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Need Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit?

People with bad credit in this country get a bad rap. Sometimes there's nothing you can do about life's situations. Other times you may mess things up. Since I'm a perfect person I don't understand how people mess up. Oh wait - the first time I checked my credit I had a 520 credit score.

Sometimes we don't do everything exactly how we should and if you're like I was you might find yourself with bad credit. I went through all of that and would love to help you out as much as I can. There are personal loans out there for people with bad credit. You need to know what kind of loans to look for and what options you have. This page is dedicated to helping you to learn how to get the personal loans you need, when you need them.

The first thing you need to know about getting personal loans for bad credit is that you're high risk for the bank. A lot of the problems that led us into our current recession were caused by banks loaning to too many people with poor credit. This doesn't mean we're bad people, it just means that we're high risk. In order to get personal loans with bad credit you're going to need to try to limit/lower that risk for the bank. If you can do that it will go a long way towards your getting a loan.

There are of course loans that almost anyone can get no matter what. These loans generally aren't the best loans out there and I would recommend being careful with these loans. If you take out a super high interest loan it could put you into a position that's much worse and your credit could get even worse. I'll talk about a few of those types of loans here in this article.

Signature Loans

Sometimes when people say 'personal loans', they really mean 'signature loans'. A signature loan is a loan that you get from a bank in exchange for signing a document where you're agreeing to pay back the loan. People often think of these loans as personal loans because you aren't getting a loan for a specific purpose. In other words you aren't going to buy a car or a home with the funds.

If you have bad credit, signature loans are generally pretty hard to get and for that reason they aren't the best loans to look into. I would recommend almost any type of loan over a signature loan if your credit is poor.

The only way you're going to be able to get a personal loan with bad credit is by finding a cosigner who can use their credit to help you get the loan. This lowers the risk for the banks and allows them to safely provide you with the funds you need. If you don't have a person that will help you out by cosigning, you'll probably have to go with a different type of loan. The best people to ask to cosign for you are:

  • Parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Friends
  • Spouses
  • Your significant other

I definitely understand that not everyone is going to have someone who can help them out in this way. If you don't, you might want to take a look at some of the other types of loans that are out there.


Auto Loans

Most people don't really think about getting an auto loan when they need a personal loan. If you have a car that's paid off, this is the first thing that you want to consider. This will help you to get an interest rate that's MUCH better than you could get with a different type of loan and a bank can significantly lower its risk by giving you an auto loan. This allows the bank to put a lien on your car. If you decide to go this route you really need to make sure that you make your loan payments. The bank WILL take you car if you don't and they have every legal right to do so.

If you don't have a car that's paid off/mostly paid off, you'll need to take a look at one of the other types of loans that can get you personal funds.

Home Equity Loans

If you have some equity in your home, it should be pretty easy to get extra funds. Again, this lowers the risk for the banks and allows them to give you a loan without risking going out of business. This type of loan may still be difficult to get if your credit is really poor and really the only way that you're going to be able to find out if you can qualify is by walking into a bank. They'll run your credit, determine your score and will then be able to tell you what you can expect as far as rates and whether you can qualify.

If you do have equity, explore this option before you move further down the list. If your home is already paid off, you can take a look at home loans for people with bad credit.

Loans From Friends/Family

We DESPISE getting loans from family and friends. However, sometimes we don't really have a choice. If you aren't going to be able to eat next week I'm sure that your family will understand that you need a little bit of cash. If you've made it this far down the list, this might be your best option because it's definitely going to get worse from here.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are by far the worse type of personal loans for bad credit. They carry an insanely high interest rate and may not be legal in your state. That's right, they are illegal in some states because of the ridiculously high interest rates.

Most of the time you'll be paying about ten dollar per hundred that you borrow during a two week period. Because of fees and the compounding of this interest, if you didn't pay off the loan for a year you would end up paying more than 1000% on the loan. If it's your last option go ahead and do it but MAKE SURE that you get the loan paid off on time. Otherwise you'll get killed in interest payments.

Getting Bad Credit Personal Loans From Banks

Banks are definitely the hardest place to go to when you're looking for personal loans bad credit. this is generally more risk than a bank is going to want to take on. If you really want to get your loan from a bank, you really need to work on finding a cosigner. This takes away that risk from the bank and will put your interests inline with the bank's.

Do Free Bad Credit Personal Loans Exist?

With all of the research that I've done, I've seen very few truly free loans of this type. However, I have seen a few payday loan stores that will give you your first payday loan for free - without interest. This of course is because they want to get you to use their service again and again and believe that if they get you to become familiar with their product you'll use it again in the future. That's the only way I know of to get these types of loans for free.

Choosing The Best Personal Loan For Bad Credit

Start by looking at loans with collateral. If you don't have collateral, move on next to signature loans. If you can't qualify for that, get a cosigner. If you can't, opt for payday loans but be careful with those. Getting a personal loan with bad credit is risky because interest is so high.

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The first time I got a personal loan for people with bad credit I had to pay 300% interest!

Other Financial Information

In order to best serve you and help you with your financial situation, I have put together some resources that should teach you more about finances. If you're thinking about buying a home, you should definitely take a look at FHA mortgage loans. They are government backed so they are available to people that couldn't usually qualify for home loans. If you want to know if you can qualify, check out the FHA loan requirements.

If you already have a home, now is a great time to refinance. Interest rates are at historic lows. If you want to know more about this you should take a look at refinance mortgage loans.

The business owners out there will want to make sure to take a look at unsecured business loans. They will help you to free up money to increase in size or to do basically anything else that you want to do. You should definitely be using them over other types of loans and especially over credit cards.

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TASA DE INTERÉS: 1,5% de interés anual del préstamo.

Después de recibir su formulario de solicitud, todos los documentos serán enviados a usted, ya sea por fax o por correo electrónico attachment.Immediately el documento firmado se reciba del solicitante, documento de aprobación sigue a continuación, la liberación de los fondos a usted.


Envíe por correo directamente a:

Por favor complete (electrónicamente) y proporcionar esta información necesaria a continuación:


Nombre completo: .......................

Monto del préstamo necesario: ..............

Duración del préstamo: ...................

Propósito del préstamo: .................

Móvil n º: .......................

Fecha de nacimiento: ...................

Sexo: ..........................

Estado civil: ..................

Ocupación: ......................

Domicilio: ....................

Ciudad: ............................

Código Postal: ........................

País: .........................

Ingreso mensual: ..................

Envíe toda la información directamente a la dirección de correo electrónico de procesamiento de préstamos.

Póngase en contacto con el director de aprobaciones de préstamos,

El Dr. Christopher Morgan:

Le deseamos el mejor de los éxitos


(Préstamo Transferencia Operations Center)

# 37 Adeola Odeku la calle, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Sucursal: 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, Reino Unido E14 5HS.

GODWIN STEPHENS FINANZAS' on December 25, 2012:


Si usted tiene 18 años o más, y usted tiene un trabajo, y una cuenta bancaria funcional, entonces usted está calificado para el préstamo financiero sin demora y dentro de 2 a 3 días laborables.

Damos préstamo personal, alquiler o préstamo hipotecario, préstamo de coche, préstamo educativo o escolar, adquisición de propiedades préstamo, préstamo y la inversión empresarial. Nuestra nueva tasa de interés es del 1,5%, y varía la cantidad de € 15.000 a 500.000 euros para la duración de entre 1 a 35 años.

La devolución del préstamo comienza 6 meses después de recibir el préstamo.


(Firma del préstamo préstamo internacional acreditada):


Rellene el formulario para que podamos comenzar el proceso de pago de su préstamo y cálculo


Nombre completo:

Cantidad necesaria como préstamo:

Duración del préstamo:

Propósito para el préstamo:

Fecha de nacimiento:


Estado civil:



Código Postal:



Teléfono móvil:

Ingresos mensuales:

Enviar a:


Préstamo Transferencia Departamento de Operaciones

* Parcela 1717 Ahmadu Bellow Way, Ikoyi, de Lagos.

Otros Oficina: * 17, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HX.

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