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Raise Em Up to Learn the Value of a Dollar

Raise Them up Right & They Won’t go Astray. She said Mommy I want to be a Doctor just like you. Can I get a uniform? I said I’m not a doctor! She said I’m goin


I can RESPECT someone that will work. I have no RESPECT for someone that’s always begging! But won’t take a job. If your unable to work I understand! Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime!

The COVID era gas caused a lot of people to become lazy. And not want to work expecting a free ride. It’s so sad to say this has caused a new era of lazy people. Seeking handouts. And they are quick to say there are no jobs. Now you see now hiring signs on every corner. You can’t pay a person to work. But they will try to ride a job up to make $1500 and file unemployment. people are scamming unemployed and different companies so bad. I’ve had several unemployment claims filed against my company. From names of people I have no clue to whom they are. And by the time you get the unemployment claim paperwork the rebuttal date has past or it’s the next day. I have no respect for people that are t trying to do better in their life other then hustle and manipulate.

I live this parable I’m raising my children on it. All my children work down to the toddler, is taught responsible and has duties.She one of the hardest workers in the bunch. If I’m up doing paperwork she ask to pull it off the printer. She helped me fold clothes last night, my boys took shifts washing durning the day. We working together that’s why she gets her hair done, toes done, ballet, shopping trips. She earned it! My boys were J’s & 97’s they earned it. I got honor roll students, 2 college students I’m paying for books and whatever they need I ain’t asking no one for nothing. We working together and Momma going to get it! I get invited to parties my friends say out the gate Treace you can wear your scrubs, if you stop by. Because I don’t stop I have a a team of a lot of good workers and I hired some new amazing workers thanks everybody .I been working since I was tall enough to follow my Momma around! She installed values, I’m instilling values in my children. People will try to bash you or say your spoiling your children but they are on the outside looking in. And don’t know how hard the work and the fact that they are good children.

So Yeah I spoil my children they are backbone and I’m raising them right. Any child that has every been on my home can tell you I give them a choice! Prayer, Faith in God and yourself is the key. And with education, work ethic,and belief you can unlock the door to anything you want. My company is HBS Home Health/Helpers Care. Latreace Handy (H) started this for Detrick G Barnes & Leroy Barnes Jr (B) Sean Stephens & Chloe Stephens (S) HBS my empire for my children.
“ I’m not being funny I’m being a Mother” I got A soon to be Graduating Engineer, and freshman Diesel Mechanic, I have a 10 year old Computer Engineer in the making, & a young female rising Doctor. They’ve told me what they want to be down to the toddler so I’m pushing, raising, and saving to help them make all their dreams come through even if I’m working on a walker. I’ve worked many days not knowing if I was going to make it, but I keep the eye on the prize God gave me my children and I’m their Guardian Angel.

I’m Raising Kings and a Queen! And I thank my Lord and Savior for giving me the strength to be a Mother! We must take time to learn our children and guide them right. There’s a-lot if people out there in this world that will take time and stir them wrong. And you can loose you child to the streets. Value your children they are yours for a reason to raise, love, and teach them. Of course some teens may rebel but you have to always stay open and show them love. They will listen and come back to there Guardian angel. But you must be just that and love them as more then you live yourself. I’ve heard a great women say that my Mother.

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Parenting Each Child is different

Parenting ain’t easy I promise each child is different. Sometime theirs that one challenge. I’ve heard people say there’s always that one. And my one graduated and walked across the stage. This was my biggest chalike he, but I didn’t give up. I pushed and stayed on him. And helped him reach his goals. We made it! And you can too, it can be hard, with a lot of obstacles, but stay focus and keep faith. My child will achieve my child will succeed!

We Did It!!!!!


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