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3 Stock Exchange Tutorials: Risk-Free Investment in PSX


One cannot eliminate risk but you can use tutorials to learn if you are considering making investments in a portfolio of stocks.

Very Bullish Stocks

Very Bullish Stocks

Online Trading in Pakistan without Investment

Yes, you need very bullish stocks, if you want to gain profits on the Stock Exchange. You will be able to find these with time and practice.

The tutorials evaluated here will help you a lot in doing that by practically observing the trade of stocks on the stock exchange of Pakistan.

You can open a demo stock exchange account, first, you will need to practice by yourself, then you can perform trading of stocks with money.

You don't have to give money to learn. You can invest in the stock exchange by yourself. This statement is subject to some conditions though.

You can glimpse that there was a tense situation during the initial months of 2020 in the stock exchange markets all over the globe due to Corona Virus (COVID-19).

At the moment, the Psx and many other Stock Markets have given a considerable bearish trend, this can be verified by many credible websites like the business recorder.

You can see what the market is like a bull or a bear. This can have many reasons like the political situation, technological advancement in any sector, socio-cultural changes in the economy, and most importantly economic situation that is going on.

Therefore no one is advised to invest before the environmental scanning, PEST, and SWOT analysis of the political economy in which the stock exchange is operating. Professionals are available in abundance for professional advice.

Knowledge of current affairs is also extremely valuable. So, you need to have an eye on various variables including the above-discussed information and the company in which you are willing to invest.

Todo List for Beginners

- Select Companies Scientifically.

- Invest with Professionals Advice.

- Open an Investing Demo Account.

- Prepare a budget for investment.

- Target Long-run.

- Manage portfolio.

(NerdWallet, 2020).

Pakistan Stock Exchange Market

Pakistan Stock Exchange Market

Best Dividend Stocks 2019

(McKenna, 2020)

Company Dividend

The Carlyle Group

(NASDAQ) 4.3%

Apollo Global Management

(NYSE) 4.2%

Western Digital

(NASDAQ) 3.1%

The Blackstone Group

(NYSE) 3.5%

Practice Tutorials before Investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange Market

To begin a free practice of buying and selling stocks you need to open a demo account as discussed above.

You can open a demo account on many websites, one such website belongs to Arif Habib Limited having URL arifhabibltd.com

This website also has the facility to make a real investment in stocks, but I'll suggest doing that only after you have enough training.

1. Arif Habib Limited

After applying on arifhabibltd.com you can have a demo account within two days to start practice.

There are other websites also operating like this to educate people, who want to invest in the stock exchange.

If you are enthusiastic to make investments in the stock exchange then I strongly recommend this.

If you want to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange, then the minimum amount required is 25000 Rupees i.e. almost 150 US Dollars as of 20 July 2020, according to Arif Habib Limited website and experts.

When you apply, you will receive a call and e-mail in one or two days in which they will give the required information.

Financial Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

Psx Virtual Trading

2. Enrichers

The second website worth for discussion here, which you can use for learning to invest in stocks is enrichers.com.pk.

You have to follow the same sign-up procedure, you need to give your name, e-mail, phone number, and other details to create a demo account.

Here they will automatically update you about the approval of your email and phone number for the account creation.

3. AKD Trade

The third important website to learn about investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange is Abdul Karim i.e www.akdsecurities.net.

You can download the PDF file of the tutorial. After you have downloaded it in the profile. It will provide the details about the website and how it operates.

You have these three platforms to practically trade the stocks without any money.

Efficient Stocks Portfolio Example

The Justice Shares

The Justice Shares


Before investing in the stock exchange, one needs to learn about how to invest, and hedge the risk for returns in the stock exchange.

No one can disavow that stock trading can make you rich, but it is a very risky business.

You need to take care and use these tutorials and virtual trading to learn about how to manage risk to avoid losses.

Innovative Risk Management

Innovative Risk Management


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