Shopping Event is one of best in world. Millions of Tourist come for shopping. It has every Recreations and Entertainment Facility available.

Dubai has developed Financial Market, it has one legislation to protect the investment.

You are connected to world by one of best Airlines, biggest and busiest Airports. It is one of biggest Sea Port and happening place. Worlds Transit Hub for goods and commodities market.

Ownership - There are Free Hold Properties. Everyone can own Properties Free Hold Areas. There are leased assets where you can own for 99 Years.

Free Zone - Dubai has many Free zone where you can own assets and companies 100%. Ownership is made Easy.

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After Russia Ukraine War, Rich Russians are moving with their money to Dubai. Commodity Traders are moving from Switzerland to Dubai and Investors are also coming to Dubai.

Dubai has taken center stage as worlds Investment, Trade and Second Home Destination.

The State of Art Security Apparatus gives you confidence of Safety and Security. Crime Rate is low.

Qatar Fastest Emerging Destinations

Qatar is fast emerging as Choice Destination for Second home and Investment. Qatar has amended ownership laws for Residential Properties and Commercial Properties. Qatar has developed its offshore Investment Model very Fast.

  • Free Hold Properties - 12 Locations
  • Leased Locations 99 Years- 16 Location
  • Commercial Properties- Foreigners can own any commercial space anywhere in Qatar without any restrictions.
  • Any Investment less than 500,000 QR 5 Years Residence, renewable after every 5 Years.
  • Any Investment above 1 million QR long term Residence.
  • Investment above 1 million USD, free Health and Education.

Qatar is Driven by its Vision for Sports. FIFA 2022 will be held in Qatar. This will will bring huge Tourist to Qatar. Qatar organizes many sporting event every year. Qatar has developed its Sports Infrastructure very well. It has one of best sports incubation Facilities.

Qatar is World's Second biggest Producer and Exporter of Gas. It will be biggest exporter in next 10 Years. Qatar has build its industry around Gas.

Self Sufficient Economy - Qatar's economy is very well developed towards self sufficiency. Localization of Manufacturing and Small Industry is High. Qatar has developed its Food and Dairy Industry during Blockade of 4 years.

Investment Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar has One of biggest Airport of World. It is one of best Airport and it has 5 Star Airline. Qatar Airways is one of best Airline, known for its Quality of Service. Qatar Airways is awarded best service many time.

Qatar is developing its Port to be biggest Transit Location for Goods. Qatar has Free Zone where any Foreigner can own 100%.

  • Qatar Financial Center
  • Qatar Software and IT Park
  • Qatar Free Zone ( Port and Logistic)

Qatar has very good Healthcare System. Qatar is known for Security and Safety. Qatar has big role global peace. It has built an Image of Mediator of Global Peace.

Qatar has another distinction, its Education System. Qatar has long list of Top Global Universities. They are imparting best education. Qatar is investing extensively in Research and Innovation. Qatar Foundation is Known for its commitment to developing Innovation and Research.

Qatar's Vision is driving Qatar Growth as top destination for Second Home.

Dubai Qatar Second Home

Dubai Second Home

Dubai Second Home

Qatar Second Home

Qatar Second Home


Turkiye - Where East Meets West

Turkey One of most Beautiful Country, Truly where East Meets West. Turkiye is known for its diverse cultural heritage. Bosporus is Bridge connecting East and West. Turkey Ruled world for 700 years. More than 55 countries were born from single Turkiye Khilaphat.

Tourist Destination - Turkiye is among world's top 5 tourist destination. Millions of Tourist visit Turkey every year.It has world's most connected Air Line and Most Connected Airport. Its location is one of biggest positive point for Turkey to be on Tourist List of must visit destination.

Medical Tourism - Turkey is well known Medical Tourism Destination. European come to Turkey, so is Patients from Middle East come for Treatment to Turkey. Turkey has well developed Healthcare Sector. It has very developed Pharmaceutical sector. It is key exporter of Pharma Products.

Manufacturing and Technology - Turkey is very developed hub for Manufacturing, and Technology. Europe is highly dependent on low cost solution.

Food Products - Turkey is key exporter of Food Products and Dairy Products. It has very developed Food Processing Industry.

Education - Turkey has very good Quality Education System. Its Quality Education makes it Unique Destination for education for students from Middle East and Asia. It is well connected across continent.

Turkey is NATO member and has second biggest NATO army.

Easy Ownership - Foreigners can own property, real estate and business in Turkey. Foreigners are allowed to own Agriculture lands also.

Easy Rout to Citizenship - Turkiye has very easy process for Citizenship. Investors can easily apply for long term Residence and their application for Citizenship will be processed during this time. There is no restriction to stay in country during processing time.

Wonderful Weather - Turkey has very good weather, all round the year, Beautiful Snowfall, huge mountains, greenery makes Turkey a must place to Visit. Friendly culture and caring people are another reason for growth in Tourism.

Affordable Living Cost is most important part of selecting Turkey. Living is very affordable in Turkey.

My first Choice is Turkey.

Second Home Locations







Malaysia and Philippine


Malaysia is one of best Governed and Managed Countries of Asia. It is at par with Developed Countries in terms of many Indicators. It has special law of Second home buyers. The interest of second home buyers are well protected. Foreigners like to stay in Malaysia because of many reasons.

  • Education – Malaysia has one of best education system, it ranks high in creativity. Thousands of foreign students come to Malaysia for education. Malaysian Universities ranks very well across the globe.
  • Medical – Malaysia has good Medical, Healthcare Sectors. Medical Tourism is key to Malaysia Strategy. Every year thousands of Foreigners Come for Treatment in Malaysia.
  • Tourism – Malaysia is one of the key Tourist Spot. It has green, forest and very natural beauty for the Tourist. Very well connected Malaysia is Key Tourist Destination.
  • Islamic Finance is key to Malaysia’s Vision. Malaysia has world’s most robust Islamic Finance Regulation developed over the years. It has well developed Islamic Finance Industry.
  • Halal Industry – Malaysia is world’s biggest Halal Producer. It has developed the sector very well. Malaysia is putting lot of efforts in developing Halal Industry.

Malaysia Remain a well-diversified Culture with Chinese and Indian as Minority. Malaysia weather and its decent culture make it one of key location.

Malaysia remain key Second Home Destination for buyer because of its Affordable cost of living, clear legislation for second home buyers and Good Quality Healthcare, Education System.


Philippine remain a developing country. It has huge population working in Foreign Countries. It is key Manpower Supplier for many Countries.

Philippine has developed Good Quality Pocket’s like Manila, and some Provincial Location for High Quality Healthcare, it has developed Education System, huge English Knowing Population and Big American Military Base.

Philippine becomes key spot for Second Home for American. It has cultural similarities, same language and low cost of living.

It has developed good destination for Retirement Home.

Philippine needs to build on its strength on Trained Manpower to provide good quality services. Philippine remain important destination for many nationalities as second home.

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