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Online Writing Communities Have Mushroomed

Mrs. Fox, aka cmoneyspinner, former civil servant, now self-employed; engaged in multiple online endeavors, including freelance writing.

Getting Started Freelance Writing

Tons of online articles about freelance writing? That's because everybody has their own experience and each writer hopes that by showing others their journey it might be of value.

This is my story.

Through no fault of my own, found myself unemployed years back. Tried to help my husband and son with their real estate business but really wanted something that could be done as a stand alone project, on my own. Thought about freelance writing but every site wanted to charge a fee to get started. So the idea went on the back burner until one day … Finally! Found online writing communities that would let me sign up free. That was the beginning. Those communities that gave me my push into the “writer's pond” were established and they taught me to “swim”. Forever grateful because they gave me confidence.


Yes! I Can Do This! Where to Next?

So now that my published articles were appearing online, what next? Started looking around for more places to publish. You don't want to put all your apples in one basket, as they say.

Many online writing communities have sprouted up or mushroomed. Getting in on the growth of a site when it is brand new is quite an experience and a risk. You don't know if they will survive. If they don't, neither does your work. So remember to save backup copies. However, because you were accepted to work at this site, you sort of feel motivated to encourage the website owners in their efforts and you want to root for their success. You're hoping they can become established and recognized as a site WAHM writers can take seriously.

Writing Adventures Around the Web

Below is a list of the brand new communities that are or were gracious enough to publish my articles, short posts, etc. ( – “brand new” means “been operating between 1 to 5 years”). What were the features that attracted me to the sites?

  • Simple publishing process.
  • Newbies and experienced writers welcomed.
  • Site owners or operators are proactive, approachable and open to suggestions.
  • Help or assistance is made available via on-site forums, Facebook groups, etc., or direct contact.
  • Community members support each other.
  • The atmosphere is professional and friendly.

The main feature for all of these communities? They are all FREE to sign up.

List of Communities

  • Bubblews (CLOSED)
    Owners present a description of their site as: “Content creation and discovery platform where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals and be compensated for their posts.” My experience with this site has been mixed. When my short posts were published it was a good feeling. When people commented it felt even better. When they underwent their cha … cha … cha … changes, it was all good. My criticism? Could never really understand what was going on from the management and staff's perspective, except for one guy who would occasionally write about their plans for the future. 400 characters (not words), minimum; cash out $50. My info is as of August 2015. Some people stay. Some people leave. Tried the platform several times. Finally gave up and moved on. The environment was somewhat nebulous.
  • Daily Two Cents (CLOSED)
    You get paid for your “two cents” on almost any topic. 200 words, minimum. The owners created it be a social media network where you have friends and followers. The pay per view feature is what attracted me to the site but they no longer offer PPV (see below). I still like the site though. It has a revenue share plan and allows affiliate referral links. (See notes on partner site: Writedge.)
  • Persona Paper (Monetary rewards program discontinued.)
    Really like this site. 500 characters (not words), minimum for your short posts. You earn “coins” and you can check your bank all the time. Cash out is $20. Persona Paper was created sort of as a competitor or rather a response to Bubblews and many unhappy campers moved into the neighborhood. Nice community. Site owners don't seem to be as responsive as they were in the past. Not sure if the community will stay up and running. For now, the experience is very worthwhile.
  • Seekyt
    “A writing website that makes it fun and easy for anyone to make money writing original, reader-friendly articles!” per the old owner. It was 2000 word minimum. The site was purchased. Under the new management, took the initiative to remove my content and delete my account. Was not comfortable with the cha … cha … cha … changes. But don't let my actions and decisions stop you from giving it a try.
  • Wizzley (Not accepting new members)
    Could pass as a "kissing cousin" of HUBPages, i.e. very similar with the exception that pages need only be 400 words. 80 words are needed as an introduction. They have an easy publishing process. My first few article were reviewed by the editors but once approval was granted, it was smooth sailing. Have 37 published “Wizzles”. Great community. Excellent help and support. You don't get the impression that the owners plan to fold up any time soon.
  • Writedge (CLOSED)
    It was a PPV (pay per view) site. Now it's a revenue share plan if you have Google Ad Sense and they allow you to use affiliate referral links and you keep 100% of any commissions earned from product sales. Posts must be minimum of 400 words. Its partner site is Daily Two Cents and they have pretty much the same features. The site owners have set up more and more sites – reviews, news, etc. Everything is lumped under the “Harlow McGaw Media” umbrella. But these are the only two sites where I have published content.
  • Webnuggetz (Not accepting new members)
    If you are an affiliate advertiser, use this site. Owners just want you to write about 250 words, enough to wrap around a Google ad (size 300 X 250) and then you can present your products. It's kind of like a shopping channel. Owners and members are supportive.
  • BlogJob (??? Owners do not respond to messages. My blogs are still online)
    This is a blogging community that had shut its doors for a while. But as of April 2016 they have started approving new member registrations. This group has very supportive site owners and members. It has a very simplistic points system – points=cash; and it offers other rewards for your activity, as well. Use it for personal or business blogging.

    * UPDATE : The site no longer has a points system, but it does have a revenue share plan if you have Google Ad Sense. Also, affiliate referral links are allowed and you get to keep 100% of commissions earned.

  • Literacy Base (Owners did not respond to messages. Site is still there.)
    This is a blogging community is very similar to BlogJob. When that site shut its doors for a while, many members migrated. This group has very supportive site owners and members. Use it for personal or business blogging. Income can be generated from your various activities, not just blogging. You can earn for leaving comments at blog posts, for participating in groups and forums, for updating your timelines, etc. You even earn coins for just logging in to your account! Cash out of $10 and you have to request payment.
  • Niume (CLOSED. Owner passed away.)
    This is a blogging community aimed at helping you promote your blog. You can actually republish content from your blog and redirect traffic back to the blog. How cool is that? If it isn't cool enough, there is a residual income potential. Your earn for views and for referrals. Started up in 2017. It was a new year. Started a new writing project! $1 for 1000 views. Check their FAQ for referral earnings. Last but not least, they have a Donations button, so your readers can contribute to help you out financially! I'm OK with that! Who wouldn't be?

MyLot – Mentioning this site because it has a revenue-share plan. It's a discussion forum, not a writing community. Use it to practice and hone your writing skills. Cash out is $5. Must have a PayPal account. Automatic payments are sent the 15th of every month.

BitLanders – Testing the waters with this social network. If you like tweeting you'll like this platform. They allow micro-blogging but encourage blogging. The site used to be called Film Annex and originally began to help promote Indie filmmakers. This site has its PROs and CONs but if it generates a residual income stream, you will overlook the CONs. They have a loyalty points system and you can redeem for cash or other rewards.

* This site was just not for me.

Tsu - (CLOSED) This is a social network similar to Facebook that encourages members to promote their original content and it shares revenues. Good place for socializing. As for writing or publishing my content? Hmm ... ?? Published some movie reviews to "test the waters". It's OK. Not quite completely sold on it though, so instead my links from the other writing sites are shared via this network.


Scratch That! (Ignore Me!)

EFFECTIVE August 31, 2018, the owners of Harlow-McGaw Media Group closed all of their sites.


What About the Established Communities?

HUBPages is your best bet! Really!

With respect to the older communities that got me started, most of my content was removed and/or republished elsewhere with the exception of

If you are interested in writing lengthy articles (700+ words) and you appreciate a "check-off assessment" process that sort of guides you through as you are writing and makes recommendations on how you can enhance your content (add links, a video, quiz or poll) to make it more SEO-friendly, this is the site, The publishing tool is actually a teaching tool. Cool huh?

Want to start here?

Create a HUB.


Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on November 09, 2020:

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@paintdrips - Sorry to say but many of them just did not have the staying power that HUBPages has. But I try them just in case.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on November 08, 2020:

I tried some of these but they all closed and I find HubPages is the best anyway. I'm staying put here for now. Thanks for the updates.



Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 25, 2020:

I can't believe some people are members of several writing communities. My goodness, HP keeps me quite busy, thank you very much. This is where my friends are, and I love to keep in touch with them all, but I've got a life. Joining another community would mean sacrificing another part of that life, and I love that other part. :) It's HP or bust for this boy.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on October 16, 2020:

@msdora - Even though HP has gone through many changes, in comparison to all of the other sites, it is really one of the best! The thing is … anybody can get started here immediately. You don't have to be experienced. You can be a newbie. That's what makes it so attractive.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on October 16, 2020:

I wasn't aware that there were so many writing sites, but your article makes me glad and grateful that I found HubPages. They really stand out as the best. Thanks for the research.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 02, 2020:

I have written on some of those sites that have closed down. HubPages does appear to have staying power, and I like the interaction on this site and the helpful communication with the HP team when necessary.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on February 24, 2020:

It's very sad to see all the sites that have closed up shop after promising so much. You didn't mention InfoBarrel which is still up but I never liked it much. HubPages is by far superior in the community, help, and overall look of the site.



Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 04, 2020:

Your experience is awesome. You went so deep in those erstwhile writing communities. Impressive. Thanks for this facinating account.

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on October 23, 2019:

Thank you for this great list. Such communities are essential to encourage the beginner to continue and to help experienced writers find additional opportunities.

Sharon Lopez from Philippines on October 19, 2019:

You article made me recall those sites. I am happy that I became part of some of these sites. Though, it is is a sad thing that they didn't last that long.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on August 10, 2019:

Interesting list. Of these, I wrote on Bubblews and it was great fun while it lasted. Thanks for sharing.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on April 02, 2018:

@lovebuglena ~ All of these sites require devotion and loyalty. The thing about HUBPages is that if your content is evergreen, it works for you. This site has proven to the best for generating income and it has outlasted all the others.

Lena Kovadlo from Staten Island, NY on April 02, 2018:

Some of the sites you mention in this hub are new to me. Wonder if they are worth looking into.

I used to be a part of Bubblews and Niume before they shut down. I have stuff on Daily Two Cents, Writedge and Wizzley but have not published anything new there for a long time. And of course I am a mylotter.

I joined Virily thinking it might bring me some success but that is not happening. Perhaps because I am not as active as I should be. Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Who knows?

At any rate, so far, HubPages is the most successful for me in terms of earnings. And I earn without posting new things all the time. And I love that!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 31, 2016:

Hi I had no idae you were writing here. Interesting and informative.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on May 08, 2016:

@swalia - Yes indeed. It is where I've met most of my online friends. :)

Shaloo Walia from India on May 08, 2016:

I have been on a few of these sites and I have found some great friends on these sites.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on April 14, 2016:

@ChitrangadaSharan - Yes and I am so happy about it. Now if they would just stay up and running!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 14, 2016:

You are so right that online writing sites have mushroomed.

Thanks for sharing this very useful and informative hub. I have heard of some of these sites. However I haven't tried any of them. May be when I have more time to spare for writing I would like to try them.

Thanks for sharing your experience and it will help many.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on February 18, 2016:

* * APOLOGIES * * Bubblews and PersonaPaper both decided to close down.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 12, 2015:

This is such a very helpful article. Thank you for sharing these sites, and I will definitely visit them. Very timely for me.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on September 27, 2015:

Great overview of freelance writing sites.

Pat Mills from East Chicago, Indiana on September 23, 2015:

I'll have to keep these places in mind. Thanks!

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on September 23, 2015:

Yes I have but it's sporadic as opposed to regular. My aim is consistent income generation. Of course, that would require dogged persistence from me and better predictions of sites that won't disappear.

Stella Kaye from UK on September 23, 2015:

Thanks for your informative article. So have you actually made any money from publishing to any of these sites?

Beth on September 22, 2015:

Thank you for giving us this background. I can't figure out why so many sites start out great, pay well, and you can make extra change on them. But for the people who really want to make money, I guess places like odesk and one other that I can't remember pay pretty well. I just know there are a fair number of people that don't do well on that site without some background/experience. Great article!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 22, 2015:

Interesting article. I have heard of most of those sites but never dabbled. Always good to get the perspective from others who have tried them.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on September 22, 2015:

Great hub. I've heard about those websites before from various hubbers with their reviews earlier this year. I'm still contemplating on spreading my network to publish my articles there.

Treathyl FOX (author) from Austin, Texas on September 22, 2015:

Was not aware of it but I am now thanks to your mention. Appreciate your commenting.

McKenna Meyers on September 22, 2015:

What a lot of useful information! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Do you know anything about Success Story?

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