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Read.Cash vs HubPages: Which Makes More Money?

Today I’m going to compare the monetary rewards you get from Hubpages, the site you’re on, and Read.Cash.

Note that I’m going to tell you who pays the most based on my experience, and what option is the best for each goal.

Surprise surprise, one is better for the short term and the other is better for the long run.

Let’s start analyzing it and making sure you have every tool you need in order to succeed at full-time blogging/writing to supplement your income.


How Do They Pay Users: Where Does the Money Come From?

First of all, we have to understand the economic model behind the two websites.

If we want to blog for money, we need to make sure what we do is sustainable and can last, avoiding every other platform that promises much but doesn’t deliver.

As far as Hubpages is concerned, you get a piece of the income your articles generate via Adsense.

For instances, I’m making around $4 per day on my best article, so I wager is hubpages is getting somewhere around $8 in total, and then pays me the $4 – my cut.

This means that the business is sustainable and you are bound to earn as long as Hubpages is around and can make money via Adsense.

On the other hand, Read Cash doesn’t pay you, your readers do.

You have a “tip jar” of sorts after each blog you publish, and the readers tip you what they deem appropriate.

Fortunately, if your article is good, I’ve found to be able to make around $7 or $10 per article published in the first two days.

There are pretty general tippers on the website, and some automated tippers that reward unique content – it’s pretty nice.


How Do You Cash Out: Means of Payment

When it comes to Hubpages, you can get paid via some different mediums, but the rule of thumb is that if you’re an international member you get paid in USD to PayPal.

So, it is pretty easy as you just connect the account to your HubPages profile, and you get paid automatically whenever the payment threshold is met.

You can also set up what your payment threshold is, but the default is $50 if I remember well.

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I never had any problems with HubPages as far as payments are concerned.

On the other hand, Read Cash pays via Bitcoin Cash, so you’re getting paid in BCH – a wallet is automatically generated for you, and then you can easily transfer it to Bittrex to withdraw to your bank account.

It’s easy as well, so I guess this is a tie, even though it pends slightly to Hubpages thanks to the fact you get USD – however, BCH is rising in value and it can potentially arise in the future as well, so you can earn dramatically more if it does.

The tips on the site aren’t picked by BCH, but for Dollar values, so no matter how much BCH devalues, $10 is always $10 – but if it rises then the previous payments you got an increase in value so it’s a win.


Short-Term Earnings Potential:

As far as short-term earnings potential, Read Cash is the clear winner.


Well, HubPages mostly depends on Google traffic, and that takes months or even years to pick up, so expect your articles to make close to nothing at the beggining.

On the other hand, expect to earn anywhere between $7 to $10 per high quality article you write on Read Cash, so you’ll get paid upfront.

This is why Read Cash holds the trophy on this one.


Long-Term Earnings Potential:

In the long-run, I have to give the trophy to Hubpages.

I’ve been a blogger here at HubPages for around 7 years or so, and I’ve been increasing my earnings from year to year.

I get paid a full-time salary now, without lifting a finger, just by collecting the passive income generated by my articles.

This is why HubPages is superior.

On Read Cash you get paid up front, but your articles kind of get irrelevant as time goes by.


Conclusion: Read.Cash vs Hubpages

To sum it up, if you want to build a passive income profit machine, write for Hubpages as it is definitely the best choice for long-term strategies.

Finally, if you want or need the money fast or upfront, opt for Read.Cash as it can pay you upfront for all your high quality and unique articles, being a reliable money earner for those who still don’t have a good portfolio of articles built up.

So, you have got two great portals, one for the short-term, one for the long-term, maybe it’s worth it to go for both!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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