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Narcissists; Easy to Scam

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Going After the Narcissist

You might think that a Narcissist would be the last person to fall for a scam.
They are the first.

How is that possible? It seems so 'anti' the image. However, if you think about it, it becomes evident how easy it is to dupe Narcissists.

This is because Narcissists know everything. They can never admit ignorance or demean themselves by asking for or (gasp) taking advice.

Imagine the Drama

Where the Scammer approaches a normal person with an investment, an insurance scheme, whatever the scam is about, the normal person will ask questions.

After all, the normal person has no problem admitting what s/he does and does not know. No problem stating s/he knows nothing about the scheme the Scammer is pushing.

The normal person is going to ask questions, listen to the answers, even do research if necessary. Clearly, there is no sense in the Scammer wasting time with this person. No reason to expose him/herself.

Simply put, before a normal person invests $1 in anything, he/she must verify who to what to where and when.

This behaviour is the opposite of a Narcissist. For the Narcissist, knows everything!

All the Scammer needs to do is find and then play Narcissist and can ride him like a pony. And the best part, Narcissists never learn from their mistakes, because they never make any!

When You Know Everything

Average people, be they brilliant academics or bus drivers, are aware of their lack of information. When you accept that you don't know everything, it is hard to rip you off.

Scammer is babbling about, a fantastic investment in crypto currency.

"I know nothing about crypto-currency," says the normal person without shame.

The Scammer might attempt to explain, but after a few sentences, a few questions, realises it is not going to work.

The Scammer who has created the crypto-currency, (or a sale of land or other investment scheme) appreciates this is a waste of time. The person who admits knowing nothing, who asks too many questions, or needs everything in writing is not going to fall for the scam.

This is the 'tell' which proves the target is not a Narcissist.

The Scammer quits wasting time and moves on to another potential until finally encountering the Narcissist who knows everything.

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This means lunch is served.

How it Works

When a guy who 'knows everything' is approached by the Scammer after the first sentence, he begins to pontificate. This potential victim speaks with this certainty, about when he doesn't know.

This is a Narcissist. A Narcissist who, certain of his superiority would never imagine he is speaking to a Scammer who is about to run the game on him.

For there is no easier mark then the guy who knows everything. He doesn't have to check, search, investigate, because he knows everything. In his mind, he is certain the Scammer doesn't have half his intellect so could never fool him.

The Scammer, reading him easily, plays along. Acting a bit less certain, a bit dumber, the Narcissist is taken.


As he knows everything and the Scammer knows nothing, he believes he can 'think rings' around the person about to rip him off.

The Narcissist is certain the Scammer is too stupid to be able to fool him. That gives the Scammer a free pass.

Aware of the mentality of the victim, the Scammer makes it seem that the money he is required to invest is far less than the value of the 'investment'. The Narcissist, who has absolutely no idea this is all a fantasy, will jump into that investment, and dump his cash.

The Scammer, of course, runs with that cash.

The Narcissist can never look in a mirror and accept the fact he was scammed.
He'll find every possible explanation to keep him in his bubble of superiority.

Common Sense

Crypto Currency doesn't exist in the real world. Average people who can't 'get' the point of it, aren't interested. The Narcissist, who 'knows everything' completely understands everything about it, so can invest.

This pattern works in the 'sale' of property where the Narcissist won't bother to check a government office to see whose name is on the title, accepting whatever document the Scammer shows him.

People who would go to a Titles office to verify are not going to fall for the scam, and might expose it. There is no sense for the Scammer to deal with such people.

But the Narcissist?
would he get up to check on his own? Would he do a search? Of course not! That would 'prove' he doesn't know everything. And no Narcissist could admit that.

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