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Research Company Diy Wazzub, Perfect Internet, Git Global Investment, What Is This Alleged Opportunity?

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When it comes to a potential income opportunity, "due diligence" is always needed, especially when some sort of investment is needed. Previously, I have written a hub on how to research the Internet for information on a supposedly income opportunity, but some have said there are no examples for them to follow. Here, we will test all the techniques and suggestions, and use it to research an opportunity that is supposedly being launched in 2012.

Please keep in mind that information can and do change. All results will be presented as they are during mid-January 2012. If there are any additional information, they will be appended as they are found.

The opportunity we will research is Wazzub, which is at and (and later,

The research items we'll cover includes, but is not limited to:

  • WHOIS domain registration data
  • business registration data for owner(s) / officer(s) / location(s) / document(s)
  • any addresses that are attached (are they real business locations?)
  • any names attached to the opportunity as owner, officer, etc.
  • any related websites and their contents (source code, illustrations, etc.)
  • Google search results
  • any promoters of this "opportunity" and their prior careers and links

Keep in mind that as we discover items, they will often lead us to other items of interest, which can be cross-referenced.

Before we get started, let us emphasize a few rules of research online:

  1. What exactly was said? (Go to the source)
  2. Who said it? (Not hearsay, again, go to the source.)
  3. Is that person believable? What is that person's reputation?
  4. Can what was said be corroborated or verified by reputable source?
  5. Are any logical fallacies present?

For more information on what sort of questions to ask, please consult my other hub

First we will research its domain info and see what sort of information we can peel from it. All research will be documented so you can duplicate it yourself.

UPDATE: Possible Wazzub owner mastermind found. You be the judge, jump to the end section (before comments).

UPDATE: Wazzub "launch" fizzled, changed tune to "success sharing", not "profit sharing". You be the judge, jump to the end section (before comments)

[ Enjoy this research? Check out my investigation into another supposed opportunity:, which claims to be a "member advertising network", but what is it really? Also, there's my investigation into another claimed advertising network called GetPaidMagic, and how it's related to two other potential scams. ]

Address says... regular house, not business district

Address says... regular house, not business district

Google Search of Address has some interesting results which we will check

Google Search of Address has some interesting results which we will check

Internet Global Value has no address either, the address listed is that of the "registered agent"

Internet Global Value has no address either, the address listed is that of the "registered agent" -- what can we get from it?

First of all, who registered the domain? Generally, I go to, but this provided rather scant info in January 2012:

GIT Global Investments Inc.

Registered through: Go Daddy
Domain Name: WAZZUB.COM

However, it did say it was registered through, so you go to, which has its own whois server, and that yielded quite a bit more information:

GIT Global Investments Inc.

391 NW 179 Ave
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Domain Name: WAZZUB.COM
Created on: 11-Jun-11
Expires on: 11-Jun-17
Last Updated on: 03-Jan-12

Administrative Contact:
Department, Hosting
GIT Global Investments Inc.
391 NW 179 Ave
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
United States

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[ NOTE: In late January 2012 Wazzub updated their WHOIS info, see Update 29-JAN-2012 ]

Check WHOIS archives

Before we move on, let us check the WHOIS archives... Has the domain registration information been changed recently? You do that by going to and do archive search (no longer works), which shows that there was a previous owner as recent as November 2011! On November 25th, 2011, the domain was registered to "Internet Global Value". Sometime after that, domain name was registered to "GIT Global Investments".

We will have to research both later. They could indicate common ownership or domain transfer, or it could have NOTHING to do with Wazzub at all. it was not uncommon for one person to register the domain and someone else to run it.

Items of Interest: business name(s) and their addresses, through WHOIS registration data, and their phone number

Verify all addresses

What is at 391 NW 179 Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006, which is the registered address of Wazzub / GIT Global Investment? Type the address into Google Maps, choose satellite view, and you get a normal house at the end of a cul-de-sac, certainly not a business in a business district. Indeed, confirms that the house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single family residence, last sold in 1991.

Okay, what else can you find at that address? If you search on regular Google with that address, you will get... Map of the place which we got already. There's a PDF from... state of Oregon? Interesting. Real estate and property tax records, okay. That proves it's a residential house. Link to... Take that with a grain of salt as any one can complain there. Link to North Atlantic Seafood? Interesting. We will explain each link in turn.

So what's that PDF from State of Oregon? It's addressed to William B. Halvorson... who resides at GIT Global Investment's address. It's a cease and desist order from State of Oregon, telling Mr. Halvorson and his various companies (at least 10 different ones, all claiming to be banking, investment, trust, and similar big sounding names, ALL registered to the same address) to stop registering any more companies with names that sounds like banking, trust, or that sort of business, as Mr. Halvorson is not permitted by Oregon law to do so, and will refrain from doing so in the future.

Should the fact that GIT Global Investment, which also has the word "investment" in their name, and is registered to the same address (albeit, a SLIGHTLY different name), concern you? I don't know. It seems Mr. Halvorson violated the cease and desist by registering the company "GIT Global Investment", but that's state of Oregon's problem.

Or even a more relevant question: GIT Global Investment is not an internet company. Why is it running Wazzub? Who is behind this GIT Global Investment?

Another couple names we got from the document are Cathy L Halverson (different spelling of last name), who appears to live in California, the lawyer Bengt Stenbock (who signed for the defendant), and the Notary Public, Tamara L. Burton, who is actually in California, NOT Oregon. It is interesting that Cathy L. Halverson was included in that "cease and desist" order as well.

Items of interest: all related people names, in combination with other items of interest

NOTE: alternate city and town names

Another interesting fact: while the address we typed in is Beaverton, OR, apparently the town is also known as Aloha, OR. If you enter either town name you get the same address and the same house. Thus we have to search for both town names. Also note the surname variant.

Items of interest: alternate names or spellings, such as Halverson vs. Halvorson, or different town names referring to the same location, such as Beaverton vs. Aloha.

What else can we find on this address?

If you keep searching Google that address, you'll find that a website called (no longer active) also used that address as corporate mailing address.

If you keep searching Google, you'll also find a "Guardian Venture Investments" on Oregon Business Registry official website, registered to the SAME Aloha, OR address, but the registered agent is a Cathy L. Halverson in Roseville, California, who is also president and secretary.

And that "North Atlantic Seafood" company? Also at that same address, with William B. Halvorson as president! Same pattern as that "cease and desist" order from state of Oregon.

Let's check GIT Global Investment Inc... Which turns out to be a business registered by Cathy L. Halverson, and was "freshly" registered in September 2011. However, note that the registered business address may be in Oregon, Cathy L. Halverson actually lives in Roseville, California. Furthermore, the incorporation documents at the Oregon state website shows that the incorporator is a "Robert A. Lee". As the officers of the corporation, other than Cathy L. Halverson herself, is unknown, we have no idea what relation does this Robert A Lee has with the company.

Thus far, we have still not yet found where Wazzub, or GIT Global Investment, actually do business. It clearly can't be that residential house in Beaverton, Oregon, or that address in Roseville, California. So where is Wazzub / GIT Global Investments?

We can conclude that Cathy L. Halverson is probably William B. Halvorson's relative of some sort, both are serving as registration agents in their respective states. In other words, GIT Global Investments claims to be an Oregon company, even though it operates in Nevada. It is perfectly legal to do so, of course.

Item of Interest: chase down this "Robert A. Lee" and address, as well as T. Burton, and B. Stenbock.

Further research via Google on this "Robert A. Lee" shows that his registered address is same as Cathy L. Halverson's Roseville, California Address, which appears to be a law office, and a Incorporation service (where you go to get a company incorporated). He also appeared as "president" and "secretary" on various companies registered in Oregon, all registered with the same location (with the same T. Burton in California as notary public). And B Stenbock is their attorney. They apparently all work for the same company.

What about Internet Global Value?

Internet Global Value was never registered as a business in Oregon. However, it was registered in... Delaware in 31-MAR-2011! And additional information cost $$$. Research for the domain name "Internet Global Value" shows that the domain is registered to a "Earth Class Mail" PO Box in San Francisco, with a phone number that goes back to Wilmington, Delaware. (and a bit more info about this "Earth Class Mail service"). So that got us nowhere, except it seems to indicate we got the right company.

So what are the facts so far?

  • Internet Global Value (registered in Delaware, but traces to a PO Box in San Francisco) is related to GIT Global Investments (registered in Oregon, mailing address in California, claimed physical address in Nevada) as shows as owned by both of them
  • GIT Global Investment's company registration agent had been issued a "cease and desist" by state of Oregon for registering companies that claims to be trust, bank or investment without having the authority to do so, which is a violation of Oregon banking laws.
  • GIT Global Investment is registered in Oregon, but does not operate in Oregon
  • There is absolutely NO information on who owns or runs GIT Global Investments

Analysis of the facts

The only thing that can be ascertained from the facts thus far is the owners and corporate officers of Wazzub / GIT Global Investments are unknown.

Moreover, "GIT Global Investment" is registered through an agent who was under "cease and desist" by state of Oregon to stop registering businesses with names of "bank", "trust", or "investment" as it's a violation of Oregon banking law. And "investment" is a part of "GIT Global Investments". Does that mean the cease and desist was violated? I don't know. That'd be up to state of Oregon to decide. But it is another point to consider.

Google search for "GIT Global Investment Inc."... results, results... Two interesting ones.

Google search for "GIT Global Investment Inc."... results, results... Two interesting ones.

Address of 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. What does that mean?

Address of 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. What does that mean?

Gee DaCosta, on official Wazzub blog, admits to using Regus, only admits to 5 members (as of January 16th, 2012).

Gee DaCosta, on official Wazzub blog, admits to using Regus, only admits to 5 members (as of January 16th, 2012).

Regus offers mailbox, virtual office, and more at the same address as Wazzub / whatever.

Regus offers mailbox, virtual office, and more at the same address as Wazzub / whatever.

What is this GIT Global Investments?

Let us turn toward this business called "GIT Global Investments", registered in Oregon, with a registered business location in a home in suburban Oregon, but with a MAILING address in Roseville California.

Search on Internet for the company name revealed that "GIT Global Investments" is a "sound-alike" for a legitimate software company in Canada called "GIT -- Global Investment Technologies".

The "lookupbook" link goes to a 404 not found webpage. Starting at the domain root and search from there shows no anomalies. Company was listed under investments, but that's probably due to its title, not its classification code.

Let us examine the final link on the Google search results... It goes to a heavily promo website, so take the info with a few grains of salt. it is a post from "successwithphil", and it's a bunch of Q&A about Wazzub. Where did this information came from? No idea. Thus, take THAT with many grains of salt. Remember, we are not taking anything for granted. Government info, we can trust. Random posting on the Internet? Not trust-worthy unless backed up by more reliable info.

However, two questions and answers are interesting:

Q. Who owns and operates WAZZUB?

WAZZUB is an international project that has been created by a handful of entrepreneurs and investors. In September 2011 they founded GIT Global Investments, Inc. (GIT) for the purpose of running WAZZUB and related businesses. GIT is registered under the laws of Oregon. The Registration # is 802159-90.

A team of more than 20 specialists is working hard to turn WAZZUB into a huge success; most of them are behind the scenes and some of them are visible for all members - for example, our Master Distributor and our Support Staff.

Q. Where is WAZZUB’s office?

GIT’s registered office is at 391 NW 179th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006
and our WAZZUB headquarters is located at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Aha, another address to check! 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV is Wazzub HQ.

Keep in mind, of course, the source of this entire posting is unknown, and thus accuracy is low to negligible, but it is data.

The explanation makes no sense, but that's addressed in the analysis section at the end.

What is at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV?

It is an office building with offices rent. However, if you notice, there is no suite number in the address. it just points at the front door. And if you see the building, it's clear there are like a hundred suites in the building and there is no way this business will take up the whole building, not when all the OTHER businesses are taking up individual suites. There are 72 Google Places search results, means there are at least 72 businesses in that building, most of them have a real suite number (but not all). (see picture)

If you search the address itself, not on maps, but on Google, you'll see a link to Regus, who provides both real and virtual office rentals at that very building. Real offices have suite numbers. The GIT Global Investment Inc. address we found has none. That means it is almost certain to be a "virtual office".

However, in a different source, where an alleged e-mail sent from Wazzub to potential members, a suite 364 was mentioned.

WAZZUB International
GIT Global Investments Inc.
7251 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Suite 364
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Thus, it could be that the prior citation simply "lost" the suite number. It may or may not be a real office. Someone needs to visit that location in person to make a determination. On the other hand, why is this address NOT on the WHOIS registration data, and NOT on the website itself, I have no idea. Is it shady? Yes. Is it a scam? I don't know.

UPDATE: WHOIS data has been updated, and the Las Vegas address (without the suite number) is shown.

UPDATE 09-FEB-2012 SOME WHOIS data has been updated again, now says Suite 364 (previously it lists no suite number) has suite number, does not.

UPDATE 05-MAR-2012 The Suite 364 designation is gone from both WAZZUB.COM and WAZZUB.INFO. Both now only point at the front door of the building.

As of January 16th, 2012, Gee DaCosta, on the official Wazzub Blog, said there are 5 team members (total?) working on Wazzub. Quoting from the blog (see picture to right)

2. Is your “Headquarters” a real office or just virtual?
Our Las Vegas office is a real office. Right now (Mon, Jan 16, 12:30pm) there are 5 WAZZUB Team members present and working.

UPDATE 10-NOV-2012 Oregon Secretary of State redesigned their website. New search results lists "Michael DeBias" as secretary, with a "Mary Northrup" as president. However, the address given is a company registrar's office. Also, there's a document that says the company name changed to "Perfect Internet" as of July 2012.

What are the facts so far?

  • There is no company called Wazzub.
  • GIT Global Investments is a sound-alike to "GIT -- Global Investment Technology" of Canada
  • GIT Global Investment is NOT an investment company, despite its name.
  • GIT Global Investment claims to operate in Las Vegas, NV
  • GIT Global Investments use Regus office services (no idea whether it's real or virtual)
  • GIT Global Investments gave address as front door of an office building, no suite number
  • We have no idea what GIT Global Investment actually do, how big it is, and so on
  • GIT Global Investment changed name to "Perfect Internet" (July 2012)
  • GIT Global is now officially linked to Michael DeBias. (Sept 2012)

Analysis of the Facts

There is no company called Wazzub, or trademark, or copyright, or any such protection for the name. The ONLY THING they have is a domain name. Apparently the name is not very important to "Team Wazzub".

The Q&A quoted above makes no sense. If you want to start a Internet business, you don't start a company with "investment" in the name. You would just start a business with that name! Is there actually a "business" called Wazzub? Apparently not! There is a business called "GIT Global Investments" that also claim to be called "Wazzub", but not in any sort of official capacity other than a domain name (which means very little). It's not trademarked, registered as a "fictitious business name" (i.e. "doing business as") or such. In fact, If I were to register a business today called Wazzub, I can probably sue them out of that name, as I would have legal name definition, and they don't.

GIT Global Investments is a "sound-alike" to an existing company in Canada, but registered in Oregon, mailing address in California, and alleged physical location in Nevada. This is troubling, but not illegal. However, it also is not doing any investment. While perfectly legal, this is also troubling. We simply have NO IDEA what GIT Global Investment actually do. Wazzub's rebuttal CLAIM "GIT Global Investments" was specifically founded to run Wazzub. Why wasn't it simply called Wazzub Inc. then? The explanation doesn't make sense.

Furthermore, GIT Global Investment, i.e. Wazzub, admits to using Regus virtual office services. They claim they are a 'startup' and thus use a "shared office". However, that should mean they would still have a suite number and only share the conference room and receptionist. They are inconsistent about the suite number (some correspondence claim Suite 364, others don't have it, including WHOIS registration records). With no suite number, this would indicate this is no more than a virtual office where all mail and calls are forwarded, making it a fancy PO Box. The verdict is unclear, and that is another question mark on this questionable company.

We have no idea how big "GIT Global Investments" is. There is no official record like payroll to prove the company size. Alleged statements from Gee DaCosta and/or Team Wazzub are inconsistent. Some say "20 specialists", others say "5 Team Members". This points to a tiny operation. When compared to Google's 32000 employees, it is questionable how can Wazzub come even CLOSE to emulate Google or Facebook or anyone else. snapshot dated 12-JAN-2012 snapshot dated 12-JAN-2012

Pointing woman is stock photo

Pointing woman is stock photo

Bag of Money is stock photo as well

Bag of Money is stock photo as well

Gee DaCosta's profile on Blogger, part of his

Gee DaCosta's profile on Blogger, part of his

Website itself -- what can be learned from it?

While the information presented at the respective websites are useful, they are often the least accurate or reliable, as they will present a purely one-sided view, possibly with a lot of omitted information. Furthermore, the "official-ness" of the website is never guaranteed. We will chase down various bits of information.

So what is at It claims to be a "profit-sharing" phenomenon. But what exactly does it do? You won't find it in the website. Indeed, it only links to Facebook, Twitter, a blog on the free domain, and some sort of a "calculator". There is no info other than a count-down timer, which seem to be counting down to April 9th, 2012.

If you ran the two images, the pointing woman, and the bag of money, through TinEye the reverse image search engine, you will find both are stock photos. The woman is from iStockPhoto, and bag of money is from GettyImages. This by itself does not indicate fraud, but it is a sign of a cheaply constructed website.

If you read the blog (which is actually at (a free blog space provided by you'll notice that it just want you to recruit people and encourage them to recruit yet more people, and the more you recruit, the more money you can "potentially earn". In fact, this is direct quote from the blog:

Example: If you invite just 5 people to join for free and they do the same 5 generations deep, you could earn about $4,000 every month PASSIVELY for life, doing NOTHING different than what you are currently doing every day.

But who posted this? Who owns this blog? Often the poster is not known, or left no profile, but there is a link at the very bottom, that says it was posted by a "Gee DaCosta". If you click on it, you get his profile

He claims to be a "master distributor", but he doesn't claim to be the owner. Hmmm, interesting, isn't it? Gee DaCosta deserves further study.

So what are the facts?

  • Design of and looks rather... cheap
  • Both pictures are stock photos with no attribution
  • There are various pages that was unlinked from the blog
  • We still have no idea what Wazzub is supposed to do, much less make money from it
  • Wazzub's blog is hosted on Blogspot, the FREE blog offered by Blogger
  • The Blog's owner is "Gee DaCosta" (but we STILL don't know who owns Wazzub / GIT Global Investment) who got a variety of titles, from "chief distributor" (his own words on the blog) to "chief marketing officer" (Wazzub rebuttal)

Analysis of the facts

We still don't know who runs Wazzub and/or GIT Global Investments, despite searching through two websites and various corporate records, and various Wazzub "rebuttals".

The fact that Wazzub ran their blog on the free Blogger / Blogspot account indicates this is a cheaply assembled operation, which seems to contradict their claim that this project was well funded to the tune of millions of dollars. Adding blog support to web hosting is only an extra few dollars a month. Add to that the cheap looking website (honestly, it looks like its assembled by a 12-year old) further adds to that impression. Add to that cheap stock photos and this doesn't exactly give you a good impression.

Add that to the incredible claim that "recruit people, pay nothing, maybe make money in the future", and you wonder how can they EVER back up that claim.

The only specific name we can attach to Wazzub thus far is Gee DaCosta

if you search for Wazzub on Google this turns up (your result may vary)

if you search for Wazzub on Google this turns up (your result may vary)

Hidden facts page,, original launch date is April Fool's Day, 2012!

Hidden facts page,, original launch date is April Fool's Day, 2012!

So how does Wazzub make money? By pretending to be Google, they say

So how does Wazzub make money? By pretending to be Google, they say

What Does Google Search of Wazzub turn up?

Google search of "wazzub" turned up the original, which we had assumed was "official", but may not be. We keep checking and we found another website called All the other links are to alleged "review" websites, which will be ignored.

Why do we ignore "review" websites? Because often they are written by shills who claim to review the opportunity, but instead give you a recruiting speech. Or they can be written by counter-shills who just want to insult the opportunity and send you in a different direction. Yet another possibility are those "marketing coaches" that want to train you for $$$ by pretending to review something but tell you that you won't succeed without his or her lessons.

Any way, let us see what we can get from showed that is also registered through Godaddy, and yielded the same GIT Global Investment Inc. and Beaverton OR address.

However, the DNS archives through showed that it was previously registered to Internet Global Value, that gave a Delaware address. Strangely, it has the SAME PHONE NUMBER as the Oregon address.

Internet Global Value Inc.
2711 Centerville Road
Suite 400
Wilmington, Delaware 19808
phone: +1.5418338222

Checking the 541 area code shows that it is indeed area code for Oregon, and 833 prefix is near Beaverton / Aloha, Oregon.

Checking the Delaware address revealed it to be a corporation registration service. In other words, it is a "company proxy", used to hide the real address of the company, just like William B. Halvorson and Cathy L. Halverson are doing at GIT Global Investments Inc. by registering it at the Oregon address.

Both websites are "official" as they are effectively the same, albeit there's a few more pages found through the other one. However, we still don't know anything about the real owners of Wazzub or where are they operating out of, other than both "Internet Global Value" and "GIT Global Investments" are both controlled by Halvorson / Halverson. There is a link between them, but what sort of link that is, we don't know. Why was the domain transferred? We don't know either. Who was actually behind both corporations... we don't know either.

In any case, the website goes to the SAME SERVER as and appears to be identical. However, Google shows that there are several pages that are currently left unlinked, such as "facts.htm" and "difference.htm" on If you click on them, you will see they still exist on the server.

One of them yielded a bit more info... Apparently, the original launch date is April 1st, 2012! (See picture to right) Those of you who live in the US or are familiar with Western culture will know that April 1st is known as April Fool's Day. No Westerner would launch a company on that day, unless you're a company that is a joke (i.e. fake), or plans to play a joke on everybody. That would explain why this page is no longer linked, and why the date was changed to April 9th, 2012.

Remember, what a company CLAIMS is unproven. We are seeking information to verify or at least corroborate the claims, and what we're finding are thin and suspicious.

So what are the facts thus far?

  • and goes to the same website
  • confirms that Internet Global Value is linked to GIT Global Investment (but then we already knew that)
  • Wazzub was originally planned to launch on April 1st, 2012, April Fool's Day
  • We STILL don't know who owns GIT Global Investments, or who runs it (other than Gee DaCosta)

Analysis of the facts

Despite checking through even more websites, we still don't know anything about who owns or runs Wazzub / GIT Global Investments. and are the same website, though the latter was on the Internet first. Why? I have no idea. Several pages were UNLINKED from the website.

Original launch date for Wazzub was April 1st, 2012, which is, of course, April Fool's Day. This, plus various other clues in the language of the "Team Wazzub" responses (use of "initiator" instead of "founder"), suggests (but does NOT prove) that Team Wazzub is probably NOT American.

DaCosta admitting Wazzub was "his baby"

DaCosta admitting Wazzub was "his baby"

Who is Gee DaCosta?

Gee DaCosta claims to be "master distributor" of Wazzub, but he doesn't admit to being the owner. Still, it is the ONLY reliable name we can find thus far (we've chased down the Halverson / Halvorson, as well as their lawyer and their notary public already). We have to chase it down.

Google Search of "Gee DaCosta" shows that he had previously peddled something called MyTwoBestFriends, where he did claim to be the founder, through this post on MoneyMakerGroup back on January 2011. It was filed under "closed and inactive" on MMG. Double checking the domain "" confirmed it is dead (shows CFML error: database not configured). says that he's based in Anthem, Arizona.

There is an entry for Gee DaCosta on BetterNetworker, a MLM / networking website, which was dated 4 years ago. Out of three domains / opportunities he listed, all three are dead or changed ( )

There's a quote from him that says Gee DaCosta was a "Fruta Vida" distributor, which is clearly an MLM selling some sort of super-fruit product.

There's an entry on IBOSocial that Gee DaCosta was in QLXchange, a precious metal MLM.

Then there's this comment on someone's spam blog "reviewing" something that isn't out yet. He claimed it's "his baby". (See picture to the right) (COMMENT: the fact that someone can "review" Wazzub vs. Google when Wazzub is just a signup page is in itself, hilarious.)

There's a spam article that says Gee DaCosta is the "champion" and "spokesperson" for Wazzub. ( ) As Wazzub has no functionality yet, it doesn't really 'exist' in the sense that we think. Thus, the article is junk, but ancillary bits are somewhat useful.

So what are the facts?

  • Gee DaCosta was in QLXchange
  • Gee DaCosta was in Fruita Vita
  • Gee DaCosta was in at least 3 other schemes 4 years ago
  • Gee DaCosta peddled "My Two Best Friends" just a year ago
  • Gee DaCosta claims to be "master distributor" of Wazzub (distributing what?)
  • Gee DaCosta was named as "chief spokesman" and "champion" in some advertorials for Wazzub

UPDATE: Wazzub's rebuttal to various criticisms now claim Gee DaCosta is their Chief Marketing Officer.

Analysis of the facts

We can conclude here that Gee DaCosta was formerly involved in many MLMs over time, and kept switching like trading in girlfriends and cars, and given all the promotional effort he put into it, Gee DaCosta is heavily involved in creation of Wazzub, probably the founder or at least close to the founder. If that is so, why he would go through such lengths to hide this remains a mystery. And let's put it this way: Gee DaCosta doesn't exactly have a track record of picking "winners", judging by his constant switching.

Furthermore, why would a startup Internet company need for a MLMer, when what they need are engineers to get the product out live so it can be used and generate revenue? And why a serial MLMer who never seem to enjoyed much success?

What does Wazzub actually do?

According to's now unlinked page (why are they unlinked?) They claim to want to emulate Google and they want to grow membership by 10 million a month in a few months.

Is the claim a realistic goal?

Adding 10 million user a month... Not very likely, considering that Google only have 350 million unique users January 2010, and that's an audited stat by Nielsen Research. And it took them 12 years to get that far (Google was founded 1998).

Furthermore, Wazzub only claims to have "over twenty specialists". Google has over 30000 employees, most of them engineers.

When you think about it, Wazzub have absolutely no chance to stand up to Google, or even to Microsoft's Bing, Ask, or even AOL / Webcrawler and Yahoo.

Update 29-JAN-2012: WHOIS data changed

UPDATE: In the last week of January 2012, Wazzub updated their WHOIS info to say the following:

GIT Global Investments Inc.
7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
United States

The Wazzub phone number brought up "Michael Anthony"... who is that?

The Wazzub phone number brought up "Michael Anthony"... who is that?

Same phone number as Wazzub, how interesting!

Same phone number as Wazzub, how interesting!

Update 01-FEB-2012, phone number tracking to a name

Updated WHOIS information at revealed a phone number that I did not notice before:

Registrant ID:CR85403298
Registrant Name:Hosting Department
Registrant Organization:GIT Global Investments Inc.
Registrant Street1:7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Las Vegas
Registrant State/Province:Nevada
Registrant Postal Code:89128
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.7027229244

Searching (702)722-9244 on Google revealed a referral website of another MLM called Daily Digital Club, which basically have you enrolling people while supposedly selling them free eBooks and such. It also gave a name, "Michael Anthony".

The area code 702 is indeed Las Vegas and nearby Henderson.

Note the DDC referral ID: 2bucks2wealth in the URL

If you search for THAT on Google, you get very little, except it is a valid domain name:

if you go to that website, you are forwarded to the same DDC referral page we found earlier (and of course, same name)

If you look up THAT domain WHOIS info, you get a name and address:

Michael Anthony
2667 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
United States

Registered through: Domains Priced Right
Created on: 07-Mar-11
Expires on: 07-Mar-12
Last Updated on: 07-Mar-11

That address, and that "2096" after it, indicates that this address is the home of Mr. Michael Anthony, who lives in "Shelter Cove Apartments" of Las Vegas, NV.

Search via PeopleFinder shows that there appears to be only two "Michael Anthony" in Las Vegas, both of them are about 50 years old. Does he have any relations to Wazzub? I have no idea.

There's no denying the following facts:

  1.'s contact phone number goes to Michael Anthony
  2. Michael Anthony has his own website pushing something called Digital Daily Club, not Wazzub
  3. Michael Anthony lives in Las Vegas Nevada in an apartment building
  4. Michael Anthony's relation with Wazzub / GIT Global Investments is completely unknown

Analysis of the facts

Unfortunately, this information simply raises even MORE questions instead of giving more answers.

Who is this "Michael Anthony" and what is his relation with Wazzub / GIT Global Investments? Shouldn't the phone number go to the Lake Mead address instead? Why is this Michael Anthony pushing something completely other than Wazzub if he is a Wazzub employee? If not, why did Wazzub list his number as primary contact?

The official Wazzub song, featuring "The Damsel"? Who's that?

The official Wazzub song, featuring "The Damsel"? Who's that?

Update 02-FEB-2011, the Wazzub Song and alleged charity

It was brought to my attention that Wazzub has released a single called "Power of We" on both Amazon and iTunes. A picture of the entry is to the right.

This raises a couple questions. First of all, who is "The Damsel"?

Second, what is the point of having this single?

However, what's interesting is the related Youtube entry:

WazzubFamily's official song teaser on Youtube, promising "50% of all download-profits will be donated to our charity foundation."

WazzubFamily's official song teaser on Youtube, promising "50% of all download-profits will be donated to our charity foundation."

"The Power of We" single cover, says "profit sharing phenomenon, 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds"

"The Power of We" single cover, says "profit sharing phenomenon, 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds"

The Youtube entry claims that Wazzub / GIT Global Investments have a "charity foundation"! The biggest question you need to ask here is...

Since when does Wazzub have a charity foundation? Is it 501(c)(3) IRS registered charity? Where is the proof?

What's even more interesting (thanks to a sharp eyes reader), take a look at the single cover graphic... The words around that "smiling globe" actually says:

Profit sharing phenomenon 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds

Who really is "The Damsel"? And the answer is somewhat surprising. Here's her homepage (which is a little hard to find, as this is her debut song).