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Homemade Compression Stockings.

Blue Jean Compression Stockings

Thrift Store Jeans

Thrift Store Jeans


Substitute Compression Stockings

I was shocked when I went to the Pharmacy to give them my Compression Stockings Prescription. They told me that the cost was $90.00, per Stocking! And the prescription was for 4 pairs. I did not fill that prescription and spent many troubled hours thinking about what I was going to do, because I could not afford to buy them.

Thrift Store Jeans

One Saturday I went to a Thrift Store. I looked through the Jeans which were half price that day. I bought two pairs of Jeans, 8 sizes smaller than my size. The cost was under $10 for the two pairs of jeans.

After measuring my leg from the ankle up to just below my knee, I then measured the jeans from the hem up and simply cut the legs off.

The jeans worked and cost just a fraction of the price of the Pharmacy's quoted price! I made sure that I bought gently used stretch jeans.

Until We Meet Again...Francesca27

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Francesca27 (author) from Hub Page on December 20, 2012:

Thanks NTR57, I try to do my best.

NTR57 on December 20, 2012:

I'm sure that your idea will help many people on fixed budgets. Keep those great ideas coming!

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