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How to Promote Your Business through Social Media Platforms

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Let’s face it. The digital space has become a venue for businesses to promote their service. Years back, the internet was about Facebook, Youtube, and all other social media platforms to connect to the world, especially to our loved ones across the country or globe. Now, these platforms have become a venue not only to express ourselves, but also, an expression of creativity and ingenious products or services.

Since the discovery of the internet, many platforms have been created and evolved to promote businesses. And since then, putting out your business to the world has become easier compared to the ‘medieval era’ of advertising.

With all these developments in the digital space and advertising, it has become very important for business owners to up their game when it comes to setting up their Facebook page or Instagram business accounts. Gone are those days when it was enough to create a page just so that the world knows you’re a legitimate business or brand (orrr… if it’s still operating). This is the reason why Social Media Managers, Content Writers/Creators, and many other creatives have been so in demand lately. Businesses are adapting revolutionary ideas to promote their products. In this era of digital consumption, to prove yourself worthy is to be creative.

This thought can be extremely overwhelming, especially to small and medium businesses who could not afford yet to hire experts in this field. But, fret not because there are simple steps to start up your business on these social networking platforms.

Set up your brand. Be yourself.

Being yourself may not be the best advice you received in your teenage days, but it is the best advice in promoting your product. Your business needs to have an identity that will set you apart from your competitors. This may mean knowing your aesthetic, setting up your logo, and the tone of your contents. Be careful in choosing the elements of your aesthetic to make sure that it reflects the message you want to get across about your brand. Your brand helps define and lure the target audience you would like to bring into your rabbit hole haha.

Post contents and ride the bandwagon.

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When we say post contents, it’s not only about the business hours, the products, or business related announcements. Be brave enough to curate your creativity or insights in your niche. Create a blog or article, post videos or memes. Make yourself relevant to your niche. Engage with your audience/clients, or even competitors, not only when they complain about your products or praise them. Make them understand or know that you exist because you know why you exist.

So, plan your days ahead on what contents you would like to share with your audience. Make them share your thoughts or expertise. Share your advocacies.

Engage with your audience/clients and maintain relationships.

There are so many ways to interact with your audience and one of them is to hold activities that require or encourage participation from them. Hold a contest where ten customers can win a certain prize for creating a content or video that describes their best experience with your product. Such a strategy will help you not only gain engagement but also attention from possible future clients.

You can also maintain your relationship with your clients/audience by not taking their concerns or complaints for granted. Try to address them as quickly as possible. And don’t forget to acknowledge and empathize with their experience.

Be consistent.

This is not new to us. Whether you’re a politician or an employee from a local convenience store, being consistent in the quality of our outputs will always bring us success. Starting up your business online or promoting it whichever platform you deem best or fit may not bring results overnight. But, being consistent does. However, being consistent does not only mean being able to put out something everyday. It is unfailingly showing and bringing value to your business and audience.

Showcase your quality as a business not only in your products, but in your relationship with customers. This takes a great amount of effort and commitment, and so is having a business. Be consistent in providing value and sooner or later, you’ll be gaining attention from your loyal and future customers.#

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